Date: 3/4/2002



......News item (BBC World Service) on March 4, 2002.

......But where was this MUSLIM Women's Conference held?

Was it in Saudi Arabia, the very Land of origin of Islam?

NO. They would have been dispersed by BATON wielding police.

Was it in Afghanistan? NO. The Taliban would have whipped the females and scattered them in all directions.

Was it in Pakistan? NO. They would have been LAUGHED AT, HEARTILY AND FOR SEVEN DAYS- NON STOP.

Was it in Sudan? NO. They would have been arrested and medically examined by the Mullahs to circumcise those who had escaped clitoris mutilation in infancy.

Was it in PARTITIONED India? NO. They would have been asked to go to the Land of Rasul Allah, the ISLAMIC Republic of PAKISTAN.

So, where was this Muslim Women's Conference held, and what were they crying for?

IT WAS HELD IN SPAIN which, being a CHRISTIAN country, let the Muslim Women gather under SECULAR laws.

Ironically, instead of asking the Imam of Mecca to delete the OBSCENE paragrapgh from the KORAN which describes the paradise (heaven) for MEN ONLY, or grant the women equal right to marry FOUR MUSLIM MEN, they appealed to the world to praise and appreciate Islam!

Can a MUSLIM female be SO wierd and distroted, trying to "sugar coat" QUININE that is Islam?

While the Muslim women were appealing to the whole world to love Islam, their men were storming the local CHURCH to re-possess it for the "bum lift drill" called "namaz".

The church was earlier a mosque during the much hated oppressive Islamic rule over Spain. That rule was thrown out as it was received- IN VIOLENCE.

The police beat them back and the national media warned them, "This is NOT Ayodhya where you can terrorise the HINDUS."


The Muslims in Spain trying to creep back like the poisonous weed of ideology, forgot that while Islam remained stuck to the body of Hindustan and could NOT be expelled or rejected, the brave Spaniards had COUNTER ATTACKED and wiped it out.

They would NOT allow a come back despite the pleas by the Muslim Women's Confernce in Cordoba.

Spain is not the soil of the retreating, accommodating, conceding, surrendering INDIAN "coolies & serfs".


Dear Hindus, have you commended this site to another Hindu?

Obviously not. Otherwise the number of hits would have reached ONE MILLION by now, instead of a mere 5000.

So come on. The TRUTH, as you have felt it in your bleeding hearts for over a thousand years, has been posted on Internet. IT IS FOR THE HINDUS, to KNOW REAL INDIA, NOT the India of Dynasty or Sonia KHAN.

..................O YES, ALSO TELL THE SIKHS.