Date: 2/18/2002


Did anyone see that documentary on Channel 4 television last night in Britain?

That was the LAHORE until 1947 in which all faiths and religions lived under one CIVILISED LAW given us by the British. That was LAHORE, the former seat of MAHARAJA RANJIT SINGH, the glory of the Sikh Panth, testimony to the Sikh valour and wisdom.

Then, this widely televised and broadcast trial that consumed the whole nation of ISLAM in PAKISTAN last night (Sunday, February 17, 2002) would not have wasted a second of anyone's time.

People had BETTER things to do than to look into the personal and private life of a female who had two marriages. If such trials were allowed in Britain, the entire national budget would have been spent on the courts, judges, magistrates, defence and prosecution lawyers, witnesses, the recorders, the scribes and the film makers.

In those days, it was HER affair and the rest of the world attended to their own families, children, jobs and hobbies.

Wasn't that a BRITISH created paradise as opposed to the ISLAMIC Hell that is our Lahore today?

So we shall all have to wait for the day when Lahore is in the same state AND UNDER THE SAME DECENT LAW as its sister city of Amritsar, and the Sikhs have the freedom of Nankana Sahib and Panja Sahib once again as in those golden secular days.

Punjab is also waiting for the day when a MAN rises among the midgets and morons, dwarfs and pygmies, who will smash Nehru/JINN pact of 1947 and unite the State from Gurgaon to Attock.

He will be FOLLOWED by a MAN who will SMASH the BOGUSdesh that was created by INDIRA KHAN aks Gandhi.

It is widely rumoured that INDIRA, the daughter of lewd and licentious Jawaharlal Nehru, considering the Hindu male IMPOTENT, DULL and WEAK, had several secret MOHAMMEDAN lovers.

No wonder she did what is beyond belief: instead of retaining EAST Bengal under her Secular Skirt, she returned it to the MOHAMMEDS owing allegiance and loyalty to Saudi Arabia to be "raped and gang-raped, like her father's PARTITIONED INDIA (Broken Bharat), till eternity".

The Sikhs of EAST Punjab, too, are now showing acute signs of self invited death. However, the clueless "damn fools" can still stay quite content, listening to Sonia Khan on their own soil, voting for Congress Eternal, etc., since such an eventual DEATH will only hit their children and grand children. They are quite safe at present to indulge in BOOZE, ORGY, WASTE & SQUANDER while at the same time beating the HOLLOW drums of symbols, "akhand paths", "langar", "nishkam sewa" and "LOVE THY ENEMY" kind of bullshit that has already cost them LAHORE and a million lives.

Instead of grappling the POLIICAL NETTLE, they are discussing the most irrelevant trifles like "turbans for the women, sanctity of hair and the symbols", etc.

It is a TREGEDY that their Gurus lived to preach universal love but FAILED before the rigidity and brutality of ISLAM and died protesting, struggling or fighting, sometimes in extreme torture.

On their own TERRITORY they were the slaves who could be tortured, mutilated and beheaded in public.

A community that is supposed to be the VANGUARD of India's independence and freedoms has dropped arms and accepted defeat in a state of paralysis and extreme demoralisation.

A proof of their VALOUR, PATRIOTISM and HONOUR would have been the outright UNILATERAL rejection of the bogus PARTITION of India of 1947 which made a fragment of their original Punjab.

If the martial SIKHS accept the VULGAR and PROVOCATIVE ALIEN Islamic flag over LAHORE then what is the difference between them and the demoralised, intimidated and ignorant Hindus, sitting at the feet of the Italian born White Elephant, imported by the BOFORS CHOR who has NO respect for the Vedas or understanding of the history of Hindustan?

What good is their "amrit" which could not make them brave or patriotic?



We are told that Amritsar is having SOARING rate of AIDS. Yet the city is HOLY, claiming its status like The Vatican.

The NATIVE "DONKEY" is determined to ruin its reputation so that anyone mentioning that status is laughed at in the face.

So, what is the Sikh "AQAL" coming to now?

The world will go on seeing the fall of the Sikhs like the Fall of Nepal that is entirely due to the mischievous finger of SONIA Khan and her Congress Party and their allies.

The natives have NO clue to the approaching DEATH, or their forcible conversion. Already we are told that the EAST Bengali Hindus have this choice, "Either OONVERT or BE KILLED, or GET OUT!"

Sikhs have had such a choice for centuries, and are now heading along the same way in their much reduced East Punjab. (Why do they still call it "PUNJAB"?)

Now to the spreading AIDS in Amritsar: Does anyone know where the AIDS has come from?

From the same filthy hands that feed SONIA Gandhi and her allies and the numerous Fifth Columns day and night.

They also spread corruption widely so that the natives keep singing their glory while perishing in AIDS, impoverishment, ignorance and slavery.

It is amazing that the people of India, or Punjab, do not see their ENEMIES that cause everything that is decent and native, to perish gradually like this.

What is about to hit Hindustan will be far more terrible than AIDS in Amritsar, while each Sikh and HINDU is watching like that sheep among the thousand being driven towards the abattoir. The doomed creature cannot even jump out.