Date: 2/24/2002


God has given no community, nation or country on earth the divine right to exist for ever.

Each one is in the melting pot that is being bashed about, diluted, adulterated, turned around and heated up by fires from beneath, and cooled by ice from above.

It wouldn't be the case if as per Guru Nanak Dev ji all mankind were, indeed, one, or as per that political mahatma called Gandhi "Muslims were the brothers of Hindus".

It wouldn't be the case had a BOFORS CHOR not suddenly rejected all the eligible native females and imported a worthless White Elephant from Italy who puts her own Pope ABOVE all the Lords and Gurus of the "NATIVE NIGGERS".

But the reality is different and quite blood curdling for the clueless, disunited natives who have got their skulls fractured, legs broken (PARTITION OF INDIA) and are given Secularism to worship BANDIT Nehru and a FUNK mahatma by putting them above their own Lord Rama and Guru Gobind Singh.

The reality is that the present rulers, or the MOVING FORCE & the LONG FINGER behind them, are anti national, anti people, anti Hindu and ANTI SIKH.

The reality is that THEY are the ones who can choose presidents, approve of prime ministers, appoint ambassadors and retain Article 370 in Constitution in order to keep SOUTH Kashmir as a permanently MUSLIM MAJORITY STATE in order to make the life of Hindus there a misery.

The reality is that THEY are the ones who do not let the Hindus aspire to their own LORD'S Temple in AYODHYA and do not wish the Sikhs to have the thrill of listening to Divine Music from Harimandir Sahib in Amritsar while THEY THEMSELVES can listen to RADIO VATICAN from Italy and half a dozen BIBLE RADIOS from the United States and Europe, and tens of ISLAMIC broadcasting stations from EAST Bengal, WEST Punjab, and beyond, to MOROCCO.

The fact is that the HINDUS' HANDS were tied behind their backs as per Constitution and the SIKHS' HEADS were smashed in June 1984 by State design in order to set the community BACK, by a hundred years, and attend to taking care of their widows and orphans by the thousand, instead of going for PROSPERITY for the well-being of the whole country.

The fact is that THEY are the ones to deny lustre and recognition to Hinduism while pampering every cardinal, bishop, maulvi, mullah and imam.

The fact is that THEY are the ones with the POWER over everyone else to invite the Pope from Rome two times within two decades in order to show the light in the dark spiritual jungle of the natives.

The fact is that THEY are the ones to allow the MOHAMMEDANS to stay back in PARTITIONED India where they are really all aliens, or PERSONA NON GRATA.

The fact is that THEY are the ones with big propaganda machines to divide the Hindus and demoralise the Sikhs and THEY are the ones who occupy TOP POLITICAL POSTS in the Land of Hindus where the Sikhs, too, are threatened with SLOW DEATH or sudden EXTERMINATION.

The Sikhs were subjected to sudden extermination in 1947 and a Holocaust in 1984, and have been DYING ever since.

The Hindu bashing and Sikh killer political top is active day and night to DEFLECT the nation's mind and attention from their real aims and objects in many ways, by many means.

It is absolutely essential for the HINDUS and the SIKHS to establish INSTITUTIONS OF IDEOLOGY in order to keep a close watch on the ANTI NATIONAL HINDU KILLER policies and deeds of their own RULERS.

Nowhere else on earth is a Government so useless and powerless as the one in PARTITIONED INDIA to prevent DEATH OF THE NATIVES.

The tragedy of India is that the very forces that BROKE HER UP INTO THREE UGLY FRAGMENTS in 1947 are still in full control of her destiny.


It is noteworthy that when the Hindus were dying, or vanishing, by the thousand every day, God sent Guru Gobind Singh, the Defender of Hinduism, to turn the tide. As expected, he was harassed and pursued bitterly by the MOHAMMEDAN rulers of the time.

He could not spread his revival throughout India. His KHALSA appeared only in Punjab.

Today the situation is no better. Any Hindu bright spark is pursued relentlessly till it is extinguished. No wonder the Hindu world is so lacklustre and demoralised. Not one state run school throughout India dare teach HINDU RELIGION as part of its curriculum though it has become quite fashionable for the teachers to "educate and inspire" their pupils and students about Islam and Christianity.

The rot of dead spirit that has gripped all the 25 Indian states is most noticeable in South Kashmir where the Hindus tremble with TERROR on seeing a Mohammedan, and in EAST Punjab which has been cut and chopped umpteen times to reduce it in size.

Its Chief Minister is confined to Union Territory, a sign of disgrace that he himself does not notice.

So, let us look closely at EAST PUNJAB to see what a non Congress chief minister could have done, or how he has FAILED although he is a VISIBLE Sikh.

We will see that the one who looks like a LION in demolished HINDUSTAN, is in reality a GOAT. Here, we are "praising" Sardar Parkash Singh Badal, the Chief Minister!

We have an input from a SIKH gentleman who was asked to explain his views on CONGRESS PARTY of SONIA KHAN and the AKALI PARTY of Parkash Singh Badal.

Hardly anyone outside his own State would know this fellow since he has been CONSPICUOUS by being ABSENT from world arena. Even EAST Timur is more widely known across the world than his EAST Punjab.

Mr. PS Badal, trying to be a "good boy" in the eyes of Sonia KHAN, is the chief minister of the only Sikh majority State in India. His State could have enjoyed the economic benefits of his hard working subjects but it is IMPOVERISHED and BRUTALISED due to money being diverted to fighting in South Kashmir and to produce and procure India's expensive weaponry and nuclear weapons.

The illiterate Punjabi farmer and the ignorant Punjabi tax payer are not told why Article 370 cannot be removed from Constitution, why South Kashmir cannot be integrated with the rest of India or what on earth the MUSLIMS are doing in his country AFTER Partition. NO, HE IS KEPT IGNORANT.

That is the fate of the PUNJABI tax payer and the farmer who are working to death to produce commissions for the likes of BOFORS CHOR and to feed the Culture of CORRUPTION spread by All-India (HINDU BASHING) Congress Party of NEHRU, ISLAM & POPE.

To start with, the Sikh gentleman writes, "he is furiously against the Congress Party who signed the unconditional surrender of Lahore, Nankana Sahib, Gujranwala and Rawalpindi to boost indigenous ISLAM while keeping the native Sikhs under their jackboot."

"It was their further crime to assure the Sikhs and the Hindus living happily and peacefully in far flung vulnerable and exposed areas like Sindh, NWFP and Baluchistan that Congress would never accept Partition.

"So those people STAYED ON trusting Congress leaders, especially mahatma gandhi who declared rather bravely for a DOWNRIGHT COWARD that he really was, "India will be cut upon my dead body."

"When Nehru and Gandhi suddenly collapsed on June 2, 1947, only weeks before actual Partition, they (the Sikhs and the Hindus living in all of WESTERN and EASTERN India) were delivered to DEATH, rape and plunder.

"They were countless hundreds of thousands, not just a few. The manner of their death and forcible exodus has been forgotten. To me, writes the Sikh gentleman, that is despicable and unforgivable.

"The Sikhs have forgotten all that and forgiven Congress who ought to have been EXTERMIANTED throughout India when they came home from those Independence Talks MINUS ONE THIRD OF INDIA."

The Sikh gentleman continues,

"The Sikhs suffered MOST and it is to our shame that we have not got all that recorded up for posterity.

"I shall NEVER change my opinion of Congress and anyone who leads that party unless they REPUDIATE that bogus Partition.

"With regard to my CONTEMPT for the Sikhs' own Akali Party in power in EAST Punjab right now, it is for the simple reason that they have FALLEN FAR SHORT of my expectations. I am both amazed and perplexed at their FALL. They are lying flat on ground, face down in dust, when they could have been seen standing tall and robust.

"My main objections to the Akalis are:

"After decades of being (thrashed and beaten) at the "receiving end" and "kept in dog collar" by the Congress Party, the Akalis came to power.

"They took over a shattered economy ruined by culture of corruption of Congress and excessive taxation to pay for India's military ventures in South Kashmir. The battles and wars there are of New Delhi's own making under their own devious, dishonest and treacherous agenda that is clear to me but not explained to the PEOPLE OF INDIA. Anti national media are the stooges of ITALY & ISLAM, brainwashing the nation day and night and broadcasting remains state controlled. Indian journalists like the politicians are the WORST in the world.

"Their dishonesty is simple to see through, though. Firstly if you give them Lahore then you must vacate Srinagar, too, under the SAME crude criterion of "Hindus here and Muslims there!" to which the Congress Party signed up most willingly.

"If you don't defend Secularism in Lahore and Chittagong, but wish to IMPOSE it through fraud or force on Srinagar and Amritsar, then the nation will bleed for ever, defending the indefensible.

"The Akalis took over a devastated economy and a demoralised people.

"I expected them to do the following promptly:

1. GO FOR EDUCATION and COMMUNICATIONS, both deliberately ruined by Congress who have held India in grip for half a century.

2. Move the capital from Union Territory to a city in EAST Punjab. There are good sites like Patiala, Jalandhar, even Sri Amritsar. The only Sikh chief minister in India will look decent, not a "beaten bhayya" ready to sweep Sonia KHAN'S backyard like President KR Narayanan, the Supreme Commander of perpetucally cease-firing Indian armed forces.

3. Press upon the Centre and the UNO for Vatican type status of Sri Amritsar and even Sri Nankana Sahib. There is not a word from PS Badal, the Chief Minister.

4. Appoint a Commission to record each and every PUNJABI Hindu and SIKH killed, kidnapped, displaced or converted in WEST Punjab in 1947, especially the girls and the women forcibly abducted or snatched from their fleeing families then.

"If the Jews have recorded SIX MILLION NAMES, the Sikh Akali Government of EAST Punjab could have got some one million recorded with comparative ease. Many eye witnesses are still alive and documentary evidence exists in abundance.

5. I expected them to lay claim to LAHORE, NANKANA SAHIB AND GUJRANWALA at once.

"Mohammed Ali JINN did not need anyone's permission to lay claim to half of India. The Sikh Sardars can surely lay claim to three cities in order to bring them into their Punjab. The implications of not doing so in that diminishing Indian jungle (Hindu quagmire) are horrendous, though I will not be alive to see EAST Punjab, too, GONE one day! For all the good reasons and sound logic, it WILL be gone, one day.

6. I expected the Akali Government to erect a tall and suitable Memorial to all those KILLED in 1947. For not doing so, they appear "terrified rats" to me.

"Who are they afraid of? What crime is that to erect a Memorial to our Dead of 1947, and now another one to those killed in 1984 due to Indira KHAN'S scheming fury and Rajiv KHAN'S gall and guile?

"Most ignorant and "DEMOLISHED" Hindus don't mind seeing her profane name stuck on New Delhi International Airport that hits the decent visitor in the face straight upon arrival. It proclaims to the whole world, "India is the eternal COOLIE COLONY of her Congress Party."

"Those who do not have such memorials are ready for another slaughter. We need not hold world record in this. Sometime at last, the Sikh massacres must STOP!"

The Sikh gentleman goes on,

7. We Sikhs are the finest people on earth and I expected the Akalis in power to declare, "Computers in every classroom," as their foremost political ideology, if not "Computers in every family!"

"They have not done so and time is running, leaving us all behind.

"States like Karnataka, that are trying to be India's silicon valley, are a shining example for the dull to follow. Why not East Punjab? Why should Bangalore alone be India's most wired city and not Patiala or Jalandhar? Why is there no healthy competition among the "sister states" in Bharat? The reason is the CONGRESS SLEDGE HAMMER CUM CRUSHER above, poised to strike them all.

8. The Akali Chief Minister has not managed to set up a shortwave radio transmitter at the disposal of Sri Akal Takht Sahib (Golden Temple) to enable them to broadcast divine music (Gurbani Kirtan) day and night. Now only a few Sikh families with Internet can listen to several radios in America and Canada broadcasting "Kirtan". Why not get it direct from Sri Amritsar when Radio Vatican and a dozen ISLAMIC radio stations can be heard by a demoralised Hindu nation across the whole of India, round the clock.

"I feel that the Akali rulers are "voluntary slaves" in this regard. They didn't have to be.

9. I expected the Akali Government to send at least 100 bright students from their State to universities in the West, given that the universities in India are so rotten that none of the Dynasty thought any one fit for their own children.

"I wish to cite the example of KAZAKHASTAN. That country sends 200 undergraduates to universities in Europe and America EVERY YEAR to keep the civil service, economic and industrial departments of the country well supplied by well qualified returnees who are in tune with the latest global practices. As a result, Kazakhastan is neither stagnating socially, nor caught in the crippling grip of Nehruvian Socialism.

10. Panjabi language could be made mandatory for all visitors to the State. This rare feat is seen even in small countries, e.g., Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, of barely three to ten million people as compared to TWENTY MILLION impoverished (EAST) Punjabis keen on learning ITALIAN and URDU.

"Anyone wishing to do any business, or talk to the 'man in street' in these small but PROUD countries, must converse in the national language. I invite anyone to go there and try his/her English, French, Italian or German. That is the kind of PRIDE in one's mother tongue that is totally lacking in the Akali ruled EAST Punjab.

"Of course, in the OTHER Punjab that literally went to dogs in 1947, our fellow Punjabis have become the mental SLAVES OF SAUDI ARABIA who put alien ARABIC above divine Punjabi!

11. Furthermore, I expected them to call the land of One River by another name. If the Bengalis can call theirs WEST Bengal, then why can't we call ours EAST Punjab, DOAB or even YAKAB, so that our children could ask, "Daddy where are the OTHER rivers?"?

"To me that would be honourable, and defying the Will of Devils who surrendered one third of India and two thirds of Punjab, and still do NOT wish anyone to recall.

"RECALL WE MUST. We must recall the loss of the other three rivers of our Punjab.

12. I expected the Akali Government to remove all the statues of (bogus) mahatma Gandhi and replace these by those of our own PUNJABI heroes like Baba ALA SINGH (the founder of Patiala State), AKALI PHULA SINGH, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, General Hari Singh Nalwa, Mata SUNDRI, Sardarni Harbans Kaur (ever heard of the brave Sikh "lioness" who deserves the title of "Mother of Khalsa" for bravely bearing the brunt of PARTITION single-handed?), and scores more.

"Schools, colleges, parks and institutins ought to be named after them instead of Gandhi, Nehru, Indira, Rajiv and so on which do NOT inspire anyone.

13. I expected the Akali Government to erect a tall and wide GATE at the border with Haryana with the inscription on top, "You are now entering the noble territory of our Divine Rishis and Gurus."

"Didn't the maritime British erect that magnificent "Gate of India" at Bombay (Mumbai)? We are a proud people and should raise the dignity of our TERRITORY."

The Sikh gentleman concluded,

"Finally, I did not expect to hear any smear against Sardar Badal with regard to his NEPOTISM, the disease started by Pandit Nehru grooming his own daughter for his office.

"We see this in KASHMIR, too, where one family (father Shaikh to son Farook Abdullah) are ruling that wretched State since 1947! What a troubled state THAT is! What kind of democracy that is, fully blessed by SONIA Khan herself, and we know why!

"I do not know of any other country where such open and top level NEPOTISM is practised so shamelessly, disregarding people's feelings and interests. It's a pity that Mr. Badal, the only Sikh Chief Minister in PARTITIONED INDIA could not keep his reputation clean."

"Sorry, I have gone on," says the Sikh gentleman. "The list of expectations is longer still, since their shortcomings are even longer. I thought the Sikhs were the most enlightened community of India. But we have been spilling our golden wealth for all to gather, and squander, leaving our own family so impoverished.

"So finally, the Congress I wish to see EXTERMINATED and the Akalis I wish to see RISE and dominate their TERRITORY in a virile and manly manner.

"Hindu India is still a "hunter's paradise," if we care to look at her closer. All was terribly wrong in 1947 and all is not well today. The ship is tilting, and taking water.

"For the Sikhs, this HINDU INDIA is very important. When it took water in 1947, half the Sikhs were drowned, losing their lands. Today the tilt seems to be a lot more dangerously to one side.

"All hands will be needed to straighten up the tilting ship loaded with tons of useless ITALIAN rock and ARABIC sand.