In EAST Punjab "COWARDICE" is called "courage"!

Date: 2/8/2002





Sonia, in fact, made it a point to praise Punjabis for their courage on the battlefield at all three places in the state where she addressed rallies on Tuesday.



COURAGE THERE WAS NONE at all the three places where Sonia addressed the IGNORANT Punjabi "cattle in human form" last Tuesday (February 5, 2002).

Not ONE Sikh sardar dared to shout, "For what price did your grandfather surrender our Lahore in 1947?"

"For what reason did your mother-in-law return EAST Bengal to the enemy while putting a firm clamp down on our own EAST Punjab?"

"For what reason, have you not spoken up for the same privileges, state subsidies, grants and investments for EAST Punjab that are lavished on South Kashmir under Article 370 of your Constitution?"

"For what reason do you refuse to touch our "Amrit, Rehat Maryada and SIKHI" even with a barge pole?"

"Are we all "niggers or road sweepers" like your Supreme Commander NARAYANAN, the Rashtrapati?"

"When will the trial of BOFORS CHOR conclude?"

"Name the orphans of CHATTISINGHPURA that you have adopted?"

"Name one Khalsa School, Hindu college or DAV High School in EAST Punjab which you have supported since your arrival in Prime Minister Indira KHAN's house?"

No! The DEMOLISEHD cowardly Sikhs of EAST Punjab rushed to touch her feet. Among them the son of Maharaja of Patiala!

No wonder so many Sikh "rats" of EAST Punjab are thrilled and overjoyed that SONIA KHAN praised the Punjabis' courage. They should have asked in turn, "Then how is it that INDIAN ARMY that was 34% SIKH under the British rule is only 1% now?"

Is that appreciating the Punjabi courage?

These sardars do not even know how quickly the Italian Armed Forces disintegrated and surrendered before the Allies in World War 2, to plant the MAFIA culture in Italy later.

"One more question, SONIA, before you run away from our TERRITORY, "When did your son-in-law Wadra, or his ancestor, THROW the divinely superb native religion of Punjab out of their minds?" What courage do the Punjabis have if none asked you this?

"We assure you that whatever courage they had under the British has been sapped "bone dry" by YOUR own Congress Party whose YOKE OF SLAVERY is too heavy for the Punjabis to lift."

"What prevents Priyenka and Wadra from reverting to the Faith of their ancestors? Did all the Wadras come from ITALY?"

At the public rallies, called to listen to this "White Elephant" from Italy last Tuesday, there was NO Punjabi courage to be seen anywhere.

Sonia would not have managed to escape from the TERRITORY of Sikh Gurus without taking Amrit like her humble Sikh serfs, slaves and subjects. But among them there was neither COURAGE nor CONVICTION to commend their own noble religion to the alien who has already impoverished, intimidated and TERRIFIED them, and is secretly planning their EXTERMINATION.

Today in India, the land of utmost COWARDICE, which has lost its wings (WEST Punjab and EAST Bengal) it is not the same Sikh breed that once pushed the frontiers of India to KHYBER!

Today that EAST Punjab is the MOST DEGRADED territory on earth without its own capital!

Once this Punjab had LAHORE in it, and AMBALA, and SIMLA, too. Today there is NO courage to call it by its true name, YAKAB (land of one river!).

Sikh courage would have ensured that "BHAYYA" BADAL would rule his state from Punjab, NOT FROM "UNION" TERRITORY. Shame on HIS "Sikh" courage!

Does the word Courage mean COWARDICE in the Sikh vocabulary in EAST Punjab these days? The whole world wants to know.

When will SONIA KHAN speak up for Vatican like status for Sri Amritsar, AYODHYA and Mathura?

She does not have to, since her subjects are too willing to come to listen to her even if she has total CONTEMPT for them.

Where else do we see the counterpart of such Punjabis and such a WHITE ELEPHANT being carried on everybody's shoulders?


A comment received on the above:

Sonia Gandhi is still the same. It's just one's peculiar sense of humour at work." (sic).



Partition, too, which claimed ONE MILLION lives and threw Gen PERVEZ MUSHARRAF from Delhi and Gen. ZIA UL HAQ from Jalandhar are the INDIAN sense of humour. A memorial erected to them will be an ugly serious thing.

A native Hindu or Sikh female ON TOP OF THE POLITICAL PYRAMID in India will also spoil the fun. Connection with the BOFORS CHOR provides us all with a laugh.

So is the ignominious run by Swarn Sing, Baldev Sing and Khushwant Sing, just a SONG AND A LAUGH for the "genetically reduced" INFERIOR Indian race.

Thus when facing the bullets they LAUGH while everyone else on earth will pick the gun and go on shooting till they reached Mecca or Medina.

Yasser Arafat has yet to laugh or drop his gun but the Sikh "kirpan" is already a bird's feather.

By the way here is another joke:

THEY never stopped at Ayodhya and Mathura after demolishing the grand temples there. They had NO sense of humour from which we suffer.

They did not stop killing the native Hindus till they reached Chittagong near Burma.

Thus the Sardars welcome PREDATOR SONIA KHAN on their degraded miniaturised territory, the State of PUNJAB, which was reduced, cut and chopped by none else but a laughing ancestor of SONIA KHAN, going back to PANDIT NEHRU on the husband's side and MUSSOLINI on the mother's side.

But it is a laugh for the SMASHED on this earth who cannot even dream of RE-PLANTING THE SAFFRON FLAG ON KHYBER.

How is THAT for a joke or our sense of humour?

Indira eloped with FEROZE KHAN, the son of a SUNNI liquor dealer and grocer of ALLAHABAD (the city is not called Gobind Garh or Ram Nagar. Please note its name for a laugh!).

There was consternation in the House of Nehru. "Oh, our political fortunes will sink. We have yet to milk this country bone dry through corruption."

"What nonsense!", interjected MAHATMA Gandhi: "Give the lad my surname."

Lo and behold, from that day FEROZE KHAN WAS FEROZE GANDHI.

Proof of the pudding is the continuous bleeding of Hindustan, loss of EAST Bengal and BOOTS up our Kashmir and EAST Punjab.

Indian politics are indeed a "sense of humour". We have it in full measure.

Now an appeal to the entire skeptical world:

Kindly name the parents of that Feroze, two of his uncles, three of his aunts, five of his cousins and the places of burial of his clan."

You fail the test of humour if you can't do so. You may consult the wisest journalist in India including MJ AKBAR of The Asian Age who has plenty of humour, too.

In that world of humour and SATYAM, George Bush, RAINING BOMBS on all the "AL QAIDA" and TALIBAN, seems an odd man out, minus all humour. He should have let Osama bin Laden "mount" him as Nehru let Jinnah mount him in 1947 while laughing!

Please don't give up quest for truth. Those smiley well-wishers, who humour us and laugh when PARTITION or Feroze KHAN are mentioned, wish to DEFLECT us from the voyage of DISCOVERY in order to keep us ignorant like the one billion Indians- from Fiji to Uganda- who fled or perished, laughing.

On August 15, 1947 when India was to weep like Hell, Pandit Nehru made everyone LAUGH instead, when he climbed the rampart of Red Fort in Delhi.

That's what the Indians do every year when the Day of Eternal Defeat and Shame arrives. On that day NEHRU had surrendered India's FIVE provinces UNCONDITIONALLY and without asking the Indians!

Best wishes to all, for whom India is a LAUGH.




Will somebody stop the programme "Reality Bites" of NDTV to be telecasted on Saturday/Sunday or thereafter or before 10.2.2002- in the interest of OUR MOTHER LAND.

I appeal to the Press Council that this programme be deffered in the INTEREST OF OUR MOTHERLAND.

Will somebody take up the matter with Election commission.

[it seems there is a programme on "Suicides by farmers or something -related to Punjab".

It is a TYPE OF STING OPERATION indirectly by media-in my opinion and my premonition says- this story is part of a bigger conspiracy.If congress wants to go to Italy,India will not go.India cannot be a Slave Nation anymore].

Why not show the Jalianwallah Bagh Massacre or 1984 riots and the [If as per article in The Hindu { remember a small news in a remote corner}- MP from south played a role in 1984 riots] can also be shown.

Seventeen years have passed,no completion of case.

In my opinion People of Punjab should not vote for the party which is Jubilant of winning in the Interest of Motherland. The Nation is undergoing the Test of Time.

Whether Akali Dal has delivered or not,it is secondary,but MOTHERLANDS interest is more important.People across the border with their masters several thousand kilometers away want the downfall of the Government.There will be catastrophe.

Somehow hide the fact in Shrinagar-is the long term objective.

The Nations Interest is more important. If people commit this crucial blunder,the Nation has to repent. Just because of Local issues,National Interest should not be Sacrificed.

This is not a election speach- but an advance advice. My premonition says.

[no one believed me when I predicted the earthquakes-the Nation & people are suffering.It should not be repeated].

As it is one portion on the Western front is vulnerable [Rajasthan]

Just because one party did not perform upto your expectations- please donot replace it with the other party - in the Larger National Interest. Politics is secondary to National Interest.

This is my humble advice- If we all are destined to be ruined, then let it be that way. But it will be Blot on the History.

If you compare the History-what the Colonial rogues did- the same thing happened in the elections - Maharashtra, Karnataka, Rajasthan [Mewar ka dharthi ro raha hai, kya jane kab Haldighati hilega] Madhya Pradesh,Chatttisgarh. One by one these areas were taken, by the colonial rogues, thereafter Delhi was occupied. Please donot commit the same blunder.


This is what the enemy wants. Please think twice.


Then Sweet Sonia KHAN confided in George Fernandes, "If we make EAST Punjab a battle ground then all will be destroyed. There will be no need to launch another Operation Blue Star to deal with the Punjabis having dark souls."