Date: 2/24/2002





I am glad you are doing a programme on "British Muslims" next Sunday (March 3, 2002) at 1505 hrs. GMT.

Please note that Islam is not a small cuddly toy smuggled into Britain under her blouse by some female tourist from Pakistan or Bangladesh.

Islam is a centuries old deadly DINOSAUR (dragon) that has eaten up or ravaged the lush green cultural, intellectual and spiritual vegetation (environment) across most of the globe. Afghanistan used to be BUDDHIST and Pakistan used to be HINDU. Lahore was the seat of SIKH power until 1849 AD.

Destroying the two Buddha statues at Bamiyan near Kabul a year ago was its last but one "Act of Islamic Virtue & Courage" against which NO "Fatwa" was issued. (The last ACT OF VIRTUE came six months later, on September 11, which was "celebrated" across the Islamic world, including the BRITISH Muslims.)

The sheer strength of CHRISTIANITY on these Isles, and the British involvement in empire building like the rest of Europe, kept the beast AWAY for centuries in the past, though it did PENETRATE the soft European body BY FORCE as far as Vienna and Poitiers at one time.

Now that it has slipped through in the wake of collapsing Empires, and announced its PRESENCE with a loud BANG on the head of the Untied States on September 11 last, it needs to be looked at seriously.

Obviously there is a big danger in making a programme on ISLAM by the BBC. Should a line be wrong or objectionable to some illiterate Mauvi in Bangladesh or half blind Mullah in Iran, you run the risk of FATWA that means round the clock security cordon at Bush House. Please do bring in Salman Rushdie into your studio.

Also bring in a Sikh from Lahore and a Hindu from Srinagar and yet another from EAST Bengal for a reference on the candidate called "Islam" who is so desperate to obtain a BRITISH PASSPORT while professing a greater loyalty to the ultimate 'Word of God' in KORAN.

May be, we still have a survivor from those WTC towers in New York. She could be invited to speak on your programme, too. It would simply add a touch of objectivity and realism to it. The young expecting widow of the "Wall Street Journal" reporter DANIEL PEARL, needs to be heard, too.

If your programme has to be valid for Europe, please bring in a Spaniard from Cordoba and a French woman from Poitier to tell us why they rejoiced with countrywide celebrations after throwing out the last MUSLIM Moore from their soil.

O yes, not to forget the Greeks, one from the mainland and one from North Cyprus and a Serb from Albania, please.

For your programme to be valid for the BRITISH, kindly do not forget to invite someone from the British National Party and their Hindu and Sikh friends who have discovered the true nature of Islam in Britain, too, and will be willing to speak up NOW rather than leave it to their grandchildren to do so from the "ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of DISUNITED KINGDOM" at a future date.

The programme could objectively ask the Government to furnish some vital statistics-

1. Number of Muslims in the United Kingdom in 1961, 1971, 1981, 1991 and 2001, so that SEEING with our own eyes that Islamic numbers are STATIC or on the decline, we may sleep in peace and not have nightmares about the safety of the Royal Family or the high tower of Big Ben in London.

2. The media in this country have never contradicted the phrase, "the fastest growing religion."

So you may please tell us WHO IS VANISHING at the same time to make room for Islam that is growing so rapidly in our midst.

3. Please go into the reasons for having a SEPARATE Muslim Parliament in this country. Does it not show their open REJECTION of our values, laws and civilisation?

Obviously, their "cheek" and audacity is directly proportional to the growing WEAKNESS of the British Will to survive.

4. Please bring up the question of the Saudis allowing the Christians to build one tiny church in Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia is relevant to your programme since British Muslims go there every year to charge their SEPARATIST Islamic batteries and return with renewed zeal and fury to wipe out Christianity here, and Israel there.

5. Would your programme also gather data on MIXED MARRIAGES?

Your listeners may not know that in a mixed marriage the non Muslim spouse, usually a conceding Christian or Hindu female, MUST convert to Islam, forsaking the Faith of her parents.

Jemima Khan was one, and our very respected dear lady Princess Diana would have been another such "victim".

6. An act of great courage on your part will be to unearth secret circulars distributed among the Muslim youth in this country to "serve Allah" by seducing non Muslim females in order to produce more "Alis and Mohammeds" to increase the number of NATIVE, INDIGENOUS Muslims in this country in order to CONQUER it through ballot, saving bullets and bombs.

7. The Muslims invited to your programme could be asked, "Why are 'trade in flesh', prostitution, violence, smuggling, illegal immigrants, and drug culture normally associated with them in this country, not with the Jews, Hindus and Sikhs?

8. Finally could they not be asked, "Why do the MEN and BOYS pray separately in mosques when, in fact, the Muslims here are supposed to be getting EDUCATION that imparts respect for the females, too?

Men in the British society are not lewd, sex starved 'Taliban beasts', who would stare a female worshipper to death in a mosque or grab her from behind as in the times of Mohammed.

After all, everyone else prays in mixed family groups without segregation, and we have not heard of a case of rape or female molestation in any congregation in a church or temple.

Another question could be, "Why pray only in the Arabic language which your British neighbours do not understand? Is Allah literate ONLY in Arabic?"

I know that trade and economic interests often determine the direction of such programmes which will be listened to keenly in 42 ISLAMIC republics whose semi savage citizens will be quick to gang up and unite, to RETALIATE.

British lives and trade could be at risk. If that is so, then we KNOW who these Muslims in our midst really are.

Yours truly


PS: I wish Radio LAHORE had done a programme on Islam similar to yours three days before PARTITION!

It's too late for the "damn fools". None is left alive to speak up on "All-India Radio" on what happened then.