Date: 2/22/2002


...........Declassified history puts Nehru in dock

..................By Jay Bhattacharjee


................The Pioneer, via News Plus

.................Friday, February 22, 2002

"The recent publication of Chandrashekhar Dasgupta's meticulously researched book, "War and Diplomacy in Kashmir, 1947-48," (Sage, 2002) has set the cat among the pigeons.

Dasgupta demonstrates clinically that the last British Viceroy and the first Governor General of independent India, Louis Mountbatten, aided and abetted by two successive British Commanders-in Chief of the Indian Army, systematically stymied the efforts of the Indian Government and its armed forces to repel the Pakistani invaders in Kashmir in 1947-48.

More on Dasgupta's findings later on, but it should be stressed here that this writer would not be surprised to learn that damage-limitation exercises have already been launched in Whitehall.

More importantly, if the Congress party's high command here in New Delhi has any sense of history and self-protection, the "khadiwallahs" should also be putting up their ramparts and doing their homework. This is because the principal victim of the collateral damage from Dasgupta's research could well be the image and reputation of Jawaharlal Nehru, the party's hallowed patron saint.

For the last fifty odd years, successive generations of Indians have been fed the story from primary school onwards that the country's freedom struggle was basically conducted by Gandhi, Nehru and the Congress Party, with walk-on roles attributed to Sardar Patel and a few others. It is a brave author who would admit the existence of other movements and forces, such as the revolutionaries, Netaji Subhas Bose and the INA.

The guiding principles of the freedom struggle have been assigned almost exclusively to those propagated by the Congress.

The court historians of post-independent India helped the Congress in this perfidy, whereby major historical figures and exemplary patriots were transformed into non-persons. This was "image management" of the highest quality and fully justified Voltaire's dictum that history is no more than accepted fiction.

One cannot also avoid the nagging feeling that the authorised Indian hacks were assisted by the British, formally and informally. The departing colonial power badly wanted a moral gloss to imperialism and colonialism-what better than a sanitised version of the Indo-British interface, where everyone emerged smelling of roses?

We now have Dasgupta's book that shows Nehru was duped and outwitted by Dickey Mountbatten. The logical question is whether it was more than deception by the wily Brits.

Was the man a willing tool in the hands of the departing imperialists? The smoking gun evidence on this will probably never be revealed.

Dasgupta had access to British official records for 1947-48 that have recently been declassified and he has therefore been able to substantiate rumours on this subject that have been doing the rounds for many decades. Nevertheless, Nehru as a British mole?

Both sides would have taken care to leave no trace of the collaboration. However, the track-record of the man and his regime gives us clues:

(1) the worst factotums of the colonial rulers were never brought to justice;

(2) the Commonwealth farce was enacted in 1949-50, by which India became a Republic within that organisation and continues to recognise the British monarch as its Head-a mind-boggling act of treachery and disingenuousness;

(3) the INA soldiers and the sailors in the Naval Mutiny were systematically kept out of the armed forces after independence; and

(4) the Navy and the Air Force continued to have British chiefs until 1957 and 1954 respectively, thereby providing Whitehall with total access to our defence records (and also opportunities to pass off their discarded arsenal at outrageous prices).

For 55 years, the country has not been given any answers to the questions that have been repeatedly posed on the tainted legacy of Nehru as outlined above. At one stage, some scholars did raise these uncomfortable queries but they were either sidelined or absorbed into the establishment.

People like the late Dr Ram Manohar Lohia were simply brushed aside as mavericks. Will someone like Dasgupta now attempt the daunting task of looking, de novo, at the entire subject of the transfer of power from the white sahibs to their brown counterparts? It will reveal cans of worms but it is an unavoidable catharsis.

No self-respecting people should live with doctored history books."


...................COMMENT ON THE ABOVE:

It is amazing, there is NO mention above of Jawaharlal Nehru's HIGH TREASON in signing the unconditional surrender of five provinces to the JINN without asking for referendum. This alone would merit capital punishment in every country on earth!

By whose ORDERS, under whose TERROR, is the chapter of PARTITION closed?

Can the whole country of 25 States and ONE BILLION inhabitants not discover even ONE patriot who stood by AKHAND BHARAT and then sacrificed his life for India's integrity and our dignity, UNLIKE MR. MK GANDHI WHO RAN AWAY, only to be shot dead later for his COWARDICE?

For India to count among honourable nations, she has to DISCOVER that Hero Of MULTAN, and then honour and commemorate him suitably.

Till then PARTITIONED India (BROKEN BHARAT) remains a "rat colony".