Date: 1/19/2002


A new communication from India has come like a lollypop to the crying NRI "infants".

These Indian "infants" have been crying their eyes out for the petty balloon called Dual Nationality.

Some infants would have liked to be put straight on Mother India's breasts, instead, to prevent them weeping any more in protest.

The news is remarkable-

From: NRI Sabha []

It came on 16 January 2002

The Subject is marked as "Very Important News for NRIs" so that NRI's leave better things in life in order to waste their time reading the useless news.

But WHAT is dual nationality? It is a petty concession which MOST countries on earth grant to their citizens living abroad so that they can INTER-ACT vigorously with their motherland without any let or hindrance by a bureaucratic devil or devi.

But since India is still a "BHANGI COLONY" of Gandhiji, such joys are light years away from the Indians.

Now and then someone says, "Dual Nationality is on the way," and a great cheer goes up the saddened souls of Indians living abroad (NRI's).

They have been having such "cheerful" news since 1947 and many constitutional experts and stalwarts have died while "struggling" to get this concession for their fellow Indians.

The last time the glimmer shone was when LM SINGHVI, a "stooge" of tilak flaunting BOFORS CHOR, and Dirty DYNASTY arrived in London as high commissioner of PARTITIONED INDIA.

To gain populatity, DONATIONS and invitations from the NRI's in the UK, he announced, "Dual nationality is on the way."

He could then establish a branch of "RAJIV GANDHI FOUNDATION" in London within days of establishing a "GURU TEGH BAHADUR FOUNDATION" in order to throw dust in the Indians' eyes, and none threw a brick or bomb at him!

Now it is TEN YEARS gone and still the Indian is no better.

A very frustrated HINDU gentleman once lamented, "I wish we had the "Sword of Mohammed" of the Musalmaan, instead of the long tongue and even longer pen of the Krishna-bhaktas (Hindus)!

"Those "constitutional experts" of Hindustan, promising us dual nationality for decades, would have been assassinated one by one by some furious followers of Allah a very long time ago.

"Go and see how quickly the rulers of Pakistan and Bangladesh granted this concesson to THEIR citizens!"


So begins the statement: ". . . . The decision of Govt. of India to provide dual citizenship to NRIs living in 7 major countries (sic) of the world is a great victory (sic) of NRI Sabha Punjab who had been struggling (sick) to achieve it for years (really sick) . . .


ONE NRI responded,

"In the communication about our dual nationality, I don't understand the terms like,

A great victory,

A historic decision

A landmark decision

Struggling for years, etc. etc.

"Such terms are not in the vocabulary of the Pakistanis and the Bangladeshis. I thought, as an Indian from a great democracy I had a chip on my shoulder.

"But when I dive into the mucky, stinking, frozen, putrid world of Land of Lord Krishna and Guru Nanak Dev Ji, then I confront the OBE's, MBE's, LLB’s, LLM’s, QC's, BARRISTERS and great lawyers, advocates, constitutional experts and legal authorities (“Nigger” LM Singhvi type) struggling and fighting great legal battles to remove the barriers, obstacles, concertina wires and minefields set by Moguls, the British and the Dynasty to keep the native "INDIAN COOLIE" yearning and dreaming for those things that will take five more generation in the coming, first having been sighted in January 2002.

"I wish the NRI's the best of luck.

"They are now at least beginning to see the “glow” of a little freedom while living on FOREIGN shores, the glow which Bandit Nehru saw while standing knee deep in the BLOOD of a million slaughtered Indians at midnight of August 14/15, 1947 when his Akhand Bharat became BROKEN Bharat. Did he bat an eyelid? Did he promise dual nationality then?

"I have always envied the Bangladeshis where today a MILLION Muslims from around the world are gathering to recharge their spiritual (ISLAMIC) batteries, for gaining their dual nationality on Day One of Independence in January 1972 and even the Pakistanis who got theirs in 1947 while the Indian is still carrying the great BURDEN of insecurity, terror and fear like a mule, for a thousand years.

"NO Sir," declared the brave Hindu living abroad, "I don’t salute any of these great legal warriors and constitutional heroes and experts. I will refuse the “nigger’s concession” won by any of them.

I will get my dual nationality-from Lord Rama when ALL the NRI’s abroad, NOT just the rich few from those seven countries chosen by Sonia KHAN, get theirs.

"In this respect I shall stand solidly by the poor and the disadvantaged, that is, those who are being REJECTED by SONIA and “Bhangi” NARAYANAN- those from the rest of the poor world.

"Have they NO shame to single out only those from the rich seven for dual nationality?

"I shall get my dual nationality after India is through another bloodbath that she richly deserves.

"I shall get my dual nationality when there is another flag (ALL BHAGWA) flying proudly over Red Fort of Delhi, not the present day MONGREL with three colours with more green than bhagwa."



Dear . . . .

This Newsletter brings Three very significant information for you, which are:

1. Pritam Singh Narangpur is the New President of NRI Sabha Punjab (ARE THEIR ANY NRI SABHAS FROM OTHER STATES IN PARTITIONED INDIA?)

2. FEMA must be redrafted in favour of NRIs

3. Duel Citizenship for NRIs has been accepted.

Pritam Singh Narangpur is new President of NRI Sabha Punjab

It was a dramatic movement in the house when S. Prem Singh Advocate asked the house to empower him to announce the name for the next president of the Sabha to be elected unanimously. The house of the 6th Annual General Meeting of NRI Sabha Punjab was emotionally charged when S. Prem Singh announced the name of S. Pritam Singh Narangpur for the post of President for the next two years (2002-2004). The house approved the proposal with thundering claps. (sic) (THUNDERING CLAPS AS IF LAHORE WAS BACK IN PUNJAB!)

Initially, two nominations were submitted for the post of which the second one was of S. Jasbir Singh Gill. But he paved the way for unanimity by withdrawing his nomination which was also received with the clapping from the house. After the gesture shown by Mr. Jasbir Singh; Prem Singh Advocate announced his name for the post of Sr. Vice President of NRI Sabha Punjab with the approval of S. Pritam Singh.

Before the conduct of election, Giani Resham Singh Hayre (Outgoing President of the Sabha) presented a report of the activities carried out by the Sabha during the year 2001. The report was adopted by the house. Giani Resham Singh resigned and proposed to elect the next president.

Mrs. Geetika Kalha, IAS, Commissioner NRIs-cum-Chairperson NRI Sabha Punjab expressed her satisfaction over the election and appreciated the members for their desire to keep the Sabha in high spirits. She said that the unanimity shows the desire of the members to strengthen the Sabha. On this occasion Deputy Commissioner Sh. K. Siva Prasad who was the Returning Officer for this election was personally present in the house.

Though the election of S. Pritam Singh was unanimous; thorough arrangements were made under the able guidance of Sh. Vinay Bublani, PCS SDM Jalandhar-I. Registration Slips were issued against which Ballot papers were to be issued if voting was required. But it was avoided due to wisdom shown by the house.


FEMA must be re-drafted and the definition of NRI be redefined was the conclusion of the seminar organized by NRI Sabha Punjab in collaboration with Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar says Mrs. Geetika Kalha, IAS Commissioner NRIs. She said that right to buy land in Punjab must not be denied to NRIs. They have the moral right to get back the land, which they had sold to go abroad in order to earn livelihood. She said that the person who does not hold land or cannot utilize his money in Punjab may not be able to keep contacts with his motherland.

The Commissioner NRI-cum-Chairperson of NRI Sabha Punjab said that the Sabha has been struggling to safe guard the interests of NRIs as well as the development of Punjab. The law enacted by RBI under the name of FEMA has been creating various problems for NRIs and the rural economy of Punjab. To study it in depth and find a solution to it, the Sabha and Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar has jointly organized the Seminar. Mrs. Geetika Kalha told that prominent Scholars and Officials of Enforcement Directorate has worked on it and prepared papers for discussion.

The co-organizer of the Seminar Mr. S.P. Singh, Vice Chancellor Guru Nanak Dev University while conveying thanks to the paper readers said that the Seminar is going to be historical event and shall draw valuable conclusions, which will help in re-drafting the law. He also said that the papers will be published by the University in a form of book.

The Seminar chose to deliberate on 7 topics concerning FEMA and the papers were prepared by the Scholars of the subjects. These topics covered: -

NRI Investment in Business and repatriation of capital profits abroad, effects of FEMA on agricultural holdings of NRIs, acquisition and disposal of properties by NRIs, the problems of NRIs who have their dependents in India vis-à-vis FEMA, transfer of funds from India to other countries and vice versa and procedures and problems in implementation of FEMA's working in procedure of Enforcement Directorate.

These papers were read out by Sh. S.S. Dawra, IAS Director Enforcement New Delhi, Sh. Prem Singh Advocate, Member Punjab Law Commission, Dr. Gurjeet Singh Head of the Law Department GNDU, R.S. Gill Advocate, Delhi, Prof. S.C. Srivastava, LL.D. (Cal) Research Officer Indian Law Institute Delhi, Sh. Jyoti Trehan, Nehru Fellow New Delhi and Dr. Shamsudin, DLA, Enforcement Directorate Foreign Exchange Regulation Act New Delhi respectably.

In the panel discussion several NRIs and experts asked questions about transfer of property and export and import payments which was answered by the officials of the Reserve Bank of India present in the seminar and other experts also participated in answering the question.

Others who were party to the panelist discussion were Mr. A. Srikumaran, DGM, RBI Chandigarh, Mr. G.S. Sobti, Canadian High Commission Chandigarh, Dr. R.S. Bassi, Former V.C. Alaska University, Mr. Avnish Arora, President Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Mr. Gurnam, Singh Pelia, President Bar Association Jalandhar, Mr. Ashwani Kohli Member Exports Promotion Board Phagwara, Mr. Shiv Sekhri Advocate and Santokh Singh Chhokar, Solicitor from U.K.

The paper readers and the speakers in the seminar on FEMA stressed that the law which prohibits NRIs from buying agricultural land is unclear in its several aspects and needs to be reviewed and the law as such must be translated into Punjabi to make the villagers clear about it. At the same time the workshops are to be hold jointly by RBI, NRI Sabha and GNDU to educate the people about the law.

It was felt in the seminar that while formulating the law some practical problems were not envisaged which are creating problem especially in Punjab from where the migration has taken place in a big way.

The seminar was presided over by Mrs. Grace Koshie Chief General Manager RBI Mumbai and co-chaired by Mr. S.S. Dawra, IAS Director Enforcement New Delhi.


The decision of Govt. of India to provide dual citizenship to NRIs living in 7 major countries of the world is a great victory of NRI Sabha Punjab who had been struggling to achieve it for years says the joint statement issued by Mrs. Geetika Kalha, IAS Commissioner NRIs and S. Pritam Singh Narangpur newly elected President of NRI Sabha Punjab. The statement says that it will benefit both India and the NRIs in terms of mutual prosperity.

Mrs. Kalha and Mr. Narangpur has said that the Sabha raised this issue with the Central as well as the Punjab Governments time and again to stress the importance of dual citizenship with regards to the economic benefits to the country and the NRIs. The Sabha also made efforts to mobilize influential personalities, political parties, minority Commission and the officials of concerned ministries for the purpose. As a result the Committee was constituted under the Chairmanship of Learned Jurist Mr. L.M. Singhvi who himself had enough personal knowledge about the problems. The Sabha also kept in touch with the Singhvi Committee and submitted its version through memorandum and other relevant document. The Committee reached to the right conclusion and on the basis of the recommendation of Singhvi Committee, the Govt. of India eventually resolved the issue of dual citizenship.

The statement says that it was a tough issue and there were several problems in resolving it and Singhvi Committee has successfully succeeded in sorting it out.

Mrs. Kalha and Mr. Narangpur appreciated the role played by Govt. of Punjab in resolving the matter. They said that the NRIs living in America, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and several countries of Europe will have dual citizenship which will provide the rights to them within the frame work of the Constitution.

They further said that the Sabha also welcome the decision of the Government to celebrate the 'Parvasi Bhartiya Divas' on January 9 in which 10 NRIs will be honoured every year. At the same time the Sabha strongly support the recommendation of the Singhvi Committee to create welfare fund for the benefit of the repatriated over seas workers.

Satnam Chana Media Officer


(Don't you feel like awarding BRAVERY MEDALS to all of the "midgets" who seem stalwarts to the Indians?)