Date: 1/20/2002


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By S.P. Attri (USA)

The above title in German translates to "Conquer Or Die!" That is the situation faced by the Indian nation today.

All we need to do is to kick in the door and then the whole rotten structure of Pakistan will collapse like a house of cards just like the Taliban did.

This game can be played by two people.

If they play the game of brinkmanship with us, we will call their bluff. I want India to cross the border in an invasion which has the intensity and massive logistics of "Operation Barbarossa"- 1.2 million men, 4000 tanks, 759 aircraft, 1500 "Prithvis" slamming into major Pakistani cities launched at 4:30 AM in the morning.

If they use nukes to reply. Then smash them completely. No holding back this time, Nothing to loose.

Like I said the Indian people should give themselves only one option: Siegen nicht Sterben!

The author gets into a dialogue with Shri Vijay:

1. Shri Vijays: The German expression of "Siegen oder Sterben (Conquer Or Die) that you have cited is terrific, it succintly and accurately describes my method of dealing with the present Hamletian-Predicament (to go to war or not, that is the question) that is before India.

Also, as you have observed, "the only logical and competent option is: Siegen nicht Sterben."

Yes, indeed it is, it is the only effective option to close the chapter of Pakistan, as a nation. The need for putting this expression into practice, is more now than it has been ever before.

Further, Pakistan is an artificial country, and its internal structure is an artificial admixture of widely-diverse ethnic groups, that hate each other, the internal make-up of Pakistan is rotten to the core. And, as you have observed, the whole rotten structure of Pakistan will collapse like a house of cards just like the Taliban did, but there is an If here, and this is a Big IF, which is IF we use overwhelming force, just as the Americans did against the Talibans, with use of state of the art weaponary.

Out of date and obsolete weapons have no place in the wars of today. We must acquire state of the art military equipment, in sufficient quanity and as rapidly as we can, and from wherever we can, this action must be at the top of our priority.

2. India's past soft approach towards terrorism, treating it as only a "domestic law and order problem," has failed miserably, it has only encouraged the terrorists to come back at us again and again, in the manner of Mohammad Ghouri repeatedly coming after Prithvi Raj Chauhan. That is no way to fight terrorism, it shows that we still have not learned from our past mistakes of 1200 years, we have forgotten the unspeakable hell that Islam brought on us Hindus, we are still suffering from our Panipat-Syndrome. Clearly, our methods and techniques of fighting terrorism, are completely out of whack, they have let us down again and again. We need to switch gears, and give serious consideration to different techniques, that make usage of powerful measures.

3. In the past, we have made diplomatic efforts to have Pakistan labelled as a Rogue State, without much success. It is not that the evidence against Pakistan is lacking, it is not. Pakistan's record in state sponsorship of terrorism is gargantuan, it has hundreds of terrorist-training camps within its territory, and the graduates of these terrorist schools are sedulously trained and grounded in Islamic Theology.The real reason for the failure of Pakistan to qualify as a Full-Fledged Rogue State, is that in the world of today, the definition of Rogue State, is "Interest-Sensitive." It depends upon who the victim of terrorism is.

If the victim of terrorism is the USA, then the definition of Rogue State is cranked in immediately, without delay. If the victim happens to be India, then definition-games ensue, and the matter is put on the back-burner. The issue is further muddied by Pakistan's Propaganda, which uses the issue of "Underlying Causes" as a justification for the existence of terrorism against India, and offers its "Words Of Wisdom" to India, by telling India to deal with the Underlying Causes.To reinforce its "Underlying Causes Thesis," Pakistan conveniently labels terrorists in Kashmir as "Freedom Fighters."

4. At the present time, India is reeling under incessant terrorism, that is conducted daily by the Jehadi-Soldiers, who are sponsored and trained by the Rogue State Of Pakistan. So far, India has waited patiently for the International Community, to put pressure on Pakistan, to put brakes on its military adventurism. But India cannot be expected to exercise this restraint ad infinitum. India today is beyond the stage of sermons and preaching, its nationhood is at stake. After the Daring Attack of 13 Dec 2001, on the Parliament Of India, the Lakshman Rekha has been crossed by Pakistan, and India is duty bound to liquidate the terrorist threat to its sovereignty. To pursue this objective, India is applying a double-pincer on Pakistan: military buildup at the border plus military threat, as well as diplomatic pressure.

Many in the West feel that a "Perfect Solution" would be for President Musharraf (Mushy) to wilt under this combination, and reign in his terrorists, without a shot being fired. The West in general, and the USA in particular, have gone into diplomatic over-drive, bombarding Pakistan with demarches, and listing Lashkar-E-Toyba and Jaish-E-Mohammad on their various black-lists. But they are falling short of putting serious pressure on Mushy. This is because they are looking for a face-saving formula for General Musharraf. They believe that this face-saving formula is necessary, in their hunt for Osama Bin Laden, as well as for their longer term objective of taming Islamic Fundamentalism in Pakistan. That is why each warning about Jehad that they send to Mushy, they accompany it with a public statement about how "Co-Operative" Mushy is in the war against terrorism.

5. The West's excuses for Pakistan's Reluctance to take action against his terrorists, cannot be accepted. It does not inspire Mushy (who is an opportunist rascal) to see the light of the day. It is the same Pakistan who created and supported Talibans in Afghanistan. It is the same Pakistan who is conducting its low-cost Proxy-War of terrorism against India.

Taliban regime has been ousted from Afghanistan, the fate of Pakistan's Taliban game in Afghanistan has already been sealed. Pakistan's second game of Proxy-War against India is not going to have any better results, but Pakistan so far has failed to draw appropriate conclusions from events next door to itself. Pakistan's foul means of conquest via terrorism, shall not be allowed to succeed in India. We shall not be terrorized into ceding territories to Pakistan, to let it enjoy the fruits of its ill-gotten conquests.

6. Fortunately for us, as a result of the application of the Double-Pincer on Pakistan, most countries in the world, the West included, are now coming to realize that we mean business, we have made plenty of right kind of noise on terrorism, and the International Community now buys it. This proves again that world respects those who have the power and who use strong language and actions.

The world has no place for wimps and pussy-footers, they get no respect from the world. We have been increasing diplomatic pressure on Pakistan in graduated and steady doses of escalation. This is the right approach, we must persevere and mean business, we must not drop the ball. If we drop the ball now, no body in the world would respect us ever again. India never had the International Opinion in its favor to the extent that it has now.

India must continue to tighten the screws on Pakistan. In the interim, India must keep building its military might on the border, with newer and most effective weapons, to scare the daylight out of the Pakistanis. If possible, have Israel immediately ship its Phalcon Radar to India by Air. There is no reason to delay this transfer, the project has already been cleared by the USA, for transfer to India. Similarly, have Russia immediately ship at least 100 SU30 multi-role aircraft as well as 100 of its T-90 tanks to India by Air, without delay. The agreement for the supply of this equipment has already been signed, there is no reason for delay in delivering this equipment to India. What would this state of the art equipment do for India? Plenty!

7. It would give India over-whelming odds of victory over the military machine of Pakistan. This state of the art equipment has all kinds of capabilities, capabilities that Pakistan presently lacks. Things like BVR capability, Thermal Imaging, Artillery Tracking Radar, and Night-Fighting capabilities would do wonders for the Indian Armed Forces. It would enable them to go through the Pakistan Military like a Knife goes through butter, it would reduce Indian casualties of war to a bare minimum. It would also capitulate Pakistan quickly, forcing it to sue for peace, in short order.

In the meantime, during which the newer equipment arrives, keep squeezing Pakistan via our Double-Pincer. And don't forget to send some Jehadis to Janat (Moslem's Paradise), those who make the mistake of crossing the LOC. Do this every day of the week.

8. Therefore, I would say that expending $ 150,000 or so on each precision-guided ordnance dropped on high-value military targets inside Pakistan, is money well spent. This is because victory over Pakistan should not be our only aim. Our aim should be nothing less than the total destruction, and the total dismantling and dis-memberment of Pakistan as a Political Entity. We must dis-member Pakistan into independent states of Balochistan, Sindh, Panjab, and Pukhtoonistan. All these states, would do far far better in trade, commerce, and economics, as separate and independent states, than as parts of Pakistan.

9. Pakistan is not a country, it is a problem. We have to go after Pakistan in a serious manner, to eliminate it as a problem. War against Pakistan this time around must not remain inconclusive, it must be taken to its logical conclusion. The logical conclusion is partitioning of Pakistan. There will be lots of calls for cease-fire and other perfunctory procedures, we must resist these and continue until the war reaches its logical conclusion. Don't worry about the nuclear assets of Pakistan. As soon as the central authority of Pakistan collapses, several countries including the USA and India, would move in rapidly, to liquidate Pakistan's nuclear assets.

We must never forget that the only thing between us Hindus, and the Slaughter-House as well as the Prison-House of Islam, is the military strength of the Hindu. Hindus must crush the Sullas with the use of force. If we have to die during this struggle, then we better die fighting. It is far far better to die, than to barely survive under the living hell of islam. In other words:

Siegen oder Sterben (Conquer Or Die)

Final Thought: To make a long story short, the country of Pakistan, as it exists today, created without Referendum and leaving all the MOHAMMEDANS back in India, too, must be totally eliminated.