Date: 2/18/2002


There is great logic and commonsense in the learned article below.

The DEGRADED Indians should also let the world know who to blame for the bogus PARTITION of their country in 1947 that gave one third of TERRITORY to the MOHAMMEDAN separatist "BASTARDS" without levying a single condition, and at the same time keeping the dirt and filth of MOHAMMED, who stabbed Secularism and attacked their own motherland so brutally, back in PARTITIONED India, too. A world record in DISGRACEFUL CONDUCT!

There has been complete hush hush about PARTITION of India due to COWARDICE of the Hindus who have been totally DE-LINKED from territory just like the SIKHS who have thrown LAHORE, GUJRANWALA and NANKANA SAHIB out of mind while laying great stress on symbols among themselves (but not upon SONIA KHAN whose feet thousands of "turbaned fools" came to kiss at a recent rally in EAST Punjab!) Who is to EDUCATE them when their EDUCATION is in the hands of their ENEMIES?

There must be OPEN discussion all over India on the causes of accepting the WORST EVER defeat in history by the entire Hindu/Sikh race that resulted in massive REDUCTION in the territory of India.

What a shame, even now BROKEN BHARAT allows the Saudis to construct and fund countless mosques in her own body only to BLOW HER UP one day like the explosions of 1947 which BLEW UP West Punjab and EAST Bengal out of her body on just one day. It should be said that the Saudis do not permit even one tiny synagogue, mandir, gurdwara or church on their own soil. What cheek and audacity to expect PARTITIONED BLEEDING HINDUSTAN to get crushed and DIE under the dead weight of all those mosques!

The entire family fortune and wealth of NEHRU DYNASTY, the main criminals, in various forms and garbs ought to be CONFISCATED by Government of India, and their use of vast funds since 1947 FULLY INVESTIGATED.

India has CRIMINALS, RASCALS and ROGUES still terrorising the present Government of Weaklings, by the Weakling, for the Weaklings.

How loyal to India is the wife of the President of India himself, the "Lady No. 1 of land", who was born in Myanmar and of NON INDIAN, NON HINDU parents?

That is where the ROT starts. Hindustan stinks from a thousand miles. Only the unscrupulous Hindu and Sikh STOOGES are proud of such India who have no stake in her future.

There was NOTHING decent or honourable under the foot of Emperor Aurangzeb except those who RESISTED. Similarly there is nothing good or decent in the entire HINDU RACE today except for those who are RESISTING.

But this time the RESISTANCE must not end up in the MURDER OF ALL THE SONS OF GURU GOBIND SINGH JI as in those wretched hopeless days. The Hindu needs to survive and then improve and elevate himself to be counted among the "NORMAL" human beings on earth.

There is great ABNORMALITY in accepting the worthless Italian born White Elephant ON TOP of everything, including HINDU MANDIRS AND SIKH GURDWARAS in BROKEN Bharat, or PARTITIONED India.


Sue the Saudis

by Daniel Pipes

New York Post

February 18, 2002


To: 9/11 victims and their families

From: Daniel Pipes

Subject: Compensation

You have been engaged in an unfortunate spat with the U.S. government over the money you deserve for your losses on 9/11, prompting anger all around. Here's a solution: Forget Washington and focus on Riyadh.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia bears a heavy responsibility for the disaster. Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda and the Taliban derived their radical ideas mainly from the Wahhabi ideology that rules in Saudi Arabia. The kingdom permitted the recruitment of some 25,000 young Saudis to wage jihad, fully aware of the danger they posed to the United States. And 15 of the 19 suicide hijackers hailed from Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi royal family and perhaps also the government (the two are difficult to keep apart in a country sometimes called the only family-owned business with a seat at the United Nations) donated large sums of money for years to bin Laden, al Qaeda and the Taliban, and perhaps arms as well.

Even post-September, the kingdom has been unforthcoming about cracking down on the flow of funds to jihad groups. It has not cooperated sincerely with the U.S. investigation, preferring, as one American official complains, to "dribble out a morsel of insignificant information one day at a time."

The fact that Saudi ideology, nationals and money play so large a role in the attacks has two important implications.

First, the Saudis' own legal code is largely based on the compensating the injured party. (Hit a camel with your car and you pay compensation to the camel's owner; hit the camel's owner and you pay his family.) Saudi laws and traditions, in other words, require that the families of those harmed on Sept. 11 be paid. You have a strong moral claim on the Saudis.

Second, you also have a good legal basis to demand payment from the kingdom in a U.S. court. "Although it is generally assumed that U.S. citizens can only sue governments that the State Department officially deems to be sponsors of terrorism," says Allan Gerson, an international law expert and author of the just-published "Price of Terror" (HarperCollins), "that's just not true."

In fact, the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act of 1976 has permitted Americans to bring lawsuits against any foreign state "in cases involving personal injury and death as a result of the tortious conduct of a foreign state occurring in the United States," notes another international legal expert, Leonard Garment. For example, in 1980, one court ruled the Chilean government responsible for a car bombing in Washington, D.C. In 1989, another court ruled the Republic of China (Taiwan) not entitled to sovereign immunity in connection with an assassination in California.

In theory, then, you can bring action against the deep-pocketed Saudi government.

But there's a catch.

The "Air Transportation Safety and System Stabilization Act," rushed into law on Sept. 22, offers you tax-free funds - but only on condition that you give up the right to sue. Accepting government money means that each of you "waives the right to file a civil action (or to be a party to an action) in any federal or state court for damages sustained as a result of the terrorist-related aircraft crashes of Sept. 11, 2001."

In short, take money from the "September 11th Victim Compensation Fund of 2001" and you forfeit the possibility of suing the Saudis.

Washington took this unprecedented step mostly to protect the airlines, the airports, the aircraft manufacturers, the towers' owner and the City of New York from going bankrupt. But it also wanted to avert legal actions against foreign states like Saudi Arabia.

That's because State Department poobahs hate it when citizens initiate lawsuits against foreign governments, which they dismiss as interference in the high art of diplomacy. They'd much rather extract $6 billion from the American taxpayer than get Saudi Arabia to pay up.

This is bad policy, and immoral too. You, the victims of 9/11, should have your day in court to prove Saudi responsibility and claim whatever compensation you feel entitled to.

Please think long and hard about signing the waiver. Or, if you have already signed it, consider withdrawing your consent. The greatest service you can render those murdered in September is to establish accountability for their deaths. Pressing civil actions for damages enables you to do what your government will not do.

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For one billion Indians, Daniel Pipes should REPLACE their own nincompoop "mahatma" Gandhi whose much cherished and hailed secular "AKHAND BHARAT" was murdered due to his feeble and unconvincing chants of "Ahimsa Parmo Dharma" muttered in the delirium of his own TERROR OF ISLAM, and long before his ignominious death at the hands of a true PATRIOT.

Hands up any country on earth that would appoint a mentally emaciated COWARD like India's very own Mahatma Gandhi, to lead them straight into the DEFEAT and DEGRADATION of PARTITION?

Why should the Hindus not dream of insisting on building a Grand Temple on the very site of KA'ABA in MECCA in order to repeat the glorious deed of Emperor Babur of Hindustan who demolished the Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya in order to construct his "MOSQUE" on the same spot, or better still emulate Mohammed himself who claimed the very Grand Temple of Jerusalem?

We are now beginning to learn a little about the SOURCE of permanent strife and bloodshed on this small planet, not only of the sudden and totally unprovoked attack on the World Trade Centre towers in New York.

Indeed, it will be a long and hard CRUSADE. The Hindus better watch out since the Sikhs among you will be the first to perish!


Was there not a single man who stood up to resist PARTITION till his death?

Yes, there was. But to mention his name is to downgrade BANDIT Jawaharlal Nehru and Mr. MK Gandhi totally, who are getting all the credit for the Independence of India right now.

Who among the one billion degraded Indians has the courage or guts now to REPLACE their dirty names by that of the GENUINE PATRIOT who stood firm by his AKHAND BHARAT and made the supreme sacrifice of his life in MULTAN, the City of Bhagat Prahlad, on March 5, 1947?

Will Hindustan be honourable enough one day to FIND OUT who he was?