Date: 2/21/2002


Are the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) India's ruling party changing their e-mail ID to escape proddings by the WIDE AWAKE patriotic Hindus at home and abroad?. They would rather that we left them alone. Then they could dive back into their devious, dull and corrupt life style.

The overview (bird's eye view) of the jungle of today''s BROKEN BHARAT (PARTITIONED India) is like this:

An overwhelmingly vast majority of Hindus are a totally useless, gutless, intimidated, pulverised, secularised, demoralised, impoverished and IGNORANT mass of humanity.

The "hunters" with guns- legislative, constitutional, media & propaganda, and even REAL weapons, are the ALL-INDIA CONGRESS PARTY that signed the unconditional surrender of FIVE PROVINCES in 1947, and their crafty Catholic and bloodthirsty MUSLIM allies.

Lastly the few Hindu "lions" who are wide awake and AWARE of the dangers ahead that are no less horrendous than the countless defeats and immense degradation of the past.

They are the spirited, wide awake and well aware Hindus who are doing, or want to do, their utmost to turn the sheep into LIONS to save the day for Hindustan and our coming generations who are threatened with further demoralisation, conversion, decimation- and eventual slavery.

In this scenario the (Hindu) sheep are carrying the (Italian/Islamic) lions on their backs, heads and shoulders, feeding them, fattening them, and even enabling and empowering them to shoot the brave Hindus (the lions) DEAD.

The hunters (Congress- Italy & Islam) are very knowledgeable about this jungle called India, and know exactly how to trap the lions and where to find them in order to KILL them.

Those who are lions, run the risk of being branded NAZIS, SECTARIAN, TERRORISTS, FUNDAMENTALIST HINDUS and TROUBLE MAKERS, even threat to world peace.

The sheep have forgotten PARTITION totally and do not know that these terms and words of abuse do NOT apply to them but to the REAL rascals, the separatist and perennial trouble maker MOHAMMEDANS who stayed back, even after conquring FIVE PROVINCES in order to establish their ISLAMIC Pakistan on the SOIL AND TERRITORY OF HINDUSTAN.

What the Hindus loved, the MOHAMMEDANS loathed, that is, Secularism and Democracy. What the Hindus upheld the Muslims demolished, that is, the honour and dignity of the others' FEMALES.

What the Hindus built, the Mohammedans DESTROYED, that is, temples, gurdwaras, peace and tolerance.

By forgetting PARTITION, the cowardly Hindu "sheep" have come to regard themselves brave, thus obliterating the distinction between the hunter and the prey.

The result is that the HUNTERS (CONGRESS, ITALY & ISLAM) have joined the HINDUS themselves in order to cull, reduce, decimate, demoralise and IMPOVERISH the entire stock of HINDU "sheep".

Congress victory in Much Mutilated and Much Reduced EAST Punjab will show to the whole world quite clearly that the collective "AQAL" and IQ of all the Sikhs there is no match to the brain of one DONKEY. They will have voted for their HUNTERS & PREDATORS. Sonia KHAN aka Gandhi secretly hates the sight of a bearded Sikh. Will anyone put this FACT to test by meekly suggesting, "Madam, would you even remotely consider embracing the Sikh Faith?"

We suggest one carries a spittoon in case her spit falls on his turban.

Only in India. that holds world record in "ferangi worship" and "Muslim adoration", are the ALIEN rulers and the NATIVE subjects like the two giant granite grinding wheels of a water mill that grind the Hindus AND SIKHS into mince meat by rotating in the OPPOSITE directions.

No wonder Mr. Clean (BOFORS CHOR) fanned the fires of Corruption, and his spouse behaved no less recklessly in plundering their coolie colony of Hindustan of its manliness, art and craft with the zeal of a missionary in the DARK continent of Africa during the 19th Century AD. They find today's India no less

No wonder the hospitals are without medicines, food adultrated, traffic chaotic, schools without computers, libraries without new books, open sewage and gutters in the middle of towns, and grinding poverty all round. New Delhi, the capital, vies with Zimbabwe and Nigeria in electricity going off and water taps going dry umpteen times a day, each day, year after year, decade after decade.

To many the way out is to launch a "CRUSADE FOR COMPUTERS" in order to enable every RSS Shakha and VHP cell to come on the Internet and thus be linked up through e-mail and Discussion Lists of all kinds.

The government of India is no fool. They, too, are taking the appropriate counter measures against Hindu revival at redoubled speed. They are determined to run down and RUIN communications in order to keep everyone IGNORANT and enslaved.

The simple Hindu believes that if his "Rashtrapati" is a Christian and his wife imported from Myanmar, this will guarantee a welcome for him in all the foreign countries.

Similarly, many believe that having Sonia KHAN (aka Gandhi), an ITALIAN born female on top as "Rashtramata", or No. 1 Lady of Hindustan, will ensure a smile for the Hindus in Italy and the rest of Europe.

We, who live abroad KNOW the Truth. The simple masses in the subjugated and intimidated Bharat do NOT. We know that the Hindus in Hindustan are feeding Sonia and her Congress JINN while, in turn, Sonia and the Congress JINN are planning the "final solution" (ENDLOESUNG) of the Hindus.

India is a tragic as well as an hilarious "tamaasha" of the unbelievably Ridiculous.

So, to raise awareness of the crushed Hindu "coolies" and Sikh "nishkam sewaks", we need to go for CRUSADE FOR COMPUTERS!

February 21, 2002




The Sikh of Much Mutilated and Much REDUCED EAST Punjab was told, "Punjab had two eyes. The Mohammedans took out ONE called LAHORE and Mrs. Indira KHAN injected cataract in the other called Amritsar.

His explanation was prompt and stunningly logical.

"So what? Didn't Maharaja Ranjit Singh, too, have ONE EYE? Was he any worse for it?"

"No Sardar Sahib, we hope your Punjab also gets one leg amputated and drags herself along on a CRUTCH. After all, didn't ace pilot Douglas Bader in World War 2 have one leg amputated? He could still fly sorties over Germany to drop bombs! So, you are all right, Mr. Singh, without Ambala, Simla, Lahore and even Chandigarh in your YAK-AB. Do you still call it PUNJAB? How honourable and clever of you, Mr. Singh. We salute your AQAL!"

That is how the genetically reducted and INFERIOR Indian race has turned PARTITION into "independence". Nehru, down to Priyenka and her poodle, are objects of adoration while none knows when, how or why LAHORE is not in the map of India.


Ahmaq Singh, Gadha Singh and Ass Singh were serving "langar" (free food) to a Musalmaan, imaginging themselves to be morally superior to him.

But they didn't know that his father had abducted a Sikh girl while the family were trying to escape ethnic cleansing in Lyallpur and later he himself was born in a house in Sialkot that was built by a Sikh "saudagar" who had fled to Thailand leaving his Guru Granth Sahib behind.

Ahmaq Singh, Gadha Singh and Ass Singh then went to vote for Sonia Gandhi after sitting at her feet at a rally in EAST Punjab.

She had come in, without driving through the tall gate at the border with Haryana, that announced,


If there had to be a Gate at the border near Ambala as tall as the Eiffel Tower, and one at Wagah, as tall as the World Trade Centre towers, there was NONE. There was NONE.

There was NO fence between the grazing goats and the cudding cows. There was NO tomb or tower between EAST Punjab and the states to the East, North, South and the West. The crossings were dull and flat like the SIKH BRAIN tightly squeezed in the turban of Mr. PS Badal who could have proposed the ERECTION of such a Gate of Entry to tell Sonia KHAN who Guru Gobind Singh was and how his son Fateh Saingh attained martyrdom.

The combined Sikh AQAL was not match to the brain of one donkey.

Ahmaq Singh, Gadha Singh and ASS Singh went to vote for Sonia KHAN who was sweet and inviting now but will turn out to be a SIKH KILLER DRAGON as the next prime minister.

Like her BOFORS CHOR, Sonia is waiting for her opportunity. Knowing the NATIVE COOLIES, that opportunity is bound to come, sooner or later.

The Simpleton Sikhs had not heard the story of the grandfather who was shot dead by a greedy man. The story would explain the attack on Sri Harimandir Sahib in 1984.

The man wanted the wealth of his rich grandfather. He thought of all the legal and illegal ways to get rid of the old man. Then one day the opportunity came.

He saw a fly land on the bald head of the grandfather. Promptly he took a shot with pistol, apparently to kill the fly.

He said to the jury, "I was so annoyed at the insolence of the fly that I grabbed the nearest thing to hit it with. It just happened to be a loaded pistol."

So did INDIRA KHAN. Operation Blue Star was the nearest thing she could hurl at the Sikhs worldwide. The "PROFANE WITCH" succeeded in destroying a Grand Sacred Edifice, a national monument for the whole world to see and admire, like The Vatican in Italy, that was built over centuries.

But instead of a national jury trying Indira, it was two brave Khalsa Knights who despatched her to the next world to become a virgin in order to serve in the Paradise as described by Mohammed.

And there she is right now, satisfying up to a hundred MUSLIM martyrs arriving from Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan day and night.

The queue of Muslim martyrs is long and unending and they will keep our INDIRA KHANUM busy for ever. Alhamdulillah!

Ahmaq Singh, Gadha Singh and ASS Singh were quite happy to vote for Sonia KHAN.

The Sikhs, given their stirling qualities, would have been the world's most shining community had they produced only these three idiots besides Boota Singh, Zail Singh, Baldev Singh and PS Badal. Unfortunately, they have produced countless more.

Let us speak of the key issue the others will skillfully or deviously AVOID. The RELIGION of the masters and the slaves & serfs in HINDUSTAN is still at variance. This is not the case in England, Italy, Iran, Pakistan, even BOGUSdesh.

Hindus and Sikhs are still under eternal curse due to heavy and crippling mental impact of slavery over centuries, and they act and behave as behoves the genetically reduced and INFERIOR beings on earth. Celebrating independence, NOT sparing a thought for Lahore, Karachi, Khyber, Dhaka, Sylhet and Chittagong, is the clearest sign of Indians' mental derangement and a proof of the serious deterioration of genes.

How will the situation change? It is VITAL that we know the answer.