Date: 2/19/2002


A canadian Sikh posted the following on a Discussion List.

The input is most remarkable for one reason: While in the rotten, miserable and MURKY world of the Indians, it is like the sunshine of truth and honesty.

The most rotten on earth seem to feel great compulsion within to portray themselves as great achievers. Simply look at the smashed HINDU nation with ZERO standing in EAST Bengal, Ayodhya and North Kashmir, going on with great enthusiasm and devotion in divinity and morality.

The Sikhs, SIMILARLY, have bravely dived headlong into symbol worship and endless recitation (Akhand Paths) of the Holy Book that does not change their situation on earth. In fact, they are FAR WORSE on their own homeground today than they were before the Independence of India in 1947.

Then, at least, they were NOT regarded "terrorists", a lable stuck on them by NEHRU DYNASTY, the autocratic, dictatorial, bandits, thieves and plunderer of the nation, sometimes called "HINDU BASHERS" and sometimes referred to as "SIKH KILLERS".

Remarkably, the helpless Sikhs and Hindus, delivered to the "mouse trap" called India, still dive into divinity and personal religious "Codes of Conduct" (Rehat Maryada) to escape the horror of living under their hostile and callous rulers.



(QUOTE): "I live in Canada, and am witnessing firsthand the disintegration of an entire community. You can spend your time arguing about politics and our birthrights as Sikhs or being a true Indian, but here are some facts.

"The Indo-Canadian community in Canada is the second largest ethnic minority group for drug and alchohol abuse. A large majority of this community calls themselves Sikh.

"When I visited Punjab (i.e., the much reduced frangment of EAST Punjab) last year, I saw that all of the young men, not some, but ALL of the young in my village, were high.

"They were all doing drugs and drinking alcohol and cared nothing about their futures.

"Sure, we can say these people are not Sikhs because they do things which are against the religion. Or, we can focus our attention on changing what is happening to our community.

"In Canada, the Sikhs of Indian origin, or ethnicity, are too interested in politics, as to who governs the gurdwaras, and who controls power and money. What have we gotten?

(The writer now looks at the HINDU COLLAPSE in Lahore, East Bengal, Ayodhya, and even in New Delhi, where "Mother of Nation", the Italian born Sonia KHAN can give a signal for civil war any time and see them all slaughtered by her well-funded and organised CATHOLIC "bhais" and the blood thirsty MOHAMMEDAN allies. He adds-)

"Sikhs have been treated horribly in India. But before we create Khalistan, we have to help our community or else there will be no one to enjoy this Khalistan. And if you'd like to blame the Hindus for the sorry state of the boys in Punjab, go right ahead, but that really gets us nowhere.

"Put your money and your time into solving the alcohol and drug abuse problem in this community so that we can then fight for our survival amidst the "Hindu QUAGMIRE" and go for our separate nationhood as a strong and intelligent group.

"Sorry if I've insulted anyone by this, but I've become disgusted with how gurdwaras are run in Canada and India. The gurdwaras receive a lot of money, and yet they are unwilling to support groups who want to do something about drug and alcohol abuse.

"People give money to build a nice fence around the gurdwara properties, or to build a nice house in their village back in the Punjab or to support the pro-Khalistan groups.

"What's the use of all these things if the Sikhs die out?

"Save the community first, then build the homeland." (UNQUOTE).


An excellent, honest, true and courageous input. We are also disgusted at the scene he has described. The news of the drug and booze culture among Sikh "donkeys" back home in EAST Punjab has come to us from several other sources, too.

The trouble is that when one keeps telling a lion that "YOU ARE A DONKEY," the beast actually thinks, acts and behaves like a donkey. That is exactly what has happened to the Sikhs trapped in EAST Punjab when WEST Punjab and EAST Bengal GOT AWAY so easily.

The wretched animal then has the same limited vision and narrow perceptions like a donkey. Our SIKH "donkey" even refuses to look back when the rot started, and why it started, and is continuing.

The rot started much before the time of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. It started when the first MOHAMMEDAN set foot in Hindustan. And that was in 712 AD. First to FALL was Sindh and the last to FALL was Singh.

Let us look at two communities on earth today that are most willing to give a donkey ride to ANYBODY, including the Italian born ex house maid (au pair) from England called Sonia Maino, the worthless import of BOFORS CHOR (a.k.a. RASCAL RAJIV).

At one time both the indigenous communities were decent and honourable. Then came the long period of NEVER ENDING slavery of the Hindus, a world record.

This slavery reduced the Hindus to a speck of dust under the Islamic foot. Thus the Hindus have been conditioned to behave like the donkey through HISTORIC reasons.

The Sikhs, who took off DURING THAT SLAVERY AND BRUTAL SUPPRESSION, then had the Divine Gurus who preached the line, "There is neither a Hindu nor a Musalmaan, but all are the same," ("Na ko Hindu na Musalmaan").

As we know even better now, it was sheer NONSENSE. The gulf between the ruthless arrogant masters and the wretched Hindu slaves was the widest imaginable.

But the Gurus had a good reason to chant the above line. The seed of the new Sikh Faith would have been taken out of the soil and thrown to the crows to eat.

The line suggesting equality of all, and kindness towards all, was ONLY for the Musalmaan rulers, the ancestors of the present day savage TALIBAN. But the foolish following of the Gurus, reduced in brain power due to slavery, overlooked the rulers but applied it to themselves in toto, thus giving the Mohammedans an extra kick of thrill, and an indefinitely long lease of rule.

Thus the Sikhs are "donkeys"- both under HISTORIC persecution and due to DOCTRINAL input into our brains as a result of all that preaching and countless "akhand paths" and sermons that simply go on reinforcing this TREACHEROUS line.

The result was that in 1947 the Sikhs were taken totally by surprise when our fellow citizens slaughtered HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS, raped countless Sikh girls and women, and chased us out of West Punjab.

What a shame that the Sikhs then became exactly like the Hindus and both are now "DONKEYS who have thrown PARTITION out of their minds.

We have kept on chanting this line like MORONS, if not IDIOTS. We hear it neither in any church, nor in any mosque. Isn't that remarkable- that none else on earth shares such Himalayan stupidity with us?

The gulf that opened up in our midst in 1947 is not only still there but has widened enormously. While the "Hindu" remained a clueless moron, licking the feet of any Sonia or BOFORS CHOR, blindly following any Indira KHAN, the enemy within then set upon fanning the culture of corruption, widening the divides between NATIVE communities, making the Hindu look INFERIOR and a Sikh TERRORIST, and all the time, ENCOURAGING the culture of drugs and booze. That is where the Sikh and Hindu "donkeys" are.

At PARTITION the enemy kept their HEAD while we were properly BEHEADED. There is neither a Hindu COLLECTIVE Head, nor a Sikh.

All our observations and input are going waste- totally waste. We will go DOWN AND DOWN grumbling, grieving and crying. A collective head would have THOUGHT about this line (Na ko Hindu . . . .) and warned us all of the pitfalls of believing it blindly like fools.


For hundreds of years the Sikhs were persecuted, cut up and chopped limb by limb, thrown into boiling waters, bricked up alive, sawed through the middle of their bleeding bodies, hung and quartered, while their babies were killed and women raped and mutilated. One has to listen to the Sikh "Ardaas" (Prayer) to comprehend the nature and extent of torture inflicted on them.

Then at long last came their own KINGDOM. Here was their ONE golden chance in history to entrench their power and rule, by founding universities, establishing INSTITUTIONS and missionary organisations, colleges and schools. But we FIZZLED OUT quickly after our military defeat. Why haven't the Germans and the Japanese fizzled out after THEIR military defeats? Why hasn't the PLO? Why haven't the Greeks in Cyprus? Why haven't the MOHAMMEDANS in PARTITIONED India (BROKEN Bharat)?

Who, but a COLLECTIVE Head, could have looked at such things while individuals can only feed their families and amass personal fortunes and go about in expensive cars.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh had NO precedence of "secularism" in his Punjab in the preceding ONE THOUSAND years. Yet he was foolishly prompt to INFLICT it upon all his subjects. In his reign not one Muslim was asked or persuaded to embrace Sikhi. Not one criminal was hanged to death and not one mosque ordered to close down.

Previously, the gurdwaras were invariably burnt down to ground. The Government of India then was as dead set AGAINST the temples in Hindustan as the Government of Saudi Arabia is, even today, in the 21st century AD.

Naturally Ranjit Singh, who could not see the future, was the best friend of those who "SPAT" on his Secularism and loathed it to the utmost.

They were smart enough to lie low, watching the Maharaja taking the guts and teeth out of his own HINDU and SIKH following.

They did not have to wait long. After only a few years the British smashed the KHALSA RAJ which collapsed like a house of cards, or a sand castle.

The ensuing nine decades (until 1947) levelled up all the Sikh Sardars, Hindu Lalas and Muslim Khans under one British jackboot.

Thus in 1947 the whole of West Punjab, along with FOUR MORE provinces of India, fell in the lap of indigenous MOHAMMEDANS most effortlessly.

In 1947 the united Muslims were VICTORIOUS while the divided Hindus and Sikhs fell down defeated, and got totally SMASHED, unable to lynch Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru or exterminate his entire Congress Party- the Party to Partition.

Now those who were forced to eat dust could not rise to become "Sardars" overnight. Thus began the period of repression WITHIN the Sikh community. That REPRESSION is still going on.

While none cares a damn to recall LAHORE, GUJRANWALA & NANKANA SAHIB, everyone is bitterly pursuing a fellow Sikh for lack of some visible symbols and the Sikh females for the lack of turbans on head.

Sikh scholars have ample time to criticise one another, follow countless "deras and sants", dissect Sri Dasam Granth Sahib and take issue with its authorship and authenticity, yet none of the fools has spoken up for rejecting partition despite the passage of five decades since.

If one is inflicted with an old torn coat, he will get rid of it as soon as he can, and will go out to buy a new one. Someone forced into a donkey's chore of life will promptly go for a better life as soon as he possibly can.

But why have we NOT yet looked at PARTITION that has made the Muslims STALWARTS of Lahore, Karachi and Chittagong, but the Hindus the vermin of Delhi and Ayodhya, and the Sikhs the pygmies of Amritsar, Patiala and the "UNION" Territory of "Be-waqoof" Badal of Chandigarh?

After their MOST HUMILIATING DEFEAT & MASSACRE, the Sikhs turned to marathon recitations of Akhand Paths for individual "nirvana" just like the Hindus, while not turning to COLLECTIVE survival with honour.

The practice of akhand paths, symbols and langar serving, brought its own retribution in the shape of massive MILITARY ATTACK on Golden Temple in June 1984. In its wake the Sikhs lost thousands of precious lives and the community has been set back by at least a century.

Instead of going into Sri Guru Granth Sahib to listen to the above line (na ko Hindu . . . .), the Sikhs ought to have taken up the study of the KORAN to know what the other side is thinking of them all the time! The incorrigibly SIMPLETON Sikhs embraced the Muslims, called them "bhai bhai", served langar (free food) to them, even married off their daughters in "nikah", for centuries. Yet when the Muslims got their chance, they EXTERMINATED the Sikhs from the whole of Pakistan within days! NO Sikh leader recalls 1947, leave aside speak about it. For most damn fools, it was the Year of Independence!

Had we only studied the KORAN to understand the Muslim mind and mentality, we would not have been so shocked and amazed in 1947, losing the earth from beneath our feet and half a million lives. Instead, we would have been ready and well prepared to push the enemy BEYOND KHYBER, possibly right up to MECCA in one go.

Sikh preachers, scholars and professors have been repeating this line ("all religions are the same") like a parrot ever since, quoting the Guru Sahiban. And if the Gurus said the same, one ought to have realised under what conditions and in what circumstances did our Gurus live on this earth.

The slightest deviation from the line, "Love the Musalman as much as you love the Hindu or the Sikh," would have cost them their lives!

The rulers at the time of our Gurus were lot more brutal than the Taliban. They were dealing with KAFIRS, "Hindu DOGS" and human vermin while the Taliban were dealing with their own fellow Muslims!

Those who still say "Islam is a religion of peace," ought to explain to their followers this simple thing: If by natural reproduction (in which the fast breeding Muslims are always in TOP gear!) the Muslims become the MAJORITY community, then what will happen to "The Rest" in their countries?

("The Rest" being all the riff raff like the Christians, the Hindus, the Jews and the Sikhs).

What happened to The Rest in Pakistan and what is happening to the wretched "Rest" in Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia right now?

So are all these Western leaders, chanting this line, not committed to the ultimate Act of Foolishness, even High Treason, like the Sikhs of Lahore prior to Partition?

The do need to explain the difference between the Koran and the "Mein Kampf" so that their followers KNOW that what one is for the Jews, the other is for the Christians, Hindus and the SIKHS.



"That evil was ISLAMIC. It took the earth from beneath our feet in the whole of Western and Eastern India. Vast territories, with gurdwaras and temples standing, went under the savage Islamic flag and foot. What was good news for the Muslims was the BIGGEST TRAGEDY for us.

At that time we saw that the Muslims and The Rest were two DIFFERENT people, poles apart.

On that day my eyes opened. My real Gurus were the DHARTI (territory). Could there be any living Gurus without DHARTI?

The term "Dharti Mata" became crystal clear. Yet the Hindu nation saw the rape and mutilation of their "mother" so easily and later forgot all about it! How was, and is, it possible? There must be an explanation apart from the "DONKEY" theory.

Thus in this new light, equipped with this new perception, I see the body of the Sikh Panth and the Hindu nation as a cripple on crutches, barely able to walk.

Now FORGET Lord Rama or Guru Gobind Singh for a moment. Look at your REAL guru, the TERRITORY of the Hindus, that is, Hindustan.

You will get SHOCKED seeing its scalp (North Kashmir) sawn off, its left arm (BANGLADESH) chopped off and its right shoulder and leg amputated.

This is the REAL picture of our great divine Gurus and now we can begin to understand the significance or the meaning of this line, "na ko Hindu, na ko Musalman,".

It means, "One is the man-eater DEVIL, the other a grass eating RABBIT".

The way forward is "to bring the word "PARTITION" into our vocabulary, forget the symbols and akhand paths, go for COMMUNICATION, and look at TERRITORY as our Divine Guru, if not Eternal MOTHER."