Date: 3/5/2002


.......................5 MARCH

By a non resident Indian from the BROKEN Bharat of HINDUS & SIKHS, now living in the UNITED Kingdom of CHRISTIANS.

The World is a beautiful and a lovely place to be in.

The spring Sun is rising over England, the air is fresh, the atmosphere is serene.

There are no upheavals, nor have there been any for the last ONE THOUSAND YEARS (i.e., since 1066 AD).

The brave natives of this soil have kept all the predators OUT. Among them were the Germans, the French, the Dutch, the Russians, even the Arabs and the Mohammedans.

God bless Her Majesty the Queen, this country, her patriotic people, and her leaders.

However, we were at the wrong place and at the wrong time in India (as the "Karsevaks" were in AYODHYA right now), this day, in 1947.

The country was afflicted with cerebral palsy and gangrene. The separatist bloodthirsty MOHAMMEDANS, praying in their beastly ALIEN Arabic, defying all the native Lords, gods and gurus, were all over her body. They had entered ILLEGALLY, VIOLENTLY and UNINVITED from Arabia in 712 AD and had completely destroyed the Hindus' GUTS, SELF-ESTEEM, DIGNITY, PRIDE and sense of PATRIOTISM.

The country was under the unbearable burden of ISLAM. It still is.

INDIA of "Mahatma" Gandhi and "Bandit" Nehru was "raped & mutilated". She was broken up into three fragments withut any rhyme or reason, without any referendum, challenge or fight.

She did not feel the pain and didn't react. When one part was cut the other parts didn't feel a thing, want to know it, or care a "bloody" damn.

The leaders were cunning, corrupt, rascals and scoundrels, liars and imbecile.

They still are.

They are illiterate and ignorant like the masses and also myopic.

They still are.

They can only see up to their secret bank accounts. The army, the police, the judiciary are best left with NO comment.

"Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians are all brothers and sisters," used to be the popular slogan when the British were ruling the land. There was peace around, and sanity prevailed.

There was one law for all and a strong ENFORCER.

"Hindu, Muslim, Sikh , Isai (Christians), apus main hain Bhai Bhai."

Interfaith, interpersonal, interaction, all religions are equal and tolerant of others. But the TENTH Sikh Guru, Gobind Singh ji, discovered one EXCEPTION to the rule.

Bharatversha, Hindustan, India, was to get Independence from Britain but the 'exception to the rule' did NOT wish to be brothers and sisters ("Bhai Bhai") any more, and cut and chopped our COMMON, united and secular Motherland into fragments. They earned the title of DISHONESTY & DISHONOUR - "ETERNAL MOTHER F******." (Ma-chod).

They still are under this title. None can take it away.

With one million Kafirs (HINDUS & SIKHS) massacred by the followers of the so-called "Religion of Peace," and many millions shifted, and made to flee their homes, the sacred land of Vedas, Rishis, Mahatmas and Gurus was religiously and ethnically cleansed.

A whole generation of people missed one step in the natural development of life i.e., passed from childhood to old age missing their youth.

Harbouring strong cannibal tendencies just under the skin, have been the Mohammedans all along and throughout India's history since 712 AD.

"The Daily Telegraph", London, February 27, 2002, reported on page 17):

"Son 'sacrificed'. A Muslim cleric has been arrested for allegedly killing his son, aged eight months, by cutting his throat in a ritual sacrifice in the northern district of Mymeningh, Bangladesh." What a waste of tender juicy flesh?


"Anyway, our generation passed through the dark tunnel and has seen the light after running like hell from India, our motherland. But we are still without Dual Nationality, and known as gypsies, even coolies, all over the world.

PARTITIONED INDIA went straight under the heavy YOKE of NEHRU and the KHANS.

They are still determined to run down the country, hand her over to the ITALIANS and the KHANS, BASH the Hindus into total submission, ELIMINATE the Sikhs, impoverish the people and "teach the natives a lesson" that they (the natives) will NEVER forget.

It seems that the Hindus do need to be "TAUGHT THE LESSON" once again, since we all forgot the CRUELTY AND BARBARITY of ISLAM DURING THE CENTURIES LONG MUSLIM RULE, and more recently, the TREASON OF NEHRU, the COWARDICE OF GANDHI and even the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of India's five provinces (as if India is a lump of sh**) AND SECULARISM, to the savage Mohammedan bullies in 1947.

"When our "leaders" visit abroad, in the absence of marigold flowers, we NRI's ought to garlanded them with old boots.


According to one theory, the British MASTERS knew perfectly well the HINDUS' LOVE OF SLAVERY, and were afraid that after their departure from India, the MUSLIMS would, quite easily and LITERALLY, rape and slaughter them all, and declare India an ISLAMIC REPUBLIC.

Being kind to the Hindus, the far-seeing British then thought of chopping India up, in order to give the PERISHING Hindus (the born serfs, slaves and coolies) some security, a new lease of life, by putting them on the safe ground IN THE MIDDLE (today's truncated Bharat).

Little did they realise that the Hindu FATHERS would all promptly go for the ITALIANS in Parliament, and their DAUGHTERS will go for the KHANS in movies for their sexual dreams at night.

On EITHER SIDE of the Indian fragment (Bharat), the British rulers stood two stalwart (giant) MOHAMMEDAN sentinels to keep guard, and to keep a wary eye, on Bharat.

One of the two, the perennial drug addict, was called PAKISAN, while the other, fast breeder and rapid inflitrator, was called EAST Pakistan (now, thanks to generosity of Indira KHAN, it is "BOGUSdesh"). Both were to hold daggers and guns in hands, standing on EITHER SIDE of Bharat, to block the Hindus' routes of escape by land.


"George Bush and Tony Blair are the MEN OF MILLENIUM , and the US Marines, and the SAS soldiers are our defenders. The world is a safer place. We INDIANS can get rid of our insecurity, in order to live, develop and prosper in peace.

"We, for our future generations, do not wish to see ever, the repeat of 5 March of 1947.

"We thank for the life of DEFENDER OF AKHAND BHARAT, Nanak Singh, Leader of Minorities in Multan, a rising star in India's political and moral sky, whom we lost in that City of Bhagat Prahlad (Multan), this day, 55 years ago.