"Leave Sonia alone!" syndrome of Hindus and Sikhs.

Date: 2/24/2002


"Leave Sonia alone!" syndrome of Hindus and Sikhs.

When Hindu "guns are zeroed" on Sonia Khan, President of HINDU BASHING All-India Congress Party, the intimidated natives protest in visible terror, "Sonia has very little to do with it. You'll find that it is we HINDUS and Sikhs ourselves who have swamped our land with CORRUPTION all over."

But who is spreading the stories of collapse of Hindu society instead of boosting our morale? See the names of reporters and journalists behind these postings.

Here is one filed by JOSY JOSEPH from Amritsar, the Sikhs' holiest city. We should note that the Sikhs and Hindus have NO capable journalist in Amritsar to replace this Joseph.

Josy Joseph in Amritsar

"If there is a smell to the Punjab state assembly election, then it has to be the pungent, biting smell of locally brewed liquor . . . . "

He goes on to mention "drugs in gurdwaras"!


Reading such lines insulting our Gurus, gods and goddesses, we sit demoralised, cursing our fate, looking for way out, perhaps conversion to Islam or going out to touch the feet of Sonia or even better, accept her Pope for nirvana?

We, who are so thoroughly SECULARISED, will not notice the name who posted that report: JOSY JOSEPH in Amritsar.

We suppose he has the same reverence for a gurdwara as Indira KHAN had for Golden Temple. But we will NOT take this on board.

Conditioning and brainwashing by Congress and Sarkar is total.

To the second point, "poor Sonia, leave her alone!," one would submit the following:

This is a trap in which the Sikhs AND HINDUS have fallen head first for centuries. She is not a rickshaw puller's wife or an Italian au pair maid servant in Cambridge, England, where she met gallivanting Rajiv.

It is not Sonia as a person. It is she as the PRESIDENT of a future almighty RULING party that will come out with the big DUNDAA (stick) when in power- because the IDEOLOGY of her party is the same that it was in 1947: Surrender EAST Bengal to Muslims, return it to sovereignty again in 1972, "pamper & fatten" South Kashmir under Article 370 of Constitution, but SMASH the Sikhs in EAST Punjab and then finish off the Hindus.

And, by the way, it will not be Indira firing guns straight at Golden Temple. She will have MERCENARIES galore ("cease-figing" Indian army funks that went out to kill the Tamils of INDIAN origin in Sri Lanka) who could not liberate a square inch of North Kashmir but won gallantry medals over Battle for Golden Temple.

There is yet another affliction we suffer from.

"Don't blame the MUSLIMS for Partition. Go and catch JINNAH."

O yes? The person making that statement has yet to answer a wide awake patriot, "Do they worship a different KORAN?"

The KORAN not only links up today's Imam of Jama Masjid in Delhi with Qaid i Azam who lived in Mumbai, but also with Emperor Aurangzeb, and way back, to Mohammed Bin Qasim who first appeared in 712 AD, to gouge out the eyes of the captive Hindu Raja, abduct his two daughters and CONVERT the vanquished country by force.

Beheading holy men in public, bricking up small children alive, and chopping up captive Banda Bairagi, limb by limb, was a great Islamic "improvement" on that, that came later and culminated in the rule of Taliban in Afghanistan.

We wish we had the microphone of All India Radio taken away from under the skirt, sari, or FOOT of SONIA KHAN (the lady much preferred by Loafer Rajiv to ALL the native Indian born females) to broadcast this WARNING to our simple folk who are suddenly overtaken by a massacre out of blue, century after century (We had a big one in the middle of the last one and the Sikhs were given the taste of another in 1984).

What we need is half a dozen INSTITUTES OF HINDU/SIKH IDEOLOGY. There is none at present to guide the brave but wayward nation, demoralised at home, and scattered across the globe.

Following their "Manual of Survival" will also ensure that we see through the lines posted by the likes of (Sonia's "dharam bhai") JOSY JOSEPH in Amritsar, and ensure that the DHARTI under our Gita and Granth is safe.

It (territory) was NOT safe in Lahore, nor is its safety guaranteed in Delhi and Amritsar!