Date: 2/22/2002


A friend of this site wrote:

"I saw your web site.

"I am amazed at the passion that your words have. i would love to know the reason that you have such strong feelings.

In what way was your own life affected by Partition?"


Dear friend,

Like you, we are AMAZED at the lack of total lack of patriotism of the HINDUS and SIKHS to defend West Punjab in 1947, and we are also amazed at the sight of MUSLIMS in Mumbai while none can spot a Sikh in Lahore, or a Hindu in Peshawar, even if he walked through the streets for seven days and nights.

That is what amazes us.

We are also amazed at the ease with which Sonia, an alien, could enter and live in the PRIME MINISTER'S house without police verification of her background and vetting by security forces and RAW. None gives a damn whether she loves or hates Hinduism and what she has in mind for Golden Temple after becoming Prime Minister.

We are amazed at the ignorance of the Sikhs of EAST Punjab who are going to vote for Sonia and her Congress Party while not demanding the trial of the murderers and rapists of 1984 or an end to the trial of the BOFORS CHOR himself.

We are amazed at all that, and since we do not live in the terrified world of the Hindu in Hindustan, we can speak out our mind fearlessly.

We live in free democracies in the WEST where EDUCATION is top priority of any politician and government.


To your last quesiton, "Yes, Partition affected ALL OF US. It did KILL our country while we had been singing glory to Akhand Bharat, Bharat MATA and MOTHER India.

What amazes us is how quickly all the Indians dumped this COMMON mother of us all.

We bemoan the total de-linking of the Hindu and the Sikh from his own people and dharti.

In 1984 the Hindus merely watched the Sikhs killed all over under Congress Conspiracy and earlier in 1947 the Hindus merely watched when India was cut and bled.

We live in the West where we will react if an enemy takes away even an inch of England or America and we live in the West where everyone will unite to hit back if ONE Briton or American was killed anywhere.

You see how the Israelis REACT when one of them is killed in Israel.

That amazement in disbelief is the MOTIVATION to keep this site going.