Date: 2/25/2002


Just see the following input on a Discussion List:

"German Government has evinced keen interest in the safety of Bangladesh Hindu Minority."

What does it show about the ability of INDIA herself whose Hindus were delivered to ISLAMIC "WOLVES in 1947 when her TOP (CONGRESS) LEADERS surrendered that land for the first time on absolutely LUDICROUS grounds and then later again in 1972 when the political "WITCH" of our time, INDIRA KHANUM, returned the captured territory back to the "HINDU/SIKH EATER" MUSLIM "WOLVES" without asking for any guarantees about the safety of the HINDUS who had once previously been delivered to ISLAM by her father 25 years earlier?

We should not overlook the WRETCHED plight of the Hindus in SOUTH Kashmir, too, who had to flee their ancestral homes like the HINDUS of Lahore and Karachi in 1947, and have become refugees in India for their safety.

The so-called (NON EXISTENT) Government of India are under the JACKBOOT of our ENEMIES, and dare not take any step to defend Hindu lives anywhere on earth.

How would Great Britain react if any country on earth started killing the Britons, abducting and raping their daughters, plundering their homes and shops, and burning their churches?

We see India PERISHING.

With each such story that comes out, the image of Hindus and Sikhs takes a DROP across the globe. But what do you do with a petrified, terrified and IGNORANT people who don't even know what "IMAGE" means?