Date: 2/21/2002



All journalists


Vande Mataram

Basic FACTS:


India got Independence on AUGUST 15,1947 and there was a bloody partition when people were cut to pieces like carrots.

Who came to power? CONGRESS. They ruled till June 1996, approximately 45 years with a brief interval.

What was their Gift to the Nation? Loss of several square kilometers of land.

In 1962 the Congress made the Nation lose over ten thousand square Kilometers.

In strict sense it is Treason- surprising how it has gone unnoticed

In Mathematical Terms if Congress contributed Rs 1/- the Nation Lost Rs 1000/-.

The colonial rulers were a known enemy copied the concept and implemented the divide and rule [ref Ramayana adhyaya 71-75 When Shri Ram before departing for Banvas, to Bharatha].

Why did Congress continue the same?

Political big wigs go and fall at the feet of Imams- what a shame.

Agar apne Poojya Mathaji aur Pithaji ke charan choothe tho kuch punya kamathe.Yahan par Kimam ke pav par girne ke bad jo bhi punya " Ma-baap ke jageer se mila usko bbhi kho dale".


In forty-five years the minorities have been confined to the same kind of poverty life. ~What is the change they have brought?


In forty-five years the Madrssas have become a churning pot for the Terrorists. The foundation of terrorism was laid by the twin pseudo secularists- Congress and Commies.


What about the Delhi Court directive as published in the Hindu yesterday- Rs 10,000.00 crore swindling of antiques?

Why the Mother and Daughter were not placed in the Wanted list and brought to India?

Where is the Indian Law? Innocent people are languishing in Jails waiting for Justice.

I request the entire Bar Council, in One voice, letter and spirit, and in the Interest of Motherland, "Move the courts and ask for the deportation of Mother and Daughter from Italy."

Humare Desh ka yadi Chori hua hai-what Shri Subramaniam Swamy says-full thing should be investigated.

I advise the entire Treasury Bench to boycott the session if it is attended by congress,in the "INTEREST OF MOTHERLAND".

What happened to the so called Investigative Journalists- media you could have used the- tehelka technique with Italian stuff- or the media is scarred shi* that they will become victim of Jeep accidents or aircrash.

Jeena hai tho sher ke saman jeeyo,geedad ke sammaan nahin.Ekh din ka Sher ka jindagi tho sau din ke geedad ke zindagi se kahin accha hai.


-What about the Mystery of The Great Netaji Subhash Bose's death?

-Will Mother Lakshmi Narsamha get up and tell the truth.

-Will Bengal be able to bear the shock and can the Nation bear the Brunt?

Mr Raja, please do not talk and make statements like- "BJP was facing a dismal performance" you will have no place to hide if facts come out.

Will writers (Reuters'?) building be retained?

February 2001 was a lucky month for you all. But Truth has other channels to come out.

The dead will return and it is a matter of few weeks. Bahut mehenga padega.

Do not plan to kill me. It will be catastrophe. Both of you are history in my calculations.

The two together have completely divided the society. Today the Hindu votes do not count at all. The Media is not playing a constructive role- actually the things have not changed from what they were before Independence.

They are no different than the Colonial rogues.

But for BJP's entry the Nation would have been completely destroyed and The National Respect.

Minorities are our brothers and sisters- why divide them? [except the Christian Missionaries who are creating a problem and blaming the others].

The Congress and Commies have created a machine- similar to pop corn machine, producing Minority votes.

I request them not to trust these two people nahin tho inka phooka hua Chingari aap ko bhi barbad kardega.

App dekhe honge- jis tharah gidh aur hyena ekh murdhe ke liye ladthe hain usi tharah yeh log aapke vote ke lye ladthe hai.

Shri Atalji ne Kutch galath nahin kaha.agar ve kahe hai tho- aap log ko samjha rahein hain- app hindusthan ka eikh ang hai-ekh pedh ka tahni hai koi pardeshi nahi jaise EKH DAL KA PHIRANGEE. One loop hole in our Constitution has been capitalized.

Jaise Sikandar ka Chadahi, Humlogon ka seedhapan angrej ke bacche ghar ghus aye san 1600 yrs

Battle of Plassey or Rani Padhmini ka Dhoka

Mountbatten ka badmashi-kashmir mein.

It is better you all throw away the Two for your development, children's development and Mother India's Development.

Please do not become another Popcorn.

Any way good days are coming. The outcome may be different.

A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history"