Date: 2/26/2002




Morarji Desai the former Prime Minister of India used to drink his own urine every morning claiming its properties for good health and longevity.

It is culture of a nation and civilisation, in which cow's urine and dung are used, taken or consumed to cure many an ill. Hence what is the "way of life" in Hindustan, may raise eyebrows in the West and perhaps labelled as obscene.

But one cannot call it "obscene" when we are talking about a very "oscene" country. It is simple logic. PARTITIONED INDIA, under the TERROR of Italy & Islam, bashing the Hindus, killing the Sikhs and pampering the Muslims while going under the foot of a semi literate Italian born CATHOLIC female, is an obscene entity, waiting to be liberated, cleaned up, reformed, ennobled, HINDUISED, MILITARISED, or KILLED OFF.

What is obscene in India? Well, countless things which in the rest of the world are UNTHINKABLE.

To start with, would the Germans erect statues of Hitler? In India they have the statues of Gandhi and Nehru ALL OVER. They voluntarily signed the unconditional surrender of India in 1947.

Would the German (Catholic or Lutheran) maidens put up posters of a MOHAMMEDAN film actor in their bedrooms and experience orgasm on looking at the same before going to sleep at night?

In India MANLY MUSLIMS provide role models for HINDU virgins, e.g., SALMAN KHAN, AKBAR KHAN, SALIM KHAN, NUSRAT ALI KHAN, and so on. They claim their descent from the great HINDU KILLER, TEMPLE DESTROYER, KHANS of the past like CHENGIZ KHAN, KUBLAI KHAN and all the KHANS of the hated Mogul Era when the Hindu was on the run and none could challenge the authority of a Khan over his daughters.

No HINDU actor is so widely known and admired throughout India as these KHANS. They also send a very powerful psychological signal to the demoralised Hindu youth, to get out of the way fast when a KHAN approaches one of their sisters.

Hindu maidens fondly watch the KHANS on and off screen, engaged in song, dance and intimate love scenes with their own kind. It is great enjoyment throughout India.

So with the NATIVE Hindu men and women so demoralised and smashed they hail Sonia as the FEMALE ON TOP. This gives big thrill to everyone in India, men, women and the eunuchs. She is there where no Indian born female can get to. The other most powerful female is none else but the spouse of the PRESIDENT OF INDIA.

Like Rajiv, the Rascal, KR NARAYANAN, too, decided to degrade the native females by importing his own wife from MYANMAR (Burma). So among ONE BILLION Hindus, their women have NO inspring role model to emulate or follow.

Thus the nation sank into Sonia Syndrome. What it means, is explained below.

Sonia Syndrome is due to extreme INFERIORITY COMPLEX of the Indians that is born out of CENTURIES' LONG SLAVERY under the world's most ruthless rulers who smashed the guts and took out all signs of manliness.

India lay flat in 1947 to be raped from BOTH ends. Figuratively speaking, the Muslims laid her down on her back and "raped" her from front (taking out FIVE provinces on one day).

The Hindus then turned her over and laid her on her belly to "rape" from behind (by making the categorical statement with complete disregard to decency, self-esteem and patriotism, "WE ACCEPT PARTITION.")

That is where India is, still humiliated, degraded, insulted, ABUSED, and in three fragments. Under Sonia Syndrome there is no sign of recovery.

Sonia Syndrome is the adoration of the foreigner that is the logical result of hating one's OWN race and kind which has PERFORMED so abysmally badly in the past. The Muslim flag flies over LAHORE. The Hindu flag is nowhere near MECCA. The Sikh flag is not even near Chandigarh!

Sonia, however, has the advantage which NO Mohammedan has in India. Europeans were the last rulers of India who then maligned the former MOHAMMEDAN rulers of India. Thus, as a result of brainwashing by the British, the Indians have come to fear and admire the civilised Europeans while hating the savage Mohammedans.

Sonia Syndrome led to the degradation of millions of Indian wives and THOUSANDS of Indian brides in the eyes of their native husbands. Every young man started dreaming of a bride from Italy like their Prime Minister's son. As a result dowry deaths soared.

In the heyday under Rajiv KHAN, at least TEN brides were being burnt to death every day of the year in India.

The crushed Hindu nation did not relate to them. They all related to Sonia KHAN because she was a KHAN, not one of the FILTHY human stock called the Indinas.

Had she been a Singh? Had she been a BRAHMIN? Had she been a SAFFRON CLAD Hindu lady of utmost dignity, highest educational qualifications, great worldly experience, even a PhD from Oxford?

NO CHANCE! "Get lost! We want Sonia. We want a female of ITALIAN birth. We want a CATHOLIC if not a MOHAMMEDAN!" would be the chorus of the Hindu nation. The proof of this statement is to LOOK AROUND and spot a native Hindu female considered at par with the left foot of Sonia.

Not one Sikh or KHALSA, Rajput, TAMIL, Jat or Maratha, is as good as her left toe nail.

Even Indian coolie media, the worst in the world, noticed the dowry deaths and occasionally cried out, giving out horrendous details of the manmer of killing of these innocent young women whose only fault was brown skin AND HINDU RELIGION.

But none linked these DEATHS to the DEGRADATION of native females due to Sonia's presence OVERHEAD. Sonia Syndrome proved to be thorough devaluation of the native Indian (HINDU and SIKH) women.

Doesn't one feel like gathering all the Hindu and SIKH preachers to read the Riot Act to them to drench them in SHAME for overlooking the dignity of their women?

Surely, such a RIOT ACT will be read out to them by the new CONQUERORS of Hindustan when the mandirs will vanish with their congregations, AS IN KARACHI and PESHAWAR, and the gurdwaras will be set AFLAME with the Akhand Paths going on within, AS IN RAWALPINID, JHELUM AND GUJRANWALA. Since media came under the foot of Bandit Nehru, none made the NATIVES wiser on these FACTS of life in the drowning quagmire called Hindustan.

Sonia Syndrome is the proof of gutless Indians who think SO LITTLE of their own kind and race. Native females are shocked to see their menfolk turning away from them and show apathy towards them, but are powerless against this phenomenon. They only see KHANS in cinema movies and SONIA on giant elephant sized posters at political rallies all over the country.

The FOOLISH Sikhs, always in the front line to FIGHT & DIE FOR THE OTHERS, welcomed Sonia, who HATES them and their gurdwsaras, on their territory earlier this month, and taking the TRASH in, filling their blank brains and empty heads.

They gave a rousing welcome and farewell to her with the shouts of "JAI RAJIV! JAI CONGRESS! JAI SONIA! JAI PRIYENKA!," and even "JAI GANDHI!", instead of "SAT SRI AKAL!".

The HINDUS' (and SIKHS') collapse of manliness to protect the dignity of their women is unique on earth. Something quite opposite can be seen among the MUSLIMS who go out of their way to seduce or abduct a non Muslim female. But they do so to CONVERT, in order to increase their numbers manifold, while giving a big thrill to the world of Islam.

In the case of the demoralised Hindus, they saw even the Prime Minister's son, Rajiv, convert to Sonia'a alien CATHOLIC Fatih. They saw her POPE invited to India twice in two decades, that was yet another slap in their faces and yet more BURDEN of SHAME upon the native "mules".

Given the tight iron-fisted hold of Nehru Dynasty over the Indians, which means the extremely low calibre and zero resistance to Oppression, the Indians hailed Sonia as their Star of Destiny. Under the same kind of TERROR that led to Partition of India, the natives are still more than willing to accept any member or descendant of Nehru, hoping for their safety.

Earlier in that climate of TERROR none said to Jinnah, "If you want Pakistan, then TAKE ALL THE MUSLIMS OUT OF INDIA." Now in the climate of the SAME TERROR none asks, "Did her grandfather fight under the flag of MUSSOLINI, dreaming of replacing the British in India as our lords?" Or, even, "What has the maid from the Land of MAFIA and POPE got to give our Hindustan, except plunder of wealth and robbing of souls?"

In this gutless climate of collapse some Sikhs are trying to get out of Hindustan but under the WILL & POWER of Sonia they can all be finished off instead of being given EDUCATION and JOBS, even DIGNITY.

We have been told of Shri Morarji Desai admiring his own urine for good health and long life. So, taking that as a cue, now several Hindu sycophants and camp followers of Sonia KHAN are suggesting that her URINE be collected in silver pots, bottled and sold in gold capped bottles in supermarkets ACROSS HINDUSTAN.

The profits ought to go to several Congress Party bank accounts in India and to "Rajiv Gandhi Foundation" in LONDON, that was especially established by high commissioner LM SINGHVI, the "Dog of Dynasty" for such surreptitious HINDU BASHING purposes.

The whole noble venture will be blessed by the PRESIDENT OF INDIA, KR NARAYANAN, a Christian himself, who finds himself trapped in the world of DARK and DOOMED Hindu souls.

He fully shares Sonia's ideas on bleeding the fine Indian Army to death in South Kashmir and praises Morarji Desao for giving a fine precedence.

At the inauguration ceremoney of BOTTLED SONIA'S URINE, there is to be a big public rally, free transport to bring in hundreds of thousands of Sonia fans called "SONIA BHAGATS", and free food and laddoo basket per person at Ram Lila Grounds in Delhi.

Sonia KHAN herself is to come, sitting in a decorated howda on top of a brightly painted elephant, as behoves the uncrowned QUEEN OF HINDUSTAN.

Ten military bands are to lead the procession of the Golden Bottle, starting from No. 10 Janpath to RED FORT, where Bandit Nehru saw the glow of HIS FAMILY'S freedom in 1947, and fore-saw the day when there will be mile long queues of natives to buy a bottle of Sonia's urine, paying ten times the price in black market.

There will obviously be party pressure on the lady from Italy to increase her fluid yield like the overfed cows in Europe to increase their milk yield.

This is not to be laughed at, or taken lightly. The pathetic situation of native HINDUS is far worse than any pen can describe.

Not to mention all this is to keep the world IGNORANT of what is going on in India. Let none exclaim later, after India's death, "But I didn't know things were THAT BAD in India!"

Well, we are now telling you all, how bad the things REALLY are in PARTITIONED INDIA right now. A printout can serve as a historic record a century from now.

We have mentioned about the Hindu maidens reaching their climax and experiencing orgasm by concentrating on the posters of KHANS in their bedrooms. Among their own race and kind there is NONE so manly and none so handsome. The biological selection over centuries has paid off for the KHANS. After all, they have been going, with immunity, for the best of females in the Hindu stock, starting with the two daughters of Raja of Sindh in 712 AD. It has been ONE WAY traffic ever since.

Sonia Syndrome is to overlook all the crimes and lapses, even HIGH TREASON, by any member of Dynasty. Her own entry into Prime Minister's House is an example. She was a foreigner but no questions were asked. NO vetting. NO background search into her family history. NONE aasked questions, NO answers were given. Within weeks she could attend top level strategic meetings, discussing India's military plans and future wars.

And she was an ordinary poor semi literate girl from a small Italian town none has heard of. And here was India, of all those professors, doctors, sages, rishes, scholars and philosophers. The whole lot, just one stinking FAR*, with regard to their CONSTITUTION, with regard to the absurd post partition FRONTIERS, with regard to the situation in SOUTH KASHMIR, and with regard to DIGNITY OF NATIVE WOMEN!

What can one think of the INDIANS, and their religions, their holy places, their preachers, their leaders, their editors, their journalists, their reporters, their millionaires and billionaires, their Shiv Sena, their RSS, their VHP, their BJP, their SHIROMANI AKALI DAL, and of all their MEN (INDIAN MEN, .. INDIAN MANHOOD, ... INDIAN MANLINESS), in the light of all this?

Yes, what do YOU think? And what do YOU think how to correct the situation? How to take Hindustan off the course of DOOM but put her on the course to revival, rejuvenation and SURVIVAL?

Here we have a country about to be delivered to a foreign female picked up by a gallivanting loafer in the streets of Cambridge, England, to be brought home and IMPOSED on all. How can the PEOPLE OF INDIA make a free choice if they are not educated, not literate, not given information, not told the implications, not given facts? How?

Already under Sonia's pressures and tactics the Indian is being strangulated at home and betrayed abroad. Remember the kicks in Uganda, the thrashing in Fiji and the extermiation in Afghanistan and decimation in EAST Bengal?

When the wretched Indians (NRI's) look up towards BHARAT, they only see SONIA KHAN with eyes red in anger. She seems to be saying, "PERISH YOU INFIDELS. DIE YOU KAFIRS. VANISH FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH, YOU INFERIOR RACE!"

Yes, they and we all realize then that we are NO patch to the SUPERIOR Italians who can put a worthless female on top of our vast country, temples, gurdwaras, HOLY BOOKS and Scriptures, so effortlessly.

We INDIANS get kicked, our women get abducted and raped everywhere. We perish, we die and we vanish from earth. With each HINDU death the PRESIDENT OF INDIA, his spouse from Burma, and SONIA KHAN, have something to celebrate, something to rejoice about.

Sonia syndrome is the media that calls her "uncrowned queen of India" to silence all opposition. Anyone who wants Sonia out, will be eliminated in no time. The number of her henchmen, the whole of MUSLIM FILTH COLUMN, willing to explode bombs, kill and assassinate, is beyond estimate.

The Hindus will only see it all one day when it is too late for them. The Hindus of Lahore saw the true nature of All India Congress Party, AND ISLAM, but ARE THEY AROUND now to tell us?

So will the Hindus of Dilli, Kalkota and Mumbai one day.

Like the Jone of Arc in France, Sonia's moment wil soon come. She will raise the flag and become the rallying point of all the HINDU KILLER FORCES in Hindustan that are well protected by the treacherous Constituton. It will be nothing new for the Hindus and the Sikhs. they have seen it all before. They have lived through it all before.

What else did we get in the preceding TEN CENTURIES?

"It's either VICTORY OR DEATH." This cry has gone out many a time before in human history. In England it was in 1939. In America it was in 1942 and on September 11 last.

In the case of MUSLIMS OF INDIA it was on June 2, 1947. In the case of HINDUS OF BHARAT, the cry is overdue now.

Pandit Nehru had to assess the situation of his country on August 15, 1947 and gone straight for-

"HINDU RASHTRA" in view of the MOHAMMEDAN RASHTRA to the East and the West of his own bleeding land, expulsion of all the MOHAMMEDAN FILTH COLUMN left over in PARTITIONED India, removal of trade restrictions, lifting controls on production, trade and commerce, encouragement, recognition and rewarding native TALENT, boosting EDUCATION in a big way, raising at least one university to rival the academic fame of OXFORD, construction of the demolished Grand Temple in AYODHYA to surpass the size and grandeur of THE VATICAN, grant of sovereign status to the holy cities of Sri AMRITSAR, MARHURA and AYODHYA, where native Divine Lords were born, honouring all the HINDU heroes of the past (Pakistan was to honour all the past Mohammedan Mujahids, Ghazis, Taliban and invaders who slaughtered the Hindus of Hindustan in earlier centuries!), boosting national pride, engineering national UNITY, promptly recovering NORTH KASHMIR and extending the frontiers by five kilometers within PAKISTAN as punishment for her aggression, WIPING OUT "BOGUSdesh" (ISLAMIC FILTH OF EAST Bengal) which serves as an ISLAMIC wedge and a lethal barrier between Hindu India and our fraternal Buddhist world to the East, and freeing of Broadcasting and the media (as is the case in the newly freed Baltic Republics in Eastern Europe).


As a result we have Sonia and the prospect of seeing her URINE as Hindustan's national drink in the very near future.

Please don't be squirmish or feel embarrassed or nauseated on reading this. We are talking of Jenab Bandit Jawahar KHAN Nehru's Hindustan, not of any civilised, decent, self-respecting country such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France or even the United States. In which of these did a great LEADER sdvocate drinking urine? In which of these do you see a Sikh female leading the main political party of the land, or a Hindu woman described as the "uncrowned queen"?

When we are abusing the JACKALS, let the LIONS not take offence.