Date: 2/6/2002


Tribute to the Sikhs.

It is to the credit of the British in India that they brought out the BEST from various indigenous (native) communities.

Among those, I.e., the Rajputs, the Marathas, THE Jats and the Gurkhas, they found the SIKHS TO BE second to none.

No wonder they could win both WORLD WARS across the globe hands down while the present day "mutilated cow of an India" cannot even ensure the safety of the Hindus in Srinagar, nor take them back to their homes in North Kashmir!

There are mumerous tributes like the following, to the Sikh valour during the British rule in India.

It is ironic that the native (USELESS & ROTTEN) Governments of India since PARITITION in 1947, have seen the Sikhs only as enemies, and went out of their way to smash the Sikh spirit.

The result is the India that is in DEATH THROES today. It has even lost its wings (East Bengal and WEST Punjab! Those without any patriotism and dignity can not notice this. And those who can notice this, are so few, hardly a challenge to the "bull called ITALY & ISLAM" that has mounted the "HINDU cow".


Here are a few quotes written by the British about the Sikhs.

There is NO reason whatsoever as to why the entire HINDU NATION should not feel proud of the Sikhs. But such sentiment can only be demonstrated through ACTION which seems IMPOSSIBLE today.

Can we remove the name of "Political WITCH" Indira from New Delhi International Airport? She was arrogant, anti democracy, anti Hindu, and extremely CONTROVERSIAL. She ought to have been consigned to oblivion the day her troops fired on Golden Temple in Amritsar in 1984.

The mother of the BOFORS CHOR was not the one who might have told EAST Bengal in 1972, "Now YOU stay in my secular India since I shall look a TRAITOR to everyone in EAST Punjab if I concede SOVEREIGNTY to you after inflicting a crushing defeat on you!"

(NB: The Indian general who led the forces to conquer EAST Bengal in 1972 was a SIKH. An INSULT to the Sikh valour!)

INDIRA, the former wife of FEROZE KHAN, was not the one to support the idea of declaring either Nankana Sahib or Sri Amritsar FREE INDEPENDENT states like The Vatican of her Italian born daughter-in-law!

Yet the whole of HINDUSTAN goes on adoring her and naming roads, parks and schools after her name.

Please read the tributes to Sikh VALOUR below which are an acute embarrassment to the useless SUPREME COMMANDER of India, "Bhangi" NARAYANAN.


World War I

Writing of the Third Battle of Krithia, General Sir Ian Hamilton paid noble tribute to the heroism of all ranks of the 14th Sikhs:

"In the highest sense of the word extreme gallantry has been shown by this fine Battalionů In spite of the tremendous losses there was not a sign of wavering all day. Not an inch of ground was given up and not a single straggler came backů The ends of the enemy's trenches leading into the ravine were found to be blocked with the bodies of Sikhs and of the enemy who died fighting at close quarters, and the glacis slope is thickly dotted with the bodies of these fine soldiers all lying on their faces as they fell in their steady advance on the enemy.

The history of the Sikhs affords many instances of their value as soldiers, but it may be safely asserted that nothing finer than the grim valour and steady discipline displayed by them on the 4th June has ever been done by soldiers of the Khalsa. Their devotion to duty and their splendid loyalty to their orders and to their leaders make a record their nation should look back upon with pride for many generations."

The 14th King George's Own Sikhs 1846-1933, Colonel F.E.G. Talbot

Extremely well commanded, the Sikhs, as Captain Towshend wrote in his report, "never murmured, took everything calmly - the over-work, the half ration of 'atta', the over-fatigues, practically getting no rest and sleeping in their accoutrements and on their alarm posts throughout the siege. The spirit of the 14th Sikhs was our admiration, the longer the siege lasted the more willing they became to teach the enemy a lesson. There could not be finer soldiers than the men of the 14th Sikhs, and they were our Sheet-anchor in the siege."

And in his "Relief of Chitral" Young husband writes, "It was the discipline ingrained into these men that saved the garrison. As long as a Sikh was on sentry, while Sikhs were holding a threatened point, Capt. Townshend had nothing to fear."

The 14th King George's Own Sikhs 1846-1933, Colonel F.E.G.Talbot


(We salute the Sikh soldiers of the past who had the good luck of serving in an Army that was not under DIRTY ISLAMIC PRESSURES of today, to cease fire even before advancing just one step in the battlefield.

Had the BRITISH Viceroy been still there living in the RASHTRAPATI BHAWAN, North Kashmir would have been in INDIA and the present useless incumbant KR NARAYANAN would have been holding the sweeper's broom in his hand.

Mr. LK ADVANI would have been safe in KARACHI and Mr. ("MAHATMA") MK Gandhi would have been behind bars, if not under gallows.

INDIA THEN WAS NOT A DIRTY RAG. She was safe for the HINDUS of Kashmir and EAST Bengal, and "AKHAND".