Date: 2/25/2002



There is a big CLASH going on between the crushed NATIVE and the AGGRESSIVE foreigner on the soil of Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh- between Pandavas and the Kauravas.

The FOREIGNERS are winning hands down. Why is this so?

The recent elections to State Assemblies in PARTITIONED India have gone terribly badly for the NATIVE. He is DEFEATED and SMASHED once again.

He has always been defeated and smashed since 712 AD when an ARAB marauder appeared in Sindh at the head of an army and destroyed temples and hoisted his flag over the land of Hindus and Buddhists.

There was NO retaliation. The PAGANS ought to have mustered guts and army, to go ON THE ATTACK, right up to MECCA, capture the rascal, gouge out his eyes, rape the daughters of ALL THE ARBAS along the way, and then hoisted the BHAGWA flag over the whole of Arabia, constructing a GRAND TEMPLE on the very spot where today the grand mosque of KA'ABA stands.

Lack of retaliation put the seal of legitimacy on the INFERIORITY OF THE PAGAN, THE HINDU, THE BUDDHIST, and later as a result of the crushing DEFEAT OF 1947, on the SIKHS and KHALSA, too.

That was UNIQUE HISTORIC opportunity missed by the INDIANS. God does not give another apportunity to the COWARDS for centuries.

The next opportunity came in 1947 when the INDIGENOUS Muslims rose as one man to attack their own land of birth INDIA, and cut and chopped her into THREE fragments.

At that very time the HINDUS, THE SIKHS, THE BUDDHISTS and the PAGANS had to unite to EXTERMINATE or EXPEL all the MOHAMMEDANS who still owed their PRIMARY allegiance to Saudi Arabia, NOT to Hindustan.

That missed opportunity covered the words "HINDU" and "SIKH" in a lot of MUCK and FILTH. It's a pity they don't see it that way!

For the crime of NOT sweeping their land CLEAN of Muslims, the Hindus and Sikhs have already paid a HORRENDOUS price in seeing their country IMPOVERISHED, BRUTALISED and INTIMIDATED.

How long will the RECOVERY be in coming? Perhaps it will NEVER come?

The enemy, that is now smashing the HINDUS down into dust, defeat and demoralisation, is no fool or novice. It knows how to FINISH OFF the Hindus- through PARTITION, through CONSTITUTION, through denial of POLITICAL POWER and through PROPAGANDA that calls any sign of the slightest Hindu revival as REBIRTH OF NAZISM in India.

Most Hindus lower their heads and submit to this tirade of lies and abuse.

So a patriot has aptly summed up his GRIEF at the latest fall of HINDUS down the precipice of OBLIVION. Here are his exact words:

Monday, Februart 25, 2002


The just concluded elections in Punjab, Uttaranchal and U.P. has been a tragedy for one party, the B.J.P. (NB: Bharatiya Janata Party, the much maligned, conceding, compromising, weak kneed and timid HINDU Party) and a tragedy for all it's supporters.

Why this rise and fall for the B.J.P.?

What can it do to stay relevant in future? Any answers?

Imagine loosing to the Congress in Uttaranchal which was a B.J.P. bastion and getting only 3 seats in Punjab (NB: In reality, the Land of ONE RIVER, now under native "BEARDED BABOONS" who came round to sit at the feet of SONIA KHAN to listen to her TRASH earlier this month! Not one "DAMN FOOL" expected her to embrace the noble Sikh Religion on the TERRITORY of their Gurus!) compared to the Congress's 65 and Akali Dal's 42.

It is a terrible day for everyone who had a hoped to see the B.J.P. put up at least a reasonable performance so that we, it's supporters, could hold our heads high when speaking about Hindutva, national security, modernisation of the country etc.

Now all that has again changed and we are back on the defensive against the pseudo secular (NB: HINDU BASHER/SIKH KILLER) characters who are expected to go ballastic.

And for the VHP's temple (LORD RAMA'S GRAND TEMPLE in AYODHYA, a national monument that ought to outclass THE VATICAN in size, purpose and grandeur) agitation? Will it now fade to the background?

It's all tragic, messy again here with caste still remaining a big factor and none being able to do anything about it. (Unquote)


Why is this so? Why are we SO thick skinned that NO amount of defeats and humiliation make any difference to our collective status or standing on earth?

The current session of Lok Sabha (India's Parliament) was inaugurated by a "BHANGI" who ought to be declared a PERSONA NON GRATA. He is in league with the enemies of India and along with his FOREIGN evengelical spouse imported from Myanmar, is scheming day and night to see SONIA KHAN on Bandit Nehru's high chair.

The "Son of a BITCH" KR Narayanan himself is India's BIGGEST SECURITY RISK. Yet one billion HINDUS and 20 million SIKH & KHALSA accept him as their SUPREME COMMANDER.

Why is this so? Why is this so? Why is this so?

We must end on this question and ask all the HINDUS including the bulk of ROTTEN third rate NRI'S, to THINK of ways and means of recovery in Hindustan.

Could we not say, "As some of you cannot return to the land of your fathers in LAHORE or EAST BENGAL, how do YOU entertain the prospect of landing at the New Delhi's International Airport named after a political "WITCH" and then find the ISLAMIC flag over Red Fort and the Christian Cross over RASHTRAPATI BHAWAN?

This is no alarmist call. The current defeats of HINDU parties are a step closer to that DARK sub continent that we have been fearing since 712 AD when we FAILED to chase the RASCAL Mohammed bin Qasim back to MECCA.

It may still be time to CHASE Sonia KHAN, her accomplice KR NARAYANAN and his worthless spouse USHA NARAYANAN back to VATICAN in Italy.

Let us raise an ARMY to DEFEND our native




THE DIGNITY OF NATIVE BORN DAUGHTERS. (At present all the Hindu and Sikh females remain totally DEGRADED due to their betrayal by KR NARAYAN, who imported his spouse from Myanmar and the BOFORS CHOR who couldn't see a single decent match in India but imported a WORTHLESS WHITE ELEPHANT from the LAND OF MAFIA, and IMPOSED her upon his hapless, timid and ignorant nation.)

At the time of INDEPENDENCE, Pandit Nehru ought to have taken stock of the wretched situation after Partition, and gone for-


2. REJECTION OF PARTITION OR EXPULSION OF ALL THE MOHAMMEDANS. (For him India was a coolie colony and no more!)

3. Clean, corruption free society; and


But what did he do, instead? The results are in front of our eyes. WORSE IS YET TO COME to hit the Hindus and the Sikhs alike in the bums in the near future.



The rascal said, "KILL the Kafirs irrespective of age, sex, profession, vocation and qualifications."

The saint said, "All mankind is one, a universal family. Love all irrespective of religion, caste, colour, age and sex."

When the time came, the followers of Rascal stood united and took out a huge chunk of TERRITORY to proclaim the Kingdom of Rascal.

The followers of Saint were disembowelled, killed, raped, massacred and thrown out of their homes.

The followers of Saint (and the Mahatma) are still in the wilderness, surrounded and intimidated by the followers of the Rascal.

Take your choice.

The followers of Rascal are geared towards rascality. The followers of Saint are geared towards sainthood, dying in confusion. They hold the world record in SLAVERY and will NEVER get away from the YOKE OF SLAVERY and humiliation and degradation.

Take your choice.