Date: 1/23/2002


Why should there be a site on Internet called "BURNIGN" Punjab? Why should Lahore and Karachi and even Sylhet be out of India today? Why should the Hindus go about their daily business looking the other way from Ayodhya? Why should any HINDU be uprooted from South Kashmir after being wiped out from North Kashmir?

The reason? The Hindu is a stooge, a slave, a serf, a nishkam sewak, ever ready to give a ride to any KHAN, SULTAN, HAIDAR, ALEXANDER and FERNANDES.

From his historical conditioning the Hindu believes in being safe under the foreigners. The untiy and strength of his own family is very upsetting to the average Hindu, conditioned like Pavlov's dogs that he is INFERIOR.

Nehru was not keen on the Hindu or his Hindustan. His foremost concern was to beat the natives down, keep them slaves under his foot, loot and plunder them to the utmost. Thus PARTITIOEND India caught fire soon after her so-called independence from the British in 1947. In reality that was her CRIPPLING DEFEAT at the hands of indigenous Muslims.

Nehru had cunningly identified the headstrong native communities with a proud record of valour and bravery in the past. Thus the Tamils, the Marathas, the Rajputs and the SIKHS were branded as "dangerous".

Dangerous, that is, to his own despotic rule and Dynasty.

People of THREE states in particular were a cause of worry to the traitor. These are the States DIVIDED, hence restless for UNITY. They are KASHMIR, PUNJAB and BENGAL.

But the devious Pandit did not want any unity. His policy was to break the backbone of the Hindus and set fire to their Hindustan.

He accelerated the process of ISLAMISATION of Partitioned India. This he did by exempting the Muslims from family planning, allowing them up to FOUR wives under ISLAMIC Law to reproduce the Mohammedans at an alarming rate to outpace the Hindu rate of growth.

He gave subsidies and privileges to the Muslims which the rest of the country could not even dream of. Article 370, for example, to benefit the Muslim majority State of Kashmir.

He rammed his own version of secularism down the throats of the vanquished Hindus while letting the Mohammedans in Pakistan free off the hook. His daughter repeated that HIGH TREASON by returning EAST BENGAL to ISLAM after its capture.

How were the other States to feel about this? Well, they did not matter. The Hindus were serfs and slaves and the Sikhs were to be finished off.

Government of India could spread EDUCATION but they deliberately fanned unrest through corruption and bad administration, forcing people to rise. And when the people rose, then they provided perfect justification to their corrupt and treacherous rulers to crush them in the most brutal manner. That was democracy, HINDU style.

It must have become apparent to the whole world that the Hindus are the only people on earth who kiss and embrace their enemies while clobbering, bashing and alienating their own family.

There is no worse example of the deteriorating internal social and political scene in India than the alienation of the Sikhs of East Punjab from the Hindu mainstream.

The situation is grave right now though all the "sarkari" sponsored media is portraying a rosy picture to lull the Hindus into sleep.

The Hindus are the only people on earth who trust and believe the media that is in the hands of their enemies, that serves their enemies' cause.

Now the man who started that website (www.burningpunjab.com) has died of heart attack at the age of 30. He was young and robust a little while ago, but has died mysteriously. How is that?

LET US, THEREFORE, PAY HOMGE to the founder of this website which is a mark of his courage and defiance. A brave Sikh, he wanted to tell the whole world, where the world, too, is not interested in what is going on in HINDU India. The world did not come to Afghanistan all that time but only when they destroyed the WTC Towers in New York.

So the world is not going to come to anyone's help or aid in India since the Indians will take on thrasing, beating and clobbering till eternity. Indian is a born slave and he loves that "status".

That is the dilemma of anyone trying to shout "HELP!" in India. The crushed Indians (HINDUS), not accustomed to rise up against Government, laugh at the crying and the dying.

Many beleive that he was murdered by the Government of India's agents. It should not be forgotten that Government of India is a slave and stooge of the big powerful dirty dynastic interests of Bandit NEHRU who swore to finish off the Sikhs, fearing for his life due to his signing the unconditional surrender of West Punjab, Nankana Sahib and Lahore in particular.

Instead of spreading EDUCATION and providing clean administration to the nation, the Congress rulers (Dirty Dynasty) fanned rampant corruption, spreading TERROR in order to find justification to kill off the Sikhs or, at least, to intimidate them into eternal silence.

The nation ought to keep this site going as a tribute to the real young Lion of Punjab who rose among the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of sheep in human form, among whom his own Destiny trapped him in his inferior oriental world.

That dirty dynasty has killed opponents in the most devious and treacherous (Italian) MAFIA manner and anyone who stood up against it. And the world thinks India is a democracy!

Where is that veteran Congress leader, Jitendra Prasad who stood in the presidental election to oppose Sonia KHAN? He died of heart attack!

Where is that General Malik, Chief of Army Staff, who wanted to liberate BOGUSdesh (East Bengal) and North Kashmir in order to bring them under the same kind of noble universal secularism that was being rammed down the throats of the Sikhs of EAST Punjab and the MUSLIMS of SOUTH Kashmir by brutal force and state repression? He died of heart attack!

Where is that Mr, CLEAN, Lal Bahadur Shastri who wanted to investigate and confiscate the vast private fortunes and foreign bank accounts of Mrs. Indira KHAN? He died of heart attack!

where are all those dozens of suspects and detainees, some even in police custody, implicated in the killing of "BOFORS CHOR" who were liquidated mysteriously? Some died of heart attack, some beaten to death and some committed suicide!

The list is endless.

The ruthles dynasty is prepared to plunge the whole of BROKEN BHARAT (don't call it AKHAND BHARAT any more!) into bloody mayhem of a civil war instead of lifting its dark shadow from the people of India.

They perceive the Punjabis, especially the Siksh, as their biggest enemies since they know that the Sikhs will finally uproot the evil plant of dynasty while the rest of India will keep their mouths wide open to receive Sonia KHAN'S "SPIT" or whatever liquid she prefers to throw at them, however stinking.

There is a new burden upon the lucky liberated NRIs (Non Resident INDIANS), who ESCAPED their Burning Bharat, to reach out to the trapped and betrayed people of India they left behind to the "butchers" of Congress.

At this moment EAST Punjab is in a state of shock and if the leadership of the HINDU nation does not respond sympathetically and with compassion and wisdom, then yet another FOREIGN FINGER will be pushed up Lady Hindustan's.

There are already quite a few, starting with the President's wife from Burma, the uncrowned queen from Italy, Pakistani ISI, and even the impoverished Islamic hordes from BOGUSdesh that was supposed to be liberated by INDIRA KHAN only "yesterday".

Let us keep this heroic site open till the last of Dynasty is wiped out from Hindustan and the demolished Sri Ram Temple is reconstructed in Ayodhya

What complicity, what criminal neglect, what cowardice of Mr PS Badal, the degraded chief minister of UNION Territory, who was supposed to be wearing the mantle of Maharaja RANJIT SINGH in order to encouage the downtrodden HINDUS to stand up to hoist their BHAGWA flag upon Red Fort in Delhi.


Please look up the web site www.burningpunjab.com and THINK with your own head what has happened to a land where the Sikh was supposed to be the DEFENDER OF FRONTIERS.

We will soon see those remaining frontiers, too, CRUMBLING. The native genius is hardly at par with a donkey's.

After the attack on KARGIL a couple of years ago, and on India's Parliament on December 13 last, now we had one against the American Information Centre in Calcutta (January 21, 2002).

Instead of facing up to the enemy across the frontiers, the treacherous stooges of Dynasty are liquidating anyone who would eventually stand up to defend India.

What next? Pray for Hindustan. Pray for the brainwashed subservient "HINDU coolie" in the land of Sri Krishna and Lord Rama, Guru Gobind Singh, Shivaji, Maharana Pratap and Rani of Jhansi, to become manly, a stalwart, who could take the destiny of his TERRITORY in his own hands and defend and protect his own family from the enemy's designs.

Here is an account by someone who met SUKHBIR SINGH OSAN, the hero of human rights and civil liberties in EAST Punjab, who set up that site:

"I saw Mr. Osan in April 1999 at the 300th Anniversary celebrations in Washington DC.

30 year old, heart attack?!?! This doesn't seem right.



A 30-year-old city-based scribe, Sukhbir Singh Osan, died of heart attack this morning. He was associated with various newspapers as a freelancer and was also having a website Burningpunjab.com. His last rites were performed at the Sector 25 cremation grounds here in the evening . . . . .


His last rites could well be the last rites of the dirty, corrupt, ruthless and treacherous "BANDIT" NEHRU DYNASTY, if not of Hindustan herself. The world should wait and see.