Date: 3/2/2002


Why did the Muslims in India burn the train with the passengers inside last Wednesday (February 27, 2002), killing some 60 innocent, non violent and unarmed Hindus?

The Muslims were "testing the ground" over the issue of Ayodhya Temple. Their designs were SINISTER. They were trying to COW DOWN the majority community of India and subject the Hindu nation to ultimate humiliation.

It ought to be recalled that since 1947 when the Mohammedans took out India's five provinces to establish their ISLAMIC Pakistan, they have been continuously BLEEDING the Hindu nation, first by total ETHNIC CLEASNSING throughout Pakistan, then wiping out the Hindus in North Kashmir, later in EAST Bengal, finally even in South Kashmir.

But they avoided giving such extreme provocation to the Hindus in the middle of Hindustan for the first time. The Hindu image in their eyes has fallen SO LOW which is beyond the power of words to describe.

In 1946 they "tested the ground" by suddenly slaughtering thousands of Hindus in NOAKHALI. Since at that time Hindustan remained collapsed under BOOT of the British and mesmerised by the chants of MK Gandhi (MAHATMA TURNED POLITICIAN), the Muslims then launched an ALL OUT ATTACK across the whole of western and eastern India and captured one third of our territory, inflicting history's worst ever DEFEAT on secular India.

Under the TERROR OF ISLAM, that DEFEAT went into history of India as Independence! Thus all the traitors, culprits and criminals were allowed to escape.

Now if the HINDU struggle to re-construct the Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya fails, then the rest of Hindustan, too, will go under the filthy BOOT of Mohammed within months.

..........Hence the HIndus must construct that Temple.


"Our nation has faced crises in the past and overcome them," he said on Saturday, March 2, 2002. -------------

"MY FOOT! Which crisis did your nation overcome?"

1. STANDING UP TO MUSLIM ATTACK AT PARTITION? Which side of frontier are Lahore and Karachi today? Where is your EAST Bengal?

2. RECOVERING NORTH KASHMIR? All the WORDS OF ABUSE in every language on earth are NOT enough to CONDEMN your country's cowardice in betraying North Kashmir over the last 55 years.

3. ETHNIC CLEANSING OF HINDUS IN EAST BENGAL, that in reality is BOGUSdesh? Your country captured it only to return it to the Muslims without obtaining any guarantee for the safety of the Hindus who were delivered back to the Islamic "DEVILS" in 1972.

4. ENSURING HINDUS' SAFE RETURN TO THEIR HOMES IN SOUTH KASHMIR? SHAME ON YOU and your THIRD CLASS India if the Hindus have become refugees in their own country.

5. BUILDING LORD SRI RAM TEMPLE IN AYODHYA? What a "rat of a Hindu" you are Mr. Vajpayee, if you cannot stand for your own LORD in Ayodhya! Just go to EAST Bengal to see how even road sweepers there stand up for their STATE religion. Do YOU have any State religion, Mr. Vajpayee? Don't you think that after conceding ISLAMIC Pakistan, PARTITIONED India had to become HINDU RASHTRA?


SHAME on you, your mother, and on your third class India which could not stand up even to the "tin pot dictators" like Gen. IDI AMIN and Col. RABUKA!

7. GETTING RID OF THE BIGGEST SECURITY RISK CALLED K.R. NARAYANAN, THE DEVIOUS CHRISTIAN DALIT, WHO WISHES TO PUT SONIA KHAN IN YOUR CHAIR AND INVITE THE POPE TO BHARAT ONCE AGAIN? Isn't that a crisis of first magnitude that directly threatens your government and, indirectly, the whole of Hindu nation?

..........Which crisis has your nation overcome?

Now, being FED UP with your useless "sarkar" under the foot of Sonia and the terror of Islam, the PEOPLE OF INDIA will take the matters in their own hands, bypassing you.

Mr. Vajpayee, the one, who has most to fear the PEOPLE of India, is the worthless Italian born "WHITE ELEPHANT" of BOFORS CHOR who is dreaming of replacing YOU as the next prime minister of Hindustan so she could "teach the Hindus a lession" just as Indira KHAN "taught that bloody lesson" to the Sikhs in 1984 that they will never forget.


Politics are brutal and merciless. When we sent a Gandhi to independence talks, he was DISEMBOWELLED by a (mohammed + ali +) JINN in no time.

So, Mr. Vajpayee, if you are brave, speak up for the expulsion of ALL THE MOHAMMEDANS to Pakistan. Wasn't that the main condition under that ACT OF PARTITION, 1947? How come you are either so ignorant or so terrified?

You also jolly well KNOW that the Indian Muslims who went to Pakistan carried out total ethnic cleansing of the Hindus.

Mr. Vajpayee, don't be such a third class devious HINDU prime minister, like the scum of mankind who preceded you"


A patriot commented-

I always said- never irritate the Sleeping TIGER, which is resting. The pseudo-secular masters of India have insulted, humiliated and divided the Nation, created the Kashmir problem, lost land in 1962 war, [now the latest - bringing an Italian born alien -just because the Constitution of the country was silent- God knows what other insults we will have to face! ] and today they preach secularism.

For their blunders, the Nation is paying a very heavy price. Hinduism has now got up. Year 2002 will be the decisive year.


Another comment-

These riots (murders and killing) are going to be POSITIVE in two ways:

India is now, at last, acquiring her HINDU identity.

The world deals with someone with clear identity, even with the BOGUSdeshi "rat" which declares, sitting in the middle of our Hindu/Buddhist world, "I am an ISLAMIC republic."

The world is also dealing with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, equally fundamentalist, but with identity.

But everyone has avoided the "MONGREL BITCH" of a nation" called Hindustan, since none knows who will be ON TOP OF HER eventually in this "rapists's paradise".

Their reckoning goes like this:

"If it is the Muslims WHO COME ON TOP OF HER, then our investments will be lost."

"If it is the Hindus, they will be enslaved once again due to their natural propensity for slavery. They hold world record in slavery. So NO investments."

If it is CHRISTIANITY, it will be wonderful. So let us boost the rising "Christian Column" in India, and hope for the best."

Now the sky over India is becoming clear. Investments will FLOW IN like deluge, after all the Muslims have been despatched to Pakistan as per Act of Partition of 1947.

Then the whole world will know they are dealing with MEN, not eunuchs whose daughters prefer KHANS.