Date: 2/2/2002


How is it that the followers of MOHAMMED (Peace by upon his VICTIMS!) are BEGGING to be let in into ONLY the Christian countries?

Why don't they head straight for the LANDS THAT ALLAH GAVE THEM (Saudi Arabia), or for the LANDS THAT THEY CAPTURED IN THE NAME OF ALLAH (Pakistan), or for the LANDS THEY NEED TO DEVELOP IN THE NAME OF ALLAH (Afghanistan)?

Is there a danger to Christian civilisation in this?

Now ITALY has asked her NAVY to shoot at any boat or vessel trying to smuggle in illegal immigrants. Most of her ILLEGAL immigrants, fleeing ISLAMIC Middle East and ISLAMIC North Africa and ISLAMIC Pakistan, are MOHAMMEDAN.

The steps taken by the Italian government are justified if Italy is not to end up as the recipient of suplus MOHAMMEDAN populations, mainly from ISLAMIC republics, whose agenda, once allowed in, would be to dissolve the CHRISTIAN rock on which the European civilisation stands, surrounded by deep and dangerous green waters.

We think Australia, Britain and the United States should follow suit in the interest of long term strategic stability and prosperity of their own people.

One can see the fate of our own bleeding headless PARTITIONED India which welcomed all and sundary from all over the world. She lost one third of her territory in 1947 when her own people were exterminated in North Kashmir and West Punjab. Many are still FLEEING the land. And those abroad, do not wish to return to their "Mother" called INDIA.

Thus, there is a heavy price to pay for the "OPEN DOORS" policy by any country in the West including the United States.

India has lost count of the MILLIONS of illegal Muslim BANGLADESHI "COCKS" clutching copies of KORAN, increasing MUSLIM NUMBERS at the cost of the terrified HINDUS all the time. Indian Parliament dare not order a count or an enquiry.