Date: 3/3/2002



By the time Mohammed was born, India had been a great WORLD class civilisation centuries before.

Dozens of holy and divine books had been composed on its soil as against one botched up literary effort of the Arabs, said to be "DICTATED by God" (If God is an "Islamic dictator", he WOULD dictate. Won't He?) to a mortal of obnoxious SEXUAL morality, unleashed drive to grab territory, wreak death and destruction upon the industrious Jews, the civilised Christians, the non violent Buddhists, the nature-loving Pagans and the freedom loving Hindus.

How Mohammed changed that green cultural landscape into a desolate volcanic landscape! It was the slaughter in Hindukush day before yesterday, massacres across Pakistan yesterday and Afghanistan today. For tomorrow, the eyes of the world are upon Irak.

Thus when he "inspired" his wild, bloodthirsty and mutually warring (as in Afghanistan today) followers to capture all the world (the dream of global Islam) and spread the "Word of Allah" from North Pole to South Pole, they got on their booster rockets and thrust their way forward in all directions where people were busy with their own lives. They had NO idea of the ruthlessness and savagery that went into the brainwashing and conditioning that makes a MOHAMMEDAN who was suddenly upon their lands and families.

One by one these civilisations, nations and countries fell before the SWORD OF ISLAM. Even such a large country like India could not escape defeat, death and destruction at the hands of these predators on an unprecedented scale.

In all the Muslim occupied lands bloodshed ended only when the last inhabitant converted to Islam or agreed to live like a humble pie (submissive moron).

All were robbed of their unique historic heritage, self-esteem, freedoms of worship and speech.

The great Chinese civilisation successfully withstood the Mohammedan onslaught through its military strength, Japan escaped through her isolation and remoteness and Thailand and Myanmar escaped because the European (British, French, Dutch and Portuguese) ships and guns had appeared in the area just in time! Hindustan had NO such luck.

On the other side of the globe the Christians were quick to rally under their own flag, and recovered the Iberian Peninsula and much of south eastern Europe from the clutches of Islam.

Their job was thorough in Spain, but they got bogged down in south eastern Europe, leaving dangerous pockets of Islam intact in Bulgaria, Yugoslavia and Albania. The powerful Soviet Union could only suppress Islam, not eradicate it as in Spain.

It has now re-surfaced in the former Soviet Union with a vengeance, e.g., in Georgia and Chechnya.

Peace will not return to these areas unless they do what the brave Spaniards did to cure themselves of the ideological CANCER of Islam.

However, it should be noted that in the global struggle for survival, the Roman Catholic Church, under their farseeing committed Popes, proved a stronger adversary for Islam than the dithering and disunited Greek Orthodox Church which is mired in Russia and South Eastern Europe.

To make matters worse for the Hindus in PARTITIONED India and the Greek Orthodox Church in Central Asia, Islam has found an ally.

The Protestants, including the Anglican Church (EU and the USA), have allied themselves with the Muslims due to trade interests.

They wish to ruin the others while saving themselves nicely. It is ironic that the Pope has become the tactical ally of the Muslims in PARTITIONED India since the Hindus are perceived to be ENEMY by the Muslims as well as the Catholics.

No wonder Sonia Maino (a committed Catholic seduced and wedded by a devious Mohammedan who changed his surname from KHAN to GANDHI overnight) is squarely behind the ANTI TEMPLE mischief mongers in India. Does she know who broke up India into three fragments in 1947, or who Lord Krishna was? So, if we choose our ENEMIES to lead us, we can expect to get wiped out. Isn't it amazing the whole Hindu nation and the Sikh world do NOT know this!

No wonder the Indian race is regarded SO degraded. The burning of that train in Gujarat is a clear indicator of how the OTHERS perceive us.

Our fault: trying to win approval of the world by putting the ENEMY overhead in top posts.

She is as committed as her ideological allies, the Mohammedans, to DESTROYING the Hindus and wiping out the SIKHS.

What a pity, neither the Hindu LEADERS nor the SIKH MORONS have the brains to comprehend this!

If Sonia KHAN were totally honest, then KNOWING the Indians' IQ, she would go about with a big poster around her neck with words written in block letters, "I AM YOUR ENEMY, YOU FOOLS!"

Then the natives would SEE what they cannot visualise. India is still the world of infants, SEEING and believing!

It is a great pity that the Hindus have failed to grasp this strategic global onslaught against them- and on their own territory while the Sikh IQ in such matters is close to that of a buffalo.

We play with our security so lightly, and then cry out when KICKED, BASHED, MASSACRED, or BURNT ALIVE ON TRAINS. That's what we HINDUS are.

The latter want Khalistan because the "Hindus persecute us," NOT becauee there is Pakistan!

On the Sikh territory there is not one memorial to the DEAD of 1947. A more dishonourable or ignorant (stupid) people (that is, the Sikh LEADERS) it is hard to imagine. Their chief minister is confined to "UNION" Territory (U.T.), something against which they should all have rallied by now. They would rather die for one symbol than all the TERRITORY under their feet. No wonder they were wiped out from the whole of West Punjab within one year, losing LAHORE, their seat of political power.

Since then the Sikh community in PARTITIONED India has been going round and round like a dodo with its one wing clipped by Indira KHAN and the ITALIANS.

This gives us historic and current perspective of the communal struggle going on in PARTITIONED India in which the HINDUS never regained control over their own destiny.

Before the Hindus became aware of the HIGH TREASON committed by All-India Congress Party led by Pandit Nehru and guided by Mahatma Gandhi, firm constitutional measures were in place to keep them under the new YOKE OF SLAVERY.

Pandit Nehru was not a decent patriot like Bhagat Singh Shaheed who would kiss the gallows.

On the contrary, the Pandit was a very ambitious, selfish and autocratic fellow who maintained a lavish life style.

The first prime minister of free India was not interested in educating the Indians or developing India economically but in his own dynasty's affluence and rule for ever.

He did the job thoroughly. His Constitution deleted the word PARTITION in order to accommodate the Muslims at par with the Hindus. His Socialism crippled manufacture, trade, industry and initiative. He kept the people going round and under, in a circle of ever increasing grinding poverty.

Many an intelligentsia FLED his Coolie Colony to contribute to the prosperity of Britain, America and Australia (most NRIs today).

There was no place for them at home to do their bit for their own country of birth. Pandit Nehru and his successors looked at the NRI's with unconcealed CONTEMPT.

Thus having demoralised the Hindus by Constitution, and got rid of the intelligentsia through his crippling socialism and bureaucracy, he and his successors began to fan the Culture of Corruption, filling their own bank accounts at home and abroad while leaving the people even more impoverished, confused, disunited and fighting among themselves.

Such conditions of political instability and INSECURITY were deliberately created in which the people would cry out, "We want INDIRA back", "We want SONIA GANDHI to take over India!", "We want the Congress Party back for our peace!", and so on.

Nationalist parties like the BJP have no such experts on social psychology, image building or sophistication. These do not come cheap.

Lacking such awareness and bold approach, the BJP could not take the masses along with them and have managed to form only a tottering coalition with their arch enemies, the Congress Party!

They have FAILED to galvanise the Hindu nation over Lord Sri RAM'S Temple as the word "Mohammed" would inspire the Muslims from Morocco to Indonesia.

Slavery under the Muslims and the British has destroyed more than just the guts of our Hindu nation.

In those decades when our country was firmly under the Congress JACKBOOT, the Indians at home and abroad were betrayed. Congress made sure that it put rotten lickspittle stooges like Zail Singh, Narasimha Rao, Deve Gowda and KR Narayanan, as the PRESIDENTS of India who will turn a blind eye to HINDU BASHING at home and HINDU SLAUGHTER abroad, e.g., Uganda, Fiji, East Bengal even in South Kashmir, where the Hindus have been shedding blood, getting killed and raped all along without attracting the attention of these rotten Presidents who also happen to be Supreme Commanders to ensure that the Army stays on the defensive, and if ever they advance, the territory is returned to "LAW OF MOHAMMED" with an apology, e.g., EAST BENGAL in 1972.

The Muslim numbes, influence and MISCHIEF grew rapidly in South Asia due to Hindu collape. We saw ethnic cleansing in Pakistan and BOGUSdesh. We saw Nepal fall into anarchy (boosted by Pakistan), and we see within India their audacity to order the Hindus, "SIT DOWN, YOU DOGS. NO TEMPLE IN AYODHYA!"

The Hindus, by now, are so gutless and terrorised that not one leader has countered, "How dare you order us about when we cannot build a single temple in the land of your Mohammed, when we see you destroy the holy objects of the others with such brutality like the two giant Buddha statues in Afghanistan?"

The answer to such brutes, who bully you on your own homeground, while banning your entry in theirs, is to do their TOTAL EXTERMINATION or send them to the Lands under Law of Mohammed.

Why should the clean and pure (decent) civilisations accept Mohammedan milk with goat's droppings in it?

The Hindus need not feel squirmish about it. They need to recall their own treatment at the hands of this ENEMY not only in Pakistan and North Kashmir but also their bullying at Ayodhya where in dispute with them is a structure built by a foreign invader in 1526 AD after he DESTROYED a grand and palatial native Temple of utmost sanctity.

We need to say this to these inconsiderate brutes, "How would YOU feel if a Hindu army invaded Arabia and destroyed the grand mosque in Mecca and then built a Temple to Sri Ram on the very spot?"

We need to repeat this a thousand times since such a question has never occured to the Muslims in their 1400 year long history where the norm was ONLY what Mohammed thought, said and did.

They are still PETRIFIED in the world in which the sun revolved around the earth and the earth was flat, and a man could take up to four wives while his wife had to be content with only one camel driving bedouin.

That is where the Muslims still are though we live in a new millenium, the Age of COMPUTER.

(NB: The Hindus and the Sikhs have been denied access to Information Technology in many subtle and invisible ways under State design! Indians at home are nowhere near the Japanese at home, in this respect. Among the Hindus in Bharat IGNORANCE not only prevails but RULES.

BJP could have attended to this but they FAILED to launch the 'Crusade for Computers' among their followers. They will reap the harvest of their neglect.)


Ayodhya is the Hindus' last battle. Since it is invisible, it has gone unnoticed. We have not grasped yet that it is for gaining the UPPER HAND IN HINDUSTAN. IT IS FOR SHOWING THE HINDUS THEIR CORNER, THEIR PLACE, IN HINDUSTAN.

If the Muslim MORONS succeed in bullying the Hindus into cowing down, then PARTITIONED India will slip into the "ISLAMIC SPHERE OF INFLUENCE". By the way, crumbling decomposing NEPAL was supposed to be in INDIA'S "sphere of influence". So was EAST Bengal!

The Hindus can then look forward to their perpetual slavery and the SIMPLE SIKHS can look forward to their EXTERMINATION in South Asia. They may survive all over the globe like the Australian ab origines and the North American "native Americans" or even be assimilated like the INDIANS in LATIN (ITALIAN) Amcrica.

Will the Hindus COMPREHEND this? They are being BULLIED into submisison over the issue of BABRI MOSQUE deliberately and PERNICIOUSLY.

Enemies of the Hindus all know that after India goes under the flag of Mohammed, as during the time of Aurangzeb, this very hotly contested and fought over spot in Ayodhya could well be turned into storage of manure or camel dung.

So much for the "sancity" of this spot as far as the MOHAMMEDANS are concerned. Neither the hair nor the toe nail of their Prophet lies buried in Ayodhya. Neither he nor Fatima ever set foot in Ayodhya! Arabic language is as alien in Ayodhya as Dutch is in Indonesia. So are namaz and halal!

They are simply out to inflict the ULTIMATE political, ideological and spiritual HUMILIATION on the natives of the soil, the Hindus, the Buddhists and the Sikhs.

Now we can see the role of this "BHANGI" CHRISTIAN President called KR Narayanan, and of the worthless White Elephant called Sonia, brought in by BOFORS CHOR from the Land of Pope.



Here in India we have a much bigger gang to fight. A gang whose dimensions cannot be imagined unless we go to it's real roots.

This gang started its operations in 1947 with the help of Gandhi and Nehru and their numbers and supporters in politics, media and our society are so large today that the Pakistani gangs in the United States would pale in comparision.



"While Gujarat was burning, a small town in Bihar set an example of communal amity, when a group of Hindus got together and protected a mosque from being vandalised."



Obviously today's Bihari Hindus are the end product of the full 'digestive system' of Pandit Nehru's Congress Party and ideology over five decades. They stink.

They rushed out to "embrace" the Muslims. But the Bihari Hindus of 1947 were quite different and a lot more HONOURABLE and far-seeing lot.

When they learnt of the ethnic cleansing in WEST Punjab, they chased all the Muslims OUT OF BIHAR to create a "MUSLIM FREE" zone of peace in India.

As a result their daughters have been safe from seduction, abduction, nikah and rape.

The Muslims of Bihar then went to their ISLAMIC PARADISE called EAST Pakistan. There they got the ISLAMIC boot, and fled, some landing in KARACHI to be opposed by the native Sindhis tooth and nail.

Many Bihari Muslims are still rotting in camps near Dhaka, dreaming of good old days when India was AKHAND and their Koran and mosque were safe in Bharat.

The moral of the story is that slavery under Congress was far worse than that under the British. It has conditioned the HINDUS to defend the Muslims who in turn are waiting to kick the Hindus in the back.

There are hardly any examples of the Muslims embracing the stranded Hindus in any ISLAMIC republic.


ANOTHER COMMENT from Bharat, meant for an NRI in the USA:

"As I mentioned to you some of our "secular brotherly" Muslims who have become lawyers and muncipal councillers are also sometimes taken over by the urge to attack and burn the Hindus.

"This will also indicate to you where India is heading. Now kindly advise us from 5000 miles away what we should be doing, how India should shape up.

"Godhra municipal chief arrested; toll 485.

Ahmedabad, March 3.

Police on Sunday arrested the Godhra municipal chief under the anti-terrorist law in connection with the February 27 Sabarmati Express carnage in which 58 passengers were burnt alive.

Police said Mohammed Hussein Kalotha, a local lawyer, who became President of Godhra municipality in April last year, was arrested on charges of being one of the key figures in organising the train blaze.

Earlier, police had arrested two municipal councilors, Salim Sheikh and Abdul Rahim Janakia, in the same case, police added."


...............RAM RAHIM NAGAR near HYDERABAD

............Ram-Rahim Nagar: An oasis of peace




HMEDABAD: They have done it again. For the fourth time in a row Ram-Rahim Nagar slum residents in Behrampura have set a record of sorts.

Once again their respective faiths did not come in way of the violence all around them or create a rift among them.

After easily sailing through turbulent times in 1969, 1985 and 1992 the locality once again did not witness any form of violence or disturbance.


"After easily sailing through turbulent times in 1969, 1985 and 1992 the locality once again did not witness any form of violence or disturbance."



Their day WILL come one day.

The ignorant followers of Ram, CONDITIONED into false sense of security, may have forgotten PARTITION, God has not.


A Hindu declared, "I am an extremely proud Indian."

He was promptly corrected by another, "I doubt it Sir. You would have noticed the ISLAMIC terrorism first, that chopped up and REDUCED our India 55 years ago."

Those who were proud of India died fighting to safeguard the integrity of AKHAND BHARAT. That we don't know their names today, is due to the fact that these were obliterated by the gang of Nehru, Congress & Co.