Date: 1/26/2002



A reputable Hindu journalist posted the following line on a Discussion List:

"Today it is Republic day. In this Free India after 54 years independence, one can observe that we are mentally pre-occupied with the fear of terrorism."

HOW TRUE. But why?

Instead of going into the reasons, which demands honesty and courage, he goes on to advise all the Indians to stop moaning but go on praising India to improve her image in the world. But WHY is that image SO LOW in the first place?

Strange Hindu logic, a very cowardly devious approach to REALITY that calls for a MANLY response to save PARTITIONED INDIA from further fall of image, and annihilation. After all slavery is not something unknown to India. She is still a prisoner of 'ITALY & ISLAM' that have easily and effortlessly replaced the British Raj.

HINDUSTAN (India) has been continuously hooded, shackled, shaved and gagged, even raped and gang raped, since 712 AD- a WORLD RECORD in slavery. Still the AWARENESS of the cause is missing.

India is HINDU by sheer numbers and more so since PARTITION in 1947 when the Muslims got out to establish their PAKISTAN and gave "The Rest" a SLAP in the face and, thereby, a clear HINDU idenity. To deny that is utmost cowardice and stinking INFERIORITY COMPLEX, SELF-DENIGRATION and SELF-DENIAL.

India will be genuinely FREE when certain conditions are met. The first being RE-EXAMINING the terms and conditions of PARTITION.

To accept PARTITION OF INDIA, to forget it altogether, or to call it "Independence" is the trait of SLAVERY.

According to that "ACT OF PARTITION, 1947", the MUSLIMS have to be out, or Pakistan dissolved.

If India is to remain PARTITIONED, then there ought to be SAFFRON (HINDU) flag flying over Red Fort and President's House to counter the PROVOCATIVE Islamic flag flying over Lahore and EAST Bengal.

Muslims have to be entered in CONSTITUTION as "persona non grata" due to their HIGH TREASON at the time of PARTITION. The present Constitution, being "celebrated! today, is a document for SLAVES.

Money spent on the teaching of Arabic, Persian and URDU has to be allocated to the teaching of SANSKRIT, Hindi and other NATIVE languages (except the "mongrel" mixture called URDU that was used in the brothels of ALLAHABAD and LUCKNOW during the Afghan occupation of Hindustan).


When the writeR (truthfully) says, "India is still under some kind of TERROR, then we can only agree and say, "How true!"

But, where does this TERROR come from?

It comes from our de-linking and detachment from TERRITORY (DHARTI), accepting "FOREIGN FINGERS" in the BODY of Bharat (e.g., Sonia from Italy and No. 1 Lady from MYANMAR), disunity among the Hindus, alienation of the SIKHS since Indira KHAN'S treacherous attack on Golden Temple in Amritsar in 1984, and our proverbial cowardice.

For an experienced and renowned journalist to use the word "independence" in his message is an insult to India which was PARTITIONED (PARTITIONED!)and enslaved (ENSLAVED!) on August 15, 1947.

How could he overlook our cities like Lahore, Karachi and Chittagong going under the provocative flag of Arabia? What connection do they have with Mohammed or his family except through most humiliating defeats and shameful subjugation for centuries?

The last senile MOHAMMEDAN Emperor of HINDUSTAN was only removed by the BRITISH, not by Hindu arms or "shakti".

On 15 August 1947 the Viceroy was replaced by Pandit who turned BANDIT and established a dynastic rule. His dynasty then fanned the culture of corruption, BASHED the native HINDUS and KILLED the native SIKHS while pampering their "MUSLIM vote bank" with Hajj facilities, exemption from family pnanning, zero checks on mushrooming mosques all over secular India and full freedom to the KHANS to abduct, rape and convert HINDU girls, and through job quotas and reservations.

Praising such an India is to ENCOURAGE the rascals even more to do their devil's work in PARTITIONED India (PI) or Partitioned Indian Secular Socialisr (PISS) Republic of BROKEN Bharat.

Every journalist ought to see that AKHAND BHARAT was broken up into THREE fragments- two on either side that look like the LEGS and the third a triangle-shaped country in the middle that looks like the BIKINI. Is that our INDIA?

Today is a reminder of God's WRATH on ("mahatma") MK Gandhi, the Apostle of Appeasement, Concessions and Surrenders.

Why did the devastating EARTHQUAKE hit Gandh's own state, GUJARAT, on January 26, 2001 (50th anniversary of that Constitution!) and not on January 27 or even on June 6?

If we are a religious people, that we are, by the number of following of Sai Baba and countless other swamis, sants and gurus, then we ought to SEE God's angry finger, or His writing on the wall.

India's so-called "Republic Day" hides India's PARTITION. Any Document that does not show the decent and dignified MAP of pre-partition India (AKHAND BHARAT) is no more than toilet paper.

TELL THIS to the so-called Supreme Commander of PARTITIONED India's degraded "cease-firing" mercenary Armed Forces (who liberated EAST Bengal, 1972, NOT North Kashmir), taking the salute of his officers and soldiers IN UNIFORM in New Delhi today.

As a tribute to his own "republic", Mr. K.R. NARAYANAN should take up residence in BHANGI COLONY before his brainwashed and enslaved PEOPLE rise in fury like those in France, Russia and Iran.