Date: 3/1/2002



India is not a "GOAT" at the disposal of her indigenous Mohammedans- to ride or rape, and then for halaal and dinner.

When warned of the Hindu backlash in caes Mr. MOHAMMED ali JINN went ahead with his diabolical demand for bloody partition of India, the late barrister-at-law from London replied,

"Hindus are a LUMP OF MUD. We can cut and chop them here and there at Will, and there will be NO reaction anywhere."

For 55 years that has remained TRUE.

"How did HE know about the Hindus' lack of guts, spirit and patriotism so well?", many a confused Hindu, AND SIKH, has wondered ever since.

But now the world is beginning to take notice of the one billion who have remained INVISIBLE or IN HIDING, to the rest of the world, in fact, whose proverbial COWARDICE and countless rotten "apostles of peace & non violence" have INVITED aggression after aggression, invasion after invasion, massacre after massacre, insult after insult, DEFEAT AFTER DEFEAT, from times immemorial. The worst DEFEAT of all was suffered in 1947 when India was forced to sign, upon her knees, the "Document of UNCONDITIONAL Surrender of FIVE provinces" (PARTITIONA).

Despite all the attempts made by BANDIT Nehru and his vast and powerful establishemnt, the Muslims have been perpetually under the very dark shadow of TREASON & TREACHERY as far as the PEOPLE OF INDIA are concerned due to that vicious ATTACK on the INTEGRITY and SECUALRISM of the Hindus and Sikhs in 1947.

The entire history of India, at least since 712 AD, is witness to their BEASTLY BARBARITIES against the Hindus. Just think of the manner of murder of Guru Tegh Bahadur, the murder of Guru Gobind Singh's two little sons on their own territory, of the captured Banda Bairagi, and the WHOLESALE destruction of Hindu temples from Khyber to Chittagong by these intolerant "bastards" who do not allow a single church or temple in their own land of Mohammed.

In all those LONG centuries there was NO check, deterrent or restraint on them except AFTER the entry of the British in India who inflicted a crushing defeat on the LAST surviving, fornicating, senile, Mohammedan Emperor called Bahadur Shah Zafar in 1857.

After that, the British ENFORCED their law on all, irrespective of race and religion, from KHYBER to CHITTAGONG. The whole country became safe for all. Trade and commerce flourished and India got her vast network of roads, railways, canals and universities. To the DISCREDIT of Muslim rulers, there was NO university across the whole of sub continent though they had heard of Oxford and Cambridge.

The Muslims behaved, as always when kept under boot or in the corner, but entertained residual ambitions of overwhelming the Hindus one day when the British left. They took their opportunity with a vengeance in 1947. It was so gruesome and shameful that the Indians put a lid on it all. There has been no mention of Partition or those massacres. A grand and despicable cover up of history through proverbial COWARDICE. No lesson could be learnt.

The Muslims came to India as INVADERS, killers, plunderers and the destroyer of temples, and every sign of Hindu glory.

That history cannot be sanitised by dishonest dirty and devious historians and politicians of PARTITIONED India in order to make them appear civilised, tolerant, decent harmless, even socially acceptable.

The way they congregate in mosques to pray, MEN ONLY, NO music, only in ALIEN Arabic, the way the sex starved Mohammedans target Hindu girls, the way all these marriages are one way traffic, the way they abduct and seduce Sikh girls, is loathsome to most Hindus and Sikhs who worship together as families with song and music. In many ways the Muslims are totally MISFIT in the free intellectual climate and gender equality of the Hindus.

To ensure long term peace, PARTITIONED India needs to GET RID OF HER UNDESIRABLE DISRUPTIVE element, the Mohammedans, who earned the testimonial of "PERMANENT TREACHERY" in 1947. Their loyalto to Secular India is the same that they showed so clearly in 1947. Their present sham of acceptance of Secularism is a grand deception meant to surprise and finish off the Hindus at some time in the future.

The "Testimonial of Treason" will remain valid so long as Pakistan and Bangladesh fly the flags of revolt and refuse to put secularism above Islam in their constitutions in order to undo that bogus PARTITION on Mohammedan terms.



PARTITIONED India cannot have the PERPETUALLY treacherous separatist MOHAMMEDANS any more. She should not forget their atrocities across the whole of Pakistan in 1947 when they got their chance.

There is no reason whatsoever why they will not do the same to the Hindus and/or INDIA if they ever get the chance again.

India need not live on tenter hooks. She needs to be CLEANED UP of her Muslim FILTH COLUMN in order to start functioning as a workable democracy.

Indian leaders ought to rise to the occasion. Instead of going for temporary short term reprieves by crushing the Hindu revival, they better behave like men, and speak to the Muslim rulers of Pakistan and BOGUSdesh to arrange the TRANSFER OF POPULATION.

That is the historic challenge facing India given the fact that the Muslims will insist on sticking to Hindustan where they are fulfilling the Will of Allah by weakening and bleeding the country.

They dream of the Hindus' wealth for plunder and Hindus' and SIKHS' daughters for rape and abduction.

It is for those PERPETUALLY at the "receiving end" (the Hindus and the SIKHS) to THINK and ACT, to ensure their own safety and survival.