Date: 2/25/2002


................THE RASCAL AND THE SAINT

The rascal said, "KILL the Kafirs irrespective of age, sex, profession, vocation and qualifications."

The saint said, "All mankind is one, a universal family. Love all irrespective of religion, caste, colour, age and sex."

When the time came, the followers of Rascal stood united and took out a huge chunk of TERRITORY to proclaim the Kingdom of Rascal.

The followers of Saint were confused, surprised, then fled in all directions, got disembowelled, killed, raped, massacred and thrown out of their homes.

The followers of Saint (and the Mahatma) are still in the wilderness, surrounded and intimidated by the followers of the Rascal. They are CONDEMNED to perpetual subjugation, degradation and eventual extermination.

Take your choice.

The followers of Rascal are conditioned and geared towards rascality. The followers of Saint are conditioned and geared towards sainthood, dying in confusion. They hold the world record in SLAVERY and will NEVER get away from the yoke of humiliation and degradation.

Take your choice.