Date: 2/20/2002


When the Afghan invaders used to invade India, year in and year out, century after century, they returned with thousands of wailing and crying abducted girls and women and their parents' fabulous wealth. That was the HINDU HONOUR in dust.

There was no retaliation, no sacking of Ghazni or Kabul in return, no threat of pushing the Mohammedans BACK TO MECCA!

If anyone mentioned retaliation and recovery, he was told, "It will be too risky and in any case, will result in more bloodshed." So there was NEVER any retaliation and that whetted the appetite of the Afghan invaders for Hindu BEAUTY, wealth and SLAVES. The place where most of them PERISHED is called HINDUKUSH.

When LAHORE was surrendered unconditionally in 1947, there was NO resistance or fight on the part of the Hindus. The cowards posing as brave warriors used to say, "Lahore was ceded as a result of negotiations NOT as a result of war."

Many a damn fool thought that Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi had a grand TOP SECRET plan to finish off the Muslims, and Lahore and EAST Bengal were the sugar coated POISON BAIT to kill the hungry Muslim wolf.

"But had there been war?"

"Oh then," continues our Hindu warrior, "then we would have inflicted a crushig defeat on the FILTH & RUBBISH that is MUSALMAAN."

O yes? But what is the difference in Lahore being given peacefully, or as a result of a bloody war? In EITHER case India would be MINUS one great historic city, and all the Sikhs and the Hindus delivered to JINN to face EXTERMINATION."

But the SIKHS see a big difference, and thus are quite satisfied in forgetting the surrender of Lahore and closing the matter finally. The fools do not and cannot realize that the Muslims have NOT closed the chapter. They NEVER will, since they have NOT got back what they have been giving the Hindus!

Now a similar case has come to light. The same cowardly mentality, the same gutless detachment. The same GENETICALLY REDUCED INFERIOR INDIAN race.

A posting was made on a Discussion List that a Sikh girl was abducted in Nottingham, England. There was consternation and anger at first against the Muslim community, regarded "predators of non Muslim girls" in the area.

But then temperatures cooled when a fresh mail arrived that said that the Sikh girl "ran away" with the Musalman and was not abducted.

"What is the difference?" one would ask. A lot to the cowards who now feel absolved of taking any retaliatory action or corrective measure to save their daughters' honour in the future.

Here is the subsequent (second) posting:

Quote: "The so called kidnapping of that Sikh girl is a load of bulls**t! I know the family very well and they just can't accept the fact that she ran away with a p**i guy!!! The story of kidnap is just a cover up so "sadh sangat ji" **, don't bother wasting your time!!" Unquote.


(** The phrase "sadh sangat" means "company of saints and sadhus" though hardly anyone is either a sadhu or a sant in today's gurdwaras!

Most SIKH congregations would feel honorued to welcome any Jawaharlal, Indira, Rajiv, and even Sonia, if they cared to visit a gurdwara. Did they ever stoop DOWN to enter a gurdwara? When did Sonia KHAN enter a Gurdwara to bow her head before Sri Guru Granth Sahib? Such questions are IRRELEVANT for the "sadh sangats" brought up on the lore of "polishing shoes" of the rulers.

And most management committees of these Sikh gurdwaras are NOTORIOUSLY CORRUPT and spend more on litigation than on raising levels of literacy back home in EAST Punjab!)

The Sikh and Hindu leaders are notoriously adept at advancing such flimsy simplistic arguments to justify their own inaction through detachment.

The "sadh sangats" ought to SIT UP promptly to see the IMPLICATIONS.

Firstly the Sikhs are still "HINDUS" when it comes to protecting the honour of their daughters. They believe in Mahatma Gandhi's sermons, "It is none of our business". Some lame excuse to ESCAPE giving a response or taking any ACTION.

The Sikhs are afflicted by a very long tradition: When the Afghans used to take away THOUSANDS of Hindu girls to the HINDUKUSH mountains, the whole of India remained frozen in terror finding excuses to escape taking retaliatory or deterrent action.

They came for the Hindu girls and their parents' wealth, again and again.

That terror still lingers on. It is embedded in our genes now.

Secondly, whether she ran away, or ELOPED, or was ABDUCTED, what is the difference?

This KAUR, the "princess" of our Tenth Master, Guru Gobind Singh ji, is MINUS in our own world, in other words, MINUS one thousand Sikhs (as a result of her procreation) in a hundred years' time, or in other words, FIVE THOUSAND PLUS MORE MOHAMMEDANS in the United Kingdom due to the well encouraged and supported fast breeding Islamic rate of reproduction under a well known agenda.

Does anyone know the COMPARATIVE rate of growth of the Mohammedans and the Sikhs in this country (UK)?

In BROKEN BHARAT (PARTITIONED India) the Muslims beat not only the Sikhs but also the Hindus HANDS DOWN in this regard.

Secondly, in either case, she will REJECT her fellow Sikhs and her parents' gurdwara and her Gurus, and cling to the feet of Mohammed of alien Arabia for her salvation. She will have SPLIT personality like a SCHIZOPHRENIC MISFIT for being a Punjabi in blood, culture and soul, while praying like an Arab female.

If after her marriage the Paki takes her to PAKISTAN to show their children to his parents and grandparents, she may well be ridiculed by the "biradri" there and also asked to wear BURQA while going out to do shopping. Most probably the parents live in a house built by a WRETCHED Sikh with his life's savings, only to be taken over by the marauding MUSLIMS in the riots of 1947. Whether the Sikh who built the house in 1940 or 1942 escaped alive or lost his life to the Muslim butchers, remains to be discovered by this girl on visit to Pakistan.

Isn't this girl of SIKH birth now delivered to that kind of DEGRADATION from which the past generations of Sikhs tried to save her, making EXTREME sacrifices?

Thirdly, this girl, who was born in a Sikh home, will have to learn Arabic since her Allah does not understand a word of Punjabi which is her own mother's DIVINE language.

Fourthly, when the chips are down . . . . .

Here you can do the IMPOSSIBLLE, that is, recollect PARTITION OF INDIA when those who had been converted to Islam in the previous centuries DISEMBOWELLED (wiped out) the Sikhs and the Hindus well and proper, and ABDUCTED by force (not seduced) THOUSANDS of girls and women within weeks, not years.

And lastly, just think if it was a MUSALMAANI who ran away with a Sikh voluntarily, and was later seen going to a gurdwara by her brothers or sisters, parents or the world of Islam in the area.

Would the Sikh young man have been alive today?

The "sadh sangat" will remain "nishkam sewak sadh sangat"- NOT A BAND OF WARRIORS since most of us have forsaken our own Saviour "Gobind" for their Mahatma "GANDU".

The real WARRIORS in respect of defending their DAUGHTERS are the Mohammedans, and in respect of defending their TERRITORY are the PLO. Simply compare THEIR tenacity to cling to West Bank to our RUN FROM LAHORE.

When will we begin to think straight?