Date: 1/25/2002


The REAL "republic" in 1950 was the ISLAMIC republic of PAKISTAN that had come into being some two and a half years earlier after the ignominious defeat and DEATH of the SECULAR Republic of HINDUSTAN.

To console the defeated, the degraded and the humiliated at the time of ETERNAL PARTITION of India (Akhand Bharat), they decided to call it a Republic to go under the name of Bharat.

What's there in a name?

Well, "Bharat" will be as misleading a word as any devious dirty devil called "GANDHI", and India will be kept as the slave colony of Nehru & Dynasty.

Like the morally superior legendary Brother Bharat, who never sat on the throne, NO Hindu will aspire to POLITICAL POWER on his own TERRITORY, but leave it to the RASCALS and TRAITORS under nice sounding HINDU namers, e.g, NARAYANAN, to MOUNT and IMPREGNATE the HINDU "cow" called "Bharat" with semen of their Ideology, BASH the Hindus, KILL the Sikhs, while cultivating the MUSLIM "vote banks" with HAJJ subsidies and facilities across the country that was once known as Hindustan.

On August 15, 1947 the INDIGENOUS Muslims of India, under Qaid i Azam MOHAMMED a. JINN, stood India against the wall.

Having stripped her naked, blindfolded, hooded and shackled her, the JINN took the sharp Sword of Islam and struck two grievous blows on the body of India.

The first blow severed the right arm, from shoulder down, and the second cut off the left leg from groin downwards. The earth was covered in the blood of innocent HINDUS- men, women and children- massacred from NOAKHALI (East Bengal) to RAWALPINDI (West Punjab).

The blindfolded, hooded, shackled, clean shaven, degraded and disgraced DEFEATED HINDUS were ordered to accept and recognise the former as WEST Pakistan and the latter as EAST Pakistan.

MOHAMMED a. JINN couldn't care less about the safety and well-being of the Musilms staying back in India nor about the thousand mile wide gap in between the TWO Pakistans. His CONTEMPT of the Hinduss was so high and regard for them so low.

A patriotic HINDU (there were hardly any in that year) saw this VULGAR scene and described it to me in equally OBSCENE terms.

He said, "They took a very big and LONG boot and pushed it up the front end, and another very big and LONG boot up the rear end of this TERRITORY that the Hindus call "Dharti MAATA", that is, MOTHER."

Before this pathetic view about India got widely known across our PARTITIONED India, the new Imperial Master called PANDIT JAWAHARLAL NEHRU asked the son of a BUDDHIST refuse collector cum road sweeper, to write up the CONSTITUTION.

Those alive on January 26, 1950 tell me that this much hailed Document fell out of the BACK END of the BUDDHIST and has come to be known as the "Vidhan of Bharat".

Within days a stinking clot came out of The Book itself. It is Article 370 which applies only to one State out of 25. In that State MOST HINDUS have been exterminated or expelled. The remaining few are refugees who go to sleep wetting their beds in fright and terror. The Supreme Commander of India and his Burmese-born wife are on the side of the ENEMY.

The Book encourages this kind of FOREIGN infiltration. It is meant to IGNORE the one from ITALY and scoundrels like the BOFORS CHOR.

The phrase "Encouragement and spread of EDUCATION" does not appear in The Book. Nor does the phrace, "Democracy instead of Dynasty".

The Book (Vidhan of India) also put the capital of one particular State on UNION territory. Its brave inhabitants are VISIBLE from a mile, thus very easy picking for the killers, but lack the brains totally to grasp the reasons of the past massacres and foresee the ones appproaching.

Tomorrow, January 26, 2002, is the day to watch out for the fools, the HINDUS, congratulating one another, paying compliments to MASTER NEHRU, SCRIBE Ambedkar and the great warrior called GANDHI who ruined the HINDU world by going silent over PARTITION that struck India totally on MUSLIM terms.

The Hindus, much taunted for not having a Book like the Koran and the Bible, can boast of one now. They HAVE a Book at last. ("Aber was fuer eins!" is beyond their comprehension!)

Will YOU join the fun with the INDIAN "coolies", celebrating their "Republic Day" to recall the day when the Constitution was promulgated? Will you hail the Constitutin that did not notice the absence of LAHORE and EAST BENGAL nor the presence of MUSLIMS in PARTITIONED India or BROKEN BHARAT?

Have good fun dear "Hijda" HINDUS across the world.

Abroad, you will see the INDIAN ambassadors and high commissioners "performing".

We also go to the circus for that kind of fun. Don't we?