Date: 3/1/2002


Letter to "The Times", London, by an INDIAN (secular) patriot:


Your advice to Mr. Vajpayee in your leading article today (March 1, 2002) is amazing.

Instead of telling him what to do in order to PUT DOWN Hindu spirit, was it not better to concentrate on his PARTITIONED India, instead?

India is not like the Phippines where the playing field between the Government and the Muslim rebels is level. India is a very treacherous slope with minnefields strewn all over.

India is PARTITIONED. It was partitioned when her indigenous Muslims threatened "RIVER OF BLOOD flowing" if their demand for a SEPARATE homeland was not accepted.

It was accepted and India bore the brunt of PARTITION, paying the full price of her defeat at the independence talks.

The country was reduced by one third and ONE MILLION innocent people lost their lives. They never saw the glow of freedom which they had been looking forward to since birth.

Worse still, the MUSLIMS ALL STAYED BACK after stabbing India in the back. While the Mohammedans were traitors to their own land of birth, they also proved to be dishonest RASCALS on two counts.

1. They did the ETHNIC CLEANSING of all the minorities in their newly created ISLAMIC republic; and

2. Worse still, they still regard themselves as the future "MOGULS" in Hindustan. It is in that spirit that they threaten CIVIL WAR once again. This time over the Temple to Lord Rama in Ayodhya.

The Muslims ought to realise, and if they don't realise this voluntarily, they will be made to realise, that the Hindus of India can give them as much say over this and any other disputed Temple as they themselves would give to the Hindus over a Temple in Riyadh or Mecca.

Pandit Nehru, a party to partition, was clever and cunning to suppress all mention of PARTITION since that would have cost him his own life.

The successive governments, too, have MADE A MONKEY out of the Indians by ordering everyone to sing and dance over their "independence" on the 15th of August every year while deleting the word PARTITION from the Constitution.

"The Times", like most of the Western media, is quick to overlook all this since in their residual post colonial memory, India is still a land of serfs and slaves, the inferior human stock that can be degraded and kept bleeding for ever, by injecting MUSLIM "cancer" cells all over, into its body.

Had "The Times" considered DISUNITED (partitioned) India at par with the UNITED States, or the UNITED Kingdom, the advice would have been directed at the MUSLIMS of India,

"In 1947 you all ganged up to demand the establishment of "Pakistan", a separate homeland, exclusively for the INDIAN Muslims.

Now that you have it, GO THERE, all of you, lock stock AND KORAN, since the Hindus have woken up to SETTLE THE SCORE.

They are simply asking you to keep YOUR side of the bargain."

The Western media ought to acknowledge that the Muslims staying on and MULTIPLYING (breeding rapidly) in PARTITIONED India pose a serious threat to the very survival of that country.

Seen in another light, they are like an ISLAMIC BOOT UP INDIA'S.

With all these Mohammedans on board, it is not possible for India to stand up, leave aside, walk or run.

India needs to run, NOT WALK, if she wishes to keep pace with the "tiger economies" like Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan, each of them no bigger than some districts in India.

Once India sheds the DEAD WEIGHT of Islam, also called "MOHAMMED'S FILTH COLUMN", she will begin to develop economically as well as socially and spiritually.

At present she stinks and gets very bad publicity everywhere."