Date: 2/28/2002



Why does the ORIENTAL male degrade the female of his own kind and specie, to such an EXTREME extent?

This is a vast field for the psychologists to discover or uncover the Truth.

Who would be the TOP females in India?

Obviously one would be the wife of the PRESIDENT, the ceremonial HEAD of the country like HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN OF THE UNITED KINGDOM.

The other would be the EXECUTIVE Head, like the PRIME MINISTER or the LEADER of the country's LARGEST and the MOST POWERFUL POLITICAL party.

In the case of PARTITIONED INDIA both these top ranking females are FOREIGN.

Does the CRUSHED nation of Indian serfs and coolies understand what INDEPENDENCE means? Obviously not.

The wife of the President is a WORTHLESS import from MYANMAR. The female tipped to be the future PRIME MINISTER of India is a worthless female from ITALY.

Now the whole world can see how smashed the NATIVES in Hindustan, the world's last surviving PAGAN land, are.

What is the result or consequence of having foreign females on TOP OF EVERYONE ELSE in BROKEN Bharat?

First is the demoralisation of the INDIAN BORN FEMALES THEMSELVES. They are being IMPREGNATED with the ideological "semen" of a very INFERIOR race which lacks patriotism and self esteem.

Second is the ROTTEN INDIAN male himself. In the company of a SIKH wife or a Hindu bride, he feels very inferior, a "beaten" man. What is befitting for his prime minister (Rajiv KHAN) ought to be all right for him, too.

Yet we see fortunes being spent on those lavish weddings of useless fellows that could equip the whole library of a local primary school with books or provide computers to every student in a secondary school.

The expense, revelry and booze seen at Indian weddings are the most obscene sight on earth when one KNOWS that those involved in such a big show off are, politically and socially speaking, the SCUM OF MANKIND, the "speck of DUST" under the foot of foreigners.

In a country that lacks self esteem and national pride, every White female, even from the gutters of Italy, is a WHITE SWAN and every native BROWN beauty, who may be a paragon of virtue and holder of two PhD's, is a BROWN BUFFALO ("bhuri bhains").

Some may take offence on this. But these very "some", that means NEARLY ALL THE INDIANS, are also the ones who think the biggest defeat of India in her entire history was "independence". Is their opinion worth a lump of Indian mud?

By the way, there is a big difference in the Arabian bucket of sand and the Indian lump of mud if one reflects on the Prophets and LEADERS in each case.


One might ask, "When, O WHEN, do you think, the President of the United States, given that 98% of her population are CHRISTIAN, will be a MUSLIM? Or, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom a HINDU?"

But the PEOPLE OF INDIA, deliberately kept at the level of animals, and their intelligentsia FEARING FOR LIFE, have NO choice in the matter.

Appointments of presidents, ambassadors, high commissioners and governors are made by, or with the approval of, SONIA KHAN from Italy.

Such a preposterous phenomenon has deep roots in our society where SLAVERY provides mental peace and sense of security to the masses. Yes, slavery has become a desirable goal to be pursued. She the prospect of HINDUS RULING THEMSELVES, the idea will be shot down by the Hindus themselves. They would yell out, "DANGEROUS TALK. A NAZI'S IDEA!" Yet they can NOT notice the dangerous ideas on either side of their Broken Bharat, the two TOWERING MOHAMMEDAN REPUBLICS, indoctrinating their inhabitants day and night, to wipe out the last surviving Hindus from South Asia.

Could the PEOPLE OF INDIA, 100% HINDU in 1192 AD when Delhi fell to the TURKS, have exercised any choice with regard to the religion of their Emperors? NONE WHATSOEVER.

So, over the centuries it became an ACCEPTED fact of life that the ruler in India will NOT (NOT) be a decent native Hindu.

Or if is to be a Hindu at all, as is the case right now, then he will be a very "diluted & demoralised" meek and gutless Hindu, either without a decent spouse or the one who is more secular than Lalita Ahmed or Sharmila Tagore who placed their dignity and virginity most willingly at the disposal of circumcised MOHAMMEDANS, doing Namaz in Arabic, producing more of the "Hindu killer" and "Sikh smasher" breed.

The position of Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee, a weakling, at the head of a very weak Hindu nation, is ludicrous and pathetic. He can only stay in office so long as he "tows" Sonia KHAN'S line.

THAT line dictates to him-

"NO TEMPLE IN AYODHYA because it will offend the Muslims.

NO removal of Article 370 of Constitution which favours that Muslim majority State immensely, becaue it will offend the Muslims.

Not to interfere with the Sharia Law of Mohammedans because it will offend the Musilms, and so on.

In reverse,

Keep the Hindus away from Ayodhya because it pleases Italy & Islam.

Apply family planning laws strictly on the Hindus and even more rigorously on the SIKHS, but grant total exemption to the Muslims becaue it pleases Italy & Islam.

Degrade the chief minister of EAST Punjsb by keeping him on "Union" Territory because it pleases Italy & Islam. (The Sikh "nigger" himself feels it is all right!)

Do not EVER send a SIKH high commissioner to London in order to please Italy & Islam.

Don't grant dual nationality to the NRI's because it pleases Itly & Islam.

Do nothing if the INDIANS are killed or kicked in EAST Bengal, North Kashmir, Fiji or Uganda, or anywhere else on earth, because it pleases Italy & Islam.

Keep the Sikhs alienated and separate from the Hindu mainstream because it pleases Italy & Islam. NO trial of the murderers of 1984.

NO COMMITTED HINDU should ever become President of the Republic becaues it pleases Itlay & Islam.

NO retaliation against MUSLIM provocation, even MASSACRE OF HINDUS on their way to Amarnath for pilgrimage or those returning from pilgrimage in AYODHYA by train because it pleases Itlay & Islam.

Don't pursue the case against BOFORS CHOR because it pleases Italy & Islam.

Enforce secularism on Delhi and Patiala while Lahore and Dhaka are to remain EXEMPT from it because it pleases Italy & Islam.

Never mention PARTITION, you "Hindu and SIKH rats", because it pleases Italy & Islam.

Accept all the insults inflicted on the Hindu religion in Indian movies becaues it pleases Italy & Islam.


Had the PEOPLE OF INDIA been more assertive, decent and self-respecting, President KR NARAYANAN could never have been the President of India nor the Supreme Commander.

In that coolie colony even the Sikhs have NO objection as to who is ruling them.

Notice the idea of the one who said, "The President can belong to ANY religion because we Sikhs are NOT allowed to speak against anyone on the basis of caste, creed and religion at all."

The brainwashed SIKH moron thinks that marrying his daughter irrespective of the caste & religion of the future groom as per teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji is the same thing as having any RULER or PRESIDENT- Tony, Arundhati or KHAN- overhead, irrespective of RELIGIOUS persuasion.

Despite holding world record in massacres and degradation the native Hindus and Sikhs can NOT be educated on the art and skill of survival. They do not seem to realise that if the RELIGION OF THE RULER is different, then the will be shot dead, trying to re-construct his Sri Ram Temple and the SIKH will be 'ON THE RUN' and under arrack all the time, due to STATE design.

The natives continue to make very superior moral statements as Bapu Gandhi and GURU NANAK DEV JI used to make. But we saw one VANISH in a second from Lahore and the Janmasthan of the other go right down under the FLAG OF MOHAMMED OF ARABIA.

If one looks at things OBJECTIVELY, the state of India today shows that not one, but millions of "bhangis" are ruining and devastating that wretched land.

Can one find even one sant (saint) in the POLITICS of India today where the likes of BOFORS CHOR call the shots?

A president is meant to INSPIRE a nation. Does "Nigger" Narayanan?

What he thinks of native religions is UNPRINTABLE. He does NOT believe in one at all.

How does he relate to a Sikh? And what do all the SIKHS feel about it? Perhaps as secular "bhangis" they have never thought of such a scenario.

What he thinks of native females, and that includes some very fine Sikh women, is UNPRINTABLE, too. He imported his own from MYANMAR considering all the native females scum. Perhaps of this, too, the native secular "jackals" are unaware.

How does he relate to our sisters and mothers?

He does NOT. And there is NO harm to set aside religion for a while and aspire to seeing a man or female AT THE TOP of one's land who has the SAME religion as most of his INDIAN serfs, subjects, coolies and slaves.

How would the British look at Tony Blair if he were to convert to the Hindu or Sikh Faith, or even Muslim Faith tomorrow? We think they will DUMP him in a second. But we also know that the Hindus in Hindustan will kiss the feet of a Christian, even a MOHAMMEDAN in the President's chair for centuries. Has anyone shouted at "NIGGER" Narayan, "QUIT RASHTRAPATI BHAWAN, AND GET LOST!" The BHAWAN belongs to a COMMITTED Hindu. And his wife must also be a HINDU. A Hindu is not an apologising ashamed serf on his own patch.

The nation ought to put ASIDE its bogus moral superiority and principles for a while, which are ZERO in NORTH Kashmir and EAST Bengal in any case, and see which way this PARTITIONED India is limping and where it will end up.

It will end up exactly for the reason that the DEFEATED SIKHS and the HUMILIATED Hindus think the OTHERS love them!

One needs to see the Writing on the Wall: the first awakening to the Indians given by the devastating attack at PARTITION, and now see the approaching CIVIL WAR.

Partition doesn't mean a thing to the Hindus and the Sikhs. The MORONS have forgotten it entirely! So it is about to return to HIT US ALL HARD. We NRI's are lucky in more than one respect as we shall soon find out!

We will ESCAPE the retribution of God, since we fled Bharatvarsha in good time.

All the fine religions cannot bring peace to SOUTH Kashmir today. The current deplorable situation will go on for decades MORE, and will not end by the fine contents of any Holy Scriptures that could not prevent World War 2. It will end by the GUN.

India's rape and mutilation of 1947 must call for re-opening of the whole HINDU MUSLIM issue on the sub continent. Logic, Reason and SECULARISM has to prevail from KHYBER TO CHITTAGONG, not the bullying or gangsterism of separatist ISLAM or DIRTY DYNASTY.

In the new India, ABOUT TO BE RE-BORN, the native female will be honoured. The living martyrdom and life long indignity & neglect of milions of native females will ensure that in the new India, BROWN WILL BE BEAUTIFUL once again.

We, the degraded INDIANS, conditioned and brainwashed like DOGS into extreme INFERIORITY COMPLEX, shall remain committed to retoring the HONOUR of our own NATIVE (INDIAN) women.