Date: 2/3/2002



YES, GO AHEAD. Have him. Chop him up, limb by limb, gouge out his eyes, and drink his blood. He is a KAFIR as per your KORAN.

Please see the LAW OF NATURE unfolding before our eyes. Since 1947 India has done nothing about her PARTITION. Now PARTITION is hitting her back.

She had to try and execute the so-called leaders who signed the ACT OF SURRENDER OF 1947. She did not.

She had to EXPEL all the Muslims from PARTITIONED India. She did not.

She had to expel the Pakistani invaders from South AND North Kashmir. She did not.

She had to invest on EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION in EAST Punjab to improve the lot of the Sikhs there, but she introduced MILITANCY & TERRORISM instead, to obtain the pretext to send troops and police to kill the Sikhs by the thousand.

She had to negotiate RETURN OF HINDU REFUGEES to Pakistan and BOGUSdesh who had fled in 1947 in terror. But she did not.

She had to file a suit for claim at market value for all the property left behind by the HINDUS in Pakistan. Bue she did not.

She had to arrest and try General Musharraf for his attack on KARGIL two years ago. But she did not.

She had to put an end to ongoing killing and massacres of Hindus and Sikhs in South Kashmir. But she did not.

She had to abrogate the filthy Article 370 of Constitution which makes Kashmir a very special and privileged State in India. But she did not.

So according to the Law of Nature, now Pakistan has demanded the arrest and extradition of Advani, India's HINDU Home Minister for his "crimes" before PARTITION. This is called guts, daring and INITIATIVE that is totally lacking in India so much so that prime minister INDIRA KHAN conquered EAST Bengal and then promptly RETURNED the territory to ISLAM in 1972. She was neither arrested nor SHOT DEAD then.

Please read the news item below:-



Karachi & New Delhi, Jan. 30:

Guess who¹s on the possible list of criminals Pakistan wants India to hand over? Lal Krishna Advani.

The home minister is wanted for conspiring to assassinate Mohammad Ali Jinnah in 1947, according to a report an English daily, The News, carried today.

(NB: Before Pakistan woke up, BROKEN BHARAT ought to have asked for the head of MOHAMMED ALI JINNAH for the assassination of AKHAND BHARAT, ie., United India herself.)

Officials in the foreign office in Islamabad refused to comment till they had verified the story. But in Karachi, some court officials said they have found a ³dormant² file which names Advani and others as absconders.

The case is based on an FIR (number 4/47) registered on September 10, 1947, by the then station house officer at Jamshed Quarters, Inspector Tooti Ram.

(How interesting! The Hindu station house officer's name can be pronounced with "T" as in TANK or soft "t" as in Hindi "tota" or parrot!)

The 18 accused were charged with hatching a criminal conspiracy to assassinate then governor-general Qaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan, Khawaja Nazimuddin and other top-line leaders of the Pakistan movement.

Six of them were arrested while the remaining 12, including Advani and some leaders of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), absconded.

(They had to "abscond", you fool! Those were the days when the Hindus took to their heels in the whole of Western India from Karachi to Gilgit and ran as fast as they could. Had Advani tarried or hesitated a little, he would bave been caught by the followers of MOHAMMED, chopped up in 786 parts within minutes. Don't you KNOW this? Are you an ignorant Italian like Hindustan's Sonia Maino?)

The arrested ‹Khem Chand s/o Gopal Das, Nand Ram s/o Gobind Ram, Gobind s/o Lal Singh, Hargobind s/o Ghando Mal, Santo s/o Ghando Mal and Tayken Das s/o Jairam ‹ were tried and convicted. They were awarded different penalties by the court.

(Quite a few names above rhyme with the word "gandoo" which is an appropriate word for the Hindu nation at the time of PARTITION that nobody now, not even Advani, mentions, PROVING that the Hindus are indeed a nation of "gandoos"!)

The case against the 12 absconding accused was placed in the dormant file pending their arrest. Later, New Delhi and Islamabad reached an agreement under which the six convicts were extradited to India on September 19, 1948.

But the case against Advani and the absconding VHP leaders is still pending and the Pakistan government can demand their handover.

This is not the only case against the home minister, who is also an accused in the Babri Masjid demolition case in India.

(And there is another crime, too, that he has committed in broad daylight- of being a HINDU. Just read the Koran if you didn't know how serious THAT is! If they can fire guns on silent Buddha statues in Afghanistan, what would they not have done to Advani after catching him alive? Please post your guesses on this List.)

The BJP dismissed the News report as ³concocted and mischievous² but did not dispute that Advani was in Pakistan when the case was filed.

Party spokesman Sunil Shastri said: ³There is no truth in it. It is a concocted story which cannot be believed at all.²

(WHO WILL BELIEVE YOU? You also said, "India will be cut upon my dead body!")

But party colleague J.P. Mathur, who is a close associate of Advani over several decades, said false cases were foisted on RSS activists in Pakistan during the Partition, and this could be one of them.

(Why no case has been filed in PARTITONED INDIA agaisnt anyone of the MUSLIM LEAGUE, including Liaqat Ali Khan and MA JINNAH, who were in India then when the ACT OF PARTITION was signed by them?)

Mathur added that the timing of the charge was ³completely motivated². ³It is clear they (Pakistan) will not hand over Dawood Ibrahim,² he said.

Advani was living at Hyderabad in Sind at the time of Partition and was an active worker of the RSS, which he had joined in 1942 at 15. A book on the BJP-RSS, Hindu Nationalists in India, by Yogendra Malik and V.B. Singh, says Advani was born in 1927 into a Hyderabad-based business family and was educated at St Patrick¹s School in Karachi.

The book says Advani and his family migrated to India a few months after Pakistan was formed in August 1947, a claim supported by a close associate of the home minister in the BJP.

("Migrated" with MOHAMMED chasing them all, on their heels! Can't we see what India ought to have done decades ago, if she was decent, honourable and even patriotic.)