Date: 2/8/2002


Congress cut-outs in Punjab cut Indira out

We are told that at the Congress rallies in EAST Punjab earlier this week, that were addressed by Sonia KHAN, there were no posters showing the political "WITCH" whose name is stuck permanently on the New Delhi International Airport.

What a bait thrown at the simple people of EAST Punjab!

The female "hunter" Sonia thought of the Sikhs no more than ducks on water or fish in the pond.

Centuries ago, on the soil of Punjab we had great scholars, rishis and GURUS. Today we have the sway of a scheming treacherous politician who still believes robbing the nation, cheating and defrauding in the manner of BOFORS CHOR, is a decent thing for the clueless natives.

That's where the dignity of EAST Punjab, and all the Sikhs, lies despite lofty pretensions to "Rehat Maryada" and unique Symbols.

Congress is about to play a VERY DANGEROUS game in EAST Punjab that will cost tremendous LOSS OF LIFE AND PROPERTY.

When they played the same game over the heads of their people in 1947 LAHORE went out of the map. When they played the same game in 1984, Sri Akal Takht Sahib was reduced to smouldering rubble and ashes, and all the rare manuscripts, priceless art treasures and the relics of Gurus vanished.

NO Sikh "spat" on Sonia who has never talked of COMPENSATING the Sikhs for that destruction by State.

One is sick and tired of reading about Sonia all the time whom we cannot even call by her correct name- KHAN.

SHE IS SONIA KHAN who married Feroze Khan who changed his surname to Gandhi promptly after marriage in order to gain POLITICAL ADVANTAGE for Nehru and Indira. This House of Nehru FOOLED the Hindus and till today the natives, including most Sikhs, have remained gutless FOOLS.

We need not follow the BLIND HINDU "JAGAT" which calls PARTITIONED INDIA "AKHAND BHARAT".

Do we remember what Rajiv KHAN said about the brave Sikhs campaigning and struggling for their deliverance from ONE dynasty on top?

"I will not let them break our Akhand Bharat."

NO Sikh Sardar questioned him because the Sikhs themselves have forgotten that Akhand Bharat was murdered by MK Gandhi's very own "Muslim children" in 1947 when Lahore disappeared from the map of Punjab.

Then this son of a KHAN accused the Sikhs abroad as being the "foreign hand that is destabilising India."

Again, NO Sikh sardar wrote back to him, "The biggest foreign hand shares the bed with YOU every night!"

NO. Gutless Sikh Sardars took the abuse and lumped it. It was the time when high commissioners like SALMAN HAIDAR and PC ALEXANDER were operating the TERRORIST REGISTERS in London with names of most Sikhs in them.

Salman Haidar was a PAKISTANI by the "Act of Partition, 1947", and PC Alexander was the FOREIGN FINGER screwing up Lady Hindustan.

There hasn't been a SIKH high commissioner in London since that son of a KHAN MAN BECAME the seducer and husband of a GANDHI female called Indira.

Where are these Sikh SARDARS who could call a spade a spade? When will they be honourable enough to call "Much Reduced limp limb of East Punjab" SIMPLY "YAK-AB" or IKAB.

What's wrong with honesty, decency and truth? Even the Bengalis are more honourable than all the Sikhs and Khalsa under "Rehat Maryada". Do they call theirs BENGAL? NO! It is honestly and decently, West Bengal!

Let us salute the Bengalis for their political courage and foresight.

(Was Sonia talking of the courage of Punjanis? She must be trying to stun the Sikh "sheep" unconscious, before slaughtering them!)

Much reduced tiny Sikh community, under pressure in India, ought to be very careful, cautious and watchful. The others (like Sonia KHAN) have put them on the road to EXTINCTION.

Not to forget that Sonia + Khan are quite a formidable combination which has made the Hindus tremble with terror hand over all POWER to Sonia.

(If Sonia says, EAST Bengal must remain OUT, but EAST Punjab IN, then so shall it be, as far as the Hindu world is concerned. None is bothered here about principles or Sikhs. One can be easily renounced, the other BETRAYED.

It is for the Sikhs to have a brain and SHOW IT.)

This is not humour or for a laugh. We ought to be serious about the survival of vanishing Sikhs from that tiny bit of EAST Punjab. We saw less of them in 1947, even less in 1984 and now merely squabbling among themselves over "Rehat Maryada", interpretations of Sri Dasam Granth Sahib and whether women should wear turbans like the Taliban. It is a sign of degeneration among the Sikhs brought about by anti national POLITICAL pressures from the likes of Sonia Khan's Congress Party.

The biggest disaster and tragedy for the divine and sacred soil of EAST PUNJAB was that SONIA KHAN PUT HER TREACHEROUS FOOT DOWN IN EAST PUNJAB and all the Sikhs gathered around to kiss her feet for crumbs and a pat on their turbans. With what CONTEMPT in her heart must she have told them, "You Punjabis are a courageous people!", when, IN FACT, she must have felt like saying to them, "You IGNORANT, STUPID, IDIOT, SERVILE, DAMN FOOLS, look at your Punjab. It had LAHORE in it in 1947, then in 1965 it had Ambala and Simla, and now . . . ?"

This is the degraded Sikh QAUM in 2002- gathered round the Daughter of Italy, the ideological adorer of MUSSOLINI, on their own territory, dying to hear a compliment, a word of praise, from her mouth.

Would the Sikh august body called the SGPC, or "bhayya" Badal (Cief Minister of UNION Territory), have comprehended?

Obviously NOT. One is fossilised and the other petrified.

We were told that a goat, before its slaughter was fed a lot of green grass. One should have seen the joy of the goat!

Now we are told that the Sikh sardars were delighted to see Sonia KHAN on their territory. Some thought it was a great honour. The others thought they have become very important on world stage to merit a visit by such a high ranking Italian born goddess of Hindustan.

Some thought she will donate food for "langar", books for schools and medicines for hospitals.

NONE thought of the next Operation "RED STAR", about to be unleashed on the unsuspecting, "all-loving, all-embracing and foot-kissing" SIKHS of East Punjab.

NONE raised the gate at State border, proclaiming: "You are now entering the noble land of the warrior Sikhs", for FEAR of offending Sonia KHANthe new, and even more terrible, colonial masters in Delhi.

Sonia must be delighted. The NRI's have NO dual nationality. So they cannot make a positive inpur in Bharat. She must be delighted to listen to Shortwave Radio VATICAN while the Sikhs dare not contemplate such liberty in Sri Amritsar! She must be quite satisfied that no Sikh wondered why there is no native counterpart of Red cross or Teresa's Ashram in Calcutta!

She must be delighted that the damn fools cannot ask questions, nor dream of equality withthe Italians yet.

HOW TO EDUCATE THE EAST Punjabis? The EDUCATION is supposed to travel from Amritsat to Kerala and Assam. At [resemt Spmoa amd jer FIFTH COLUMN are the biggest barriers of communication between the Hindus and the Sihks, between Sri Amritsar and Kerala nd Assam. We hafe yet to notice the barrier of BOGUSDESH erected between Hindu India and Buddhist Myanmar. No wonder the East Punjba is kept SLAVE while EAST Bengal was given prompt freedom to keep the barrier high and impregnable for the Hindu scum who were keen on shaking hands with the cousins in Myanmarl.