Date: 2/23/2002


What if future history says- USA never dropped the A-bomb on Nagasaki and Hiromshima but it was some one else.

What If future history says Winston Churchill was the brain behind execution of Jews .

Just like Jesus, who was a Hindu by root and Budhist. He embraced Hinduism and preached it in Palestine and died in KASHMIR.

The Pope has to come out with the truth and he has to tell the world and confess to the world for peace.

There are many facts which have been burried.

Hinduism has been mutilated to such an extent that it cannot tolerate any further.

People have crossed the limits.

It is surprising that an Italian born female, who cannot read and write Hindi, is giving lecture about URDU in Delhi and that, too, on the soil of our Motherland. She has also allied herself with the MUSLIM Fifth Column in opposing the construction of Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya tooth and nail.

What a disgrace.

Pray to God that this type of thing does not happen in your country. The cause of ills in our country: even after fifty-five years of independence we are slaves.

Today if you call yourselves Hindu you are branded Communal.


There are numerous appeals for peace. Unless the wrongs are made right, unless Truth is brought out, TRUTH has its own way of settling scores.

Only God has to help.

The so called Pseudo secularists are hell bent on abusing the Hindus, therefore, there is no harm in defending ourselves.

"Ab tho aar par ka Jung hi is ka faisla karega."

.....................Vande Mataram.