"WHAT IS YOUR NAME?" An enquiry.

Date: 1/31/2002


yo man

i like your website i just need your name because i want to use it for my RESEARCH PAPER i' m doing on PARTITION of INDIA thanks man.

please what is your name ?????





Dear friend,

This is not ONE man show. No one will step forward to take the credit for this site.

This is the VOICE of ONE BILLION crushed and suppressed HINDUS, native to the soil of India.

The Muslim swords, wielded against the native HINDUS over EIGHT CENTURIES, have cut their guts off, and the British guns took out their remaining courage.

So the end product by 1947 was an emaciated mass of human JELLYFISH (or a MOUND OF MUD) called "the HINDUS".

Therefore, India in 1947 could be cut and chopped, degraded and destroyed, reduced and shrunk, intimidated and terrified, brainwashed and conditioned, abused and misused, betrayed and surrendered, exactly as the (Muslim) DEVIL willed.

The Muslim Devil dictated to the entire HINDU nation from Kerala to Gilgit and Assam, "We want all those areas where we, the Muslims, are in majority, to be TAKEN OUT of India. We shall call it PAKISTAN. You will stay in "The Rest" but beware! Don't you touch the whiskers of any Muslim in your own fragment that you can still call "India"!

The Hindus simply replied, "YES, SIR," and, "led" by "Mahatma" Gandhi, disappeared overnight from Karachi, Lahore, Pewhawar, Quetta and Dhaka.

At the same time the Hindu leaders declared, "Henceforth NONE will recall PARTITION. It was INDEPENDENCE."

ONE BILLION Hindus, including great scholars, thinkers, professors and pundits, have been celebrating the "Independence" of PARTITIONED India since 1947, when in fact, and in reality, it was their "WORST DISASTER DAY" of entire history.

Thank you for your interest in PARTITIONED India.


Site Owner,