Date: 3/1/2002


Why do the Western media readily jump on the bandwagon, blaming the Hindus for retaliation against unprovoked Muslim aggression?

What adds to their anti Indian stance is our own weakness AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL.

Foremost in that criticism stands the PRESIDENT of India, who himself is the enemy of the ignorant, brainwashed and intimidated nation that feeds him day and night and CONCEDES him the highest glory in land.

People of India have totally forgotten PARITITION, the unprovoked attack on SECULARISM by Mohammed's FILTH Column in 1947. Anyone mentioning UNITED India is regarded the worst enemy of India!

At the same time the Muslims and the pro Islamic lobbies, now joined by SONIA KHAN and her Italian FIFTH Column, keep telling the world how evil the Hindus are.

In India itself, the biggest "MEDIA GUN" and opinion former is a MOHAMMEDAN, MJ Akbar of The Asian Age.

This "Son of Mohammed" prefers the word ASIAN to INDIAN which must seem like poison to him. His "Asia" is a place where the Muslim has to be raised while Hindu kept DOWN. A cursory perusal of just one issue of his paper makes this point alarmingly crystal clear.

It is INDIA that they attacked so savagely in 1947 and it is the HINDUS they slaughtered so mercilessly then, and have been slaughtering since.

(Ethnic cleansing throughout Pakistan, ONE MILLION killed, ethnic cleansing in BOGUSdesh, all over North Kashmir, now even in SOUTH Kashmir, killing of pilgrims on way to Amarnath Cave, the slaugher of Singhs at Chattisinghpura, and finally this latest UNPROVOKED massacre of Hindus, including women and children, on the train in Gujarat on February 27, 2002.)

55 years ago the ancient DIVINE land of Hindustan was a COLONY OF COOLIES. None had a voice in government, hence NO referendum to consult them on PARTITION.

But with the passage of time, and DESPITE all the attempts by the succeeding GOVERNMENTS of PARTITIONED India and their highly paid ministers of PROPAGANDA surpassing Doctor GOEBBELS in spreading lies, the Truth is coming out of the granite wall of High Treason.

TRUTH is lot mightier and stronger than the high levels of BRAINWASHING and INTIMIDATION which cover up one billion Indians on earth, forcing them into submission.


Had India and Pakistan separated in the manner of Czech Republic and Slovakia, the Muslims would be condered normal PROVIDED the Hindus were allowed to live on in their Pakistan.

But since they parted violently after setting fire to Hindu homes, temples, shops and businesses, killing and burning in a beastly manner, they must be regarded BEASTS despite all the assertions to the contrary.

The Muslims are still in India only because our Pandit (BANDIT) Jawaharlal NEHRU kept his own part (fragment) of INDIA as his personal COOLIE COLONY, or fiefdom.

It was only inevitable and unavoidable that the HINDUS, pushed and shoved DOWN and EXPELLED from their ancestral homes, will begin to grow up in their levels of awareness.

They will then be shocked to discover that INDIA has been reduced in territory and SPIRIT, only to BENEFIT the indigenous Mohammedan FILTH Column and the foreign Italians, and was broken up in order to provide an EXCLUSIVE Islamic homeland for the Muslims, ALL THE MUSLIMS, not just those living in West Punjab, East Bengal and Baluchistan.

Since the Muslims claim to be ONE NATION across the globe, they most certainly are ONE NATION ACROSS the sub continent of India.

Hence they are one and the same "damn" thing across the whole of India, Pakistan and BOGUSdesh, from KHYBER to CHITTAGONG.

To call one "an Indian Muslim", the other "a Pakistani Muslim" and yet another "a BOGUSdeshi" Muslim, is to DIVIDE the Muslim nation across INDIA. It is also like throwing DUST in the eyes of the whole world.

It was done in PARTITIONED India at the behest of Pandit (BANDIT) Nehru, and is being done now only to retain the "FASTEST GROWING TIME BOMB" in India that threatens to EXPLODE our bogus "pseudo-SECULAR" republic out of existence.

Now, with the passage of time, and under laws of life, the HINDU NATION, maltreated, crushed and demolished with utmost contempt & brutality by the RULERS for centuries, is growing up.

The question is: "Should the HINDUS never be allowed to gow up?" Should they always celebrate that bloody PARTITION as our "Independence"?

Should East Punjab not relate to WEST Punjab? Should West Bengal consign the memory of EAST Bengal to oblivion?

Should Tamil Nadu not see through the game of TAMIL KILLING in Sri Lanka that is aided and abetted by the Government of India which in turn lies under the foot of ITALY & ISLAM (Sonia KHAN and her Muslim FILTH column)? Should Gujarat not relate to South Kashmir?

Should the Hindu nation accept the abuse heaped upon it by an invader from AFGHANISTAN, and forget its HOLIEST spot, where Lord Rama was born?

Should the HINDUS be BULLIED into defeat over Ayodhya as they were over SECULARISM in 1947?

Shoudl we all go on watching, like DETACHED "NIGGERS" or "BRAINWASHED COOLIES" the "fastest growing religion" in our midst, that has BEATEN the native Sikhs by 20 to one in its rate of growth- that will sound the DEATH knell of all the sleeping HINDUS, the clueless Sikhs and the ignorant Khalsa in the very near future?

Should we all go on spending more time on our MARATHON recitations of Guru Granth Sahib and Holy Gita, and less and less on the THREAT OF ISLAM poised overhead?

When the chips were down for secularism in South Asia in 1947 the whole world remained neutral, de-linked bystander.

Only when ISLAM hit the United States hard on the head on September 11 last, did they all stand up united, and went out to BOMB the land of birth of Emperor BABUR of Hindustan. Indian Air Force, commanded by a Hindu "eunuch in uniform" FAILED to show up over Ghazni.

India, that is now PARTITIONED, much reduced and greatly weakened, has to lay down one law for the mosques and the mandirs as follows:-


"There will be as many mosques allowed and tolerated in HINDUSTAN as there are TEMPLES in Saudi Arabia where the Rasul Allah of all the INDIAN Muslims (MOHAMMED) was born."

How about THAT for equality of the Hindu and the Muslim on earth?

All you "Believers of Secularism", please SPREAD THE GOD'S WORD- God, who does not divide mankind into Momins and Kafirs, God who understands many languages apart from Arabic, God who loves the pig as much as He loves any goat, Imam and Mullah on earth, God who will tolerate PARTITION of India, but in the end SMITE the following of Mohammed with vengeance.

Let this message go to the whole world. There is nothing wrong or inflammatory in it. It is the call for EQUALITY, FAIRNESS AND SECULARISM.

We will NOT let the sleeping dogs lie if the sleeping dogs are "the fastest gowing MUSLIM MONSTER" on earth that threatens to set fire to the peace of India and is getting ready to eat up the remaining TWO THIRDS of India, too.

There has never been an apology from the RASCALS (INDIAN Muslims) for eating up the one third in 1947. Nor will there be one in the future.


The solution to MUSLIM MENACE on earth is to shove and push them BACK TO MECCA where they all look nice and decent, where they belong, where the KORAN was composed by some crafty fellows, and where they are supposed to be AT HOME.

Otherwise the smouldering Islamic fires will continue to erupt for ever- not only in South Kashmir, the Philippines, Lebanon and at GROUND ZERO in the United States, and, eventually, ALL OVER our small and endangered planet.


A PATRIOT WROTE observing the HINDU counterattack in Gujarat:

Is this the revenge for all that is happening to Hindus in Bangladesh, Kashmir and India?

Now we will read a 100 editorials on Mahatma Gandhi's land being up in smoke. But no editorials for the Hindus burnt, suffocated or crushed to death on that train at Gordha railway station.

In Mumbai things are calm as cucumber with the "bandh" (strike) appearing to flop. The Shiv Sena, the great Hindu party, the saviour of Hindus has decided not to actively participate in the bandh. Which means in tomorrow's papers we will read that the bandh called by VHP flopped in other parts of the country.

That says it all about the Hindu face of the Shiv Sena. It cares a shit about Hindus. It cares only about it's supremo.

Time to delete Shiv Sena's name from all Hindu related issues. Delete it.



Satinder Bindra of the American CNN, describing in graphic detail of riot torn Ahmedabad had NO WORD on the fate of his relatives and homes in RAWALPINDI in 1947. Were they not burnt down with families inside?

Who were the beastly perpetrators? They were MUSLIMS on whose behalf the media is shedding "tears" in the Western capitals now.

One NATIVE Hindu fleeing burning LAHORE in Western India and the other fleeing NOAKHALI in Eastern India during 1947 had only one comment on ISLAM.

Instead of saying, "Islam is like the camel's droppings in the desert," they said, "Islam is like the thorny CACTUS and KEEKAR in the desert."

They went on to describe the other flowers in the human garden, "The Christians are the lily, the Hindus the jasmine and the Sikhs are the rose of our human garden."

Cactus looks very odd growing in the fetile lush green soil of Hindustan. Doesn't it?

It was planted there only under a savage Mohammedan Emperor's orders who also destroyed the original SRI RAM TEMPLE in Ayodhya and built his own mosque there.

The American media, like the Western media in general, are now busy throwing mud on the Hindus, blaming them for the killing of Muslims in Gujarat. Wouldn't they do well to ask the NATIVE Americans of THEIR opnion on Islam and, indeed, about THEM (the media)!


....That, what entered by SWORD, will be pushed out by FIRE.


It will fill a book of SIX MILLIOIN pages to write down all the names of the Hindus, and THE SIKHS, killed by the MUSLIMS in India since 712 AD. The slaughter, like the Hindu Muslim marriages, has been ONE WAY.