Date: 2/10/2002


Punjab is the dharti of vedas.

It is where Lord Rama founded the Temple that is today the Harimandir Sahib (GOLDEN TEMPLE).

It is where Luv and Kush founded the two cities that "BASTARD" Jawaharlal Nehru surrendered to ISLAM without a single condition in turn.

Without a single condition, without demanding referendum!

Punjab is the land of the brave (and the DAMN FOOLS), who got gold from God but gave it away like dust.

They saw its bifurcation in 1947 and promptly forgot it. No black ribbons on August 15. No commemoration ceremonies. No regrets. No look back! The "DAMN fools" dance and sing, turning PARTITION into independence!

Then it was reduced again and agian. Haryana and Himachal Pradesh were taken out and the chief minister, wearing turban, the noble gift of Guru Gobind Singhji, put on UNION Territory, to lump his disgrace! The "damn fool" "lumps it" day and night!

Now there are three states that need to be crushed, smashed and turned into degraded slave colonies of Italy and Islam.

One is Tamil Nadu, the other is Maharashtra and the third is whatever is left over of the truncated EAST Punjab.

So the Hindu nation, RISE!

Understand the strategy of the ENEMY (Congress of the bastards, bitches, sellers of mother India, and the Italian born "White Elephant") and do something about it quickly before the balance of POWER tilts irrevocably in favour of the ENEMY.

Don't trust the Sikhs now to think THAT far ahead. The Hindus are called up to COME IN THEIR OWN ELEMENT NOW. At stake is freedom of worship, dignity of daughters and LOSS of whatever is left of Hindustan!

Sonia's foot on that territory is like "SPIT" ON SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB AND THE VEDAS.

Everyone may object to hearing this but not one is perturbed to see the map of India so DISFIGURED and reduced, minus LAHORE and CHITTAGONG!

wE wish the people of Punjab took themselves as seriously for defence as their enemies in Congress (Italy and ISLAM) take them SO SERIOUSLY for ANNIHILATION.