Date: 2/6/2002



HINDUS and SIKHS are the ONLY wretched peoples on earth who do not believe in themselves, nor in their future.

It is not just borne out of the following posting on this web site, but also by the FACT that the whole of Hindustan shrank in size and guts in one second when Mohammed's flag was hoisted over Lahore, Karachi and Dhaka in 1947.

The whole of Hindustan, like a slaughtered SHEEP, lay on bloodied earth without the slightest move, nor even a jerk of the knee.

They (the Muslims of India) CLAIMED and CAPTURED. Yet the Hindus have not mustered guts so far to squeak, "PAKISTAN was a fraud on us all, on the entire mankind, a blot on our Secularism and Multi-culturalism."

NO. Not till today have the ONE BILLION CRUSHED HUMANS mustered guts to ask that question, "Partition, BUT WHY?"

Now please read the following posting.

Which Muslim will say to anyone, "I think Pakistan will regret its provocative Islamic birth and Constitutin, and will soon beg of India to take her back."?


The posting reads-

“What is India?”

Historically, it is a gaggle of disparate principalities relatively unskilled in war, and repeatedly defeated by small groups of invaders.

(There is irony here. Not only a small group of invaders, but one semi literate worthless female from Italy has CONQUERED the whole of India today. She sits in front row in Bharat's Parliament!)

There was no such political entity before 1947.

(We beg to disagree. Until 1947 an unaccompanied Hindu girl, boarding a train in Lahore, could SAFELY reach Rawalpindi, to be collected by her aunt from the station.)

Your theory of Hindu Rashtra is all fiction.

(Why is ISLAMIC Rashtra not fiction anywhere? What vulgar cowardice! Do they have a LONG & STRONG one as opposed to the Hindu's, and the 6 inch long bent plastic KIRPAN worn by the Sikhs? What a strange thing to say, "Hindu Rashtra is all fiction."! No Sir, it is a FACT that is waiting to be proven- and BEFORE LONG.)

Hindu cannot be a ruler.

He is only fit to be a servant slave.

Your theory of Hindu Rashtra is a pipe dream.

This 52 year rule of traditional slave (Hindu) is at verge of disintegration.


(To disprove the above, the Hindu nation will have to KICK K.R. NARAYANAN out of office and instal a COMMITTED HINDU as Rashtrapati.

President KR Narayanan is not simply a LAUGH but a filthy JOKE on the entire HINDU civilisation and our Holy Scriptures.

Seeing him and his Burmese born spouse in India's TOP HOUSE, can anyone be blamed who says, "HINDU HOLY LORDS, MAHATMAS, SWAMIS AND GURUS were the MOST USELESS on earth."?

Let us not forget, MOHAMMED in India is something terribly WRONG. It is a serious and LETHAL aberration of history which needs to be RECTIFIED.)