Date: 3/6/2002


When asked as to why a market in India's capital is named after a KHAN, the native "midget" seemed confused. All he managed to tell me was, "KHAN is the surname of a famous actor in Indian films whose posters in bedrooms give the Hindu maidens of our Bharatvarsha their sexual fantasies while sleeping at night. They don't ask their parents to spend money on teddy bears."

He may be an ill informed fellow but obviously movies played a lot more vital role in his life & levol of awareness than any good KHAN from history. In any case we know how history is manupulated in the degraded "coolie colony" of Sonia KHAN, where they call PARTITION "independence" and name a market after a KHAN!

That market, by the way, has many clothing shops where Hindu females go happily to get their bodies measured up for "choli, kameez, bra and sari". Khan shopkeepers at KHAN MARKET wouldn't swap their business for anything else on earth!

The Indian "midget" was still going on about that famous actor, Akbar KHAN of Bollywood, who has seduced, "floored" and "nikahed" a SIKH actress, and added, "Most of our girls would NOT have pictures of Sri Krishna who could give them SPIRITUAL UPLIFT or even LORD RAMA who was a manly warrior, a million times more adorable than all the Khans put together. But his manliness and virility are now in serious doubt with our daughters who see the state of his Janmabhoomi in AYODHYA.

"Our girls immediately compare the ruins in Ayodhya to the grandeur of the mosque in Mecca, where the Rasul Allah of all the KHANS was born in order to plunge India into DARK AGES and inflict PARTITION on our motherland." He would have cried had he gone on, ". . . . . and our people, ALL THE HINDUS, stood by when the KHANS raped and MUTILATED her."

"Lack of a HINDU actor at similar popularity rating as these KHANS shows that PARTITIONED India is still the nation of "eunuchs". Anyway, THAT'S WHAT OUR MAIDENS THINK."

We dismissed the cowardly fellow and proceeded to make some more observations in India's capital which attracts foreign diplomats by the hundred and foreign tourists by the million every year.



...............Who are these roads named after?

..............Were they great "Sons of India"?

.............Did they found great universities?

...Did they make the study of Sanskrit language compulsory?

Did they encourage the NATIVE writers, thinkers and workers?

Did they construct some grand temples though we KNOW that at that time the contemporary rulers in Europe were building grand churches (St. Paul's in London, St. Peter's in Vilnius and the magnificent Cathedral in Cologne) and founding universities (Oxford, Cambridge, Vilnius) in Europe.

What did they do to merit such high esteem among the native people of India?

FEWER ROADS in India's capital are named after HINDU and SIKH heroes than those named after the savage, brutal, HINDU KILLER Mohammedan rulers of the past.

The British stuck these Muslim names on roads in order to sweeten their own mastery and rule over India. The Hindus, since 1947, ought to have SEEN THROUGH. We should have been quick to notice the message they are giving to the natives.

Is India safe from Nehru's clutches yet? Is the Hindu free? Is Hindustan independent?

The Hindus UNITED in order to throw out the BRITISH who had landed from Europe but never united to OBLITERATE the Mohammedans from their midst, who had arrived from wild Arabia.

The former were a hundred times more civilised, who did not molest women or convert people BY FORCE. The MUSLIM YOKE OF SLAVERY, on the contrary, was oppressive, crude and barbaric to the utmost.

The Mohammedans went on obliterating every trace of Hindu glory of the past.

The reason is in the callous and beastly nature of the Mohammedans. They put TERROR into the Hindu psyche more thoroughly than all the Britons put together could do.

The Muslims DEGENERATED the Hindu race down to the core of our souls. They deformed our very mental outlook on life around us. It is like a cat "conditioning" the mice to lick her all over.

The Mohammedans DETERIORATED the very genes of our nation which is producing only cowards, barring a few exceptions. But a few exceptions, like the few "secular" Muslims in 1947 cannot prevent the ultimate Doom (the "FINAL solution" of the Hindus).

The HIndus have come to regard the ALIEN Muslims as the NATIVES of the land- like themselves. NOTHING OF THE KIND as we saw in 1947!

Why don't THEY trust the Hindus wherever THEY are in power, eg., Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Arabia and Iran?

A Muslims in PARTITIONED India being "secular" is the biggest HOAX of history that we Hindus, AND SIKHS, do not, and cannot, notice and comprehend.

Our brains are not sufficiently developed, our senses are not sharp enough, like the MUSLIM brains with regard to UNITY, LAND GRAB and ANNIHILATING THE ENEMY, mercilessly.

No Hindu in WEST Punjab ever got a reprieve in 1947 when the FIRES burnt and burnt with renewed fury, to wipe out the Hindus, whereas the communal fires in Gujarat were brought under control within hours with apologies by Government and promises of reconstruction of Muslim homes and mosques.

Wasn't it THE TIME to show them the WAY OUT to Pakistan. What was Pakistan for? ONLY to see the Hindus ethnically cleansed? Only to see the separatist "Muslim Mischief Brigade" staying back in BROKEN Bharat?

Would the Mohammedans, had the "SWINE" been native, have demanded a SEPARATE homeland, MASSACRED a million innocent HINDUS, and destroyed every temple in sight? Obviously they are not native to India but the worst aliens and foreigbers that any wretched land on earth has ever had.

Would they be DEAD SET agaisnt Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya today?

Would they be flying off to their LAND OF HATRED which BANS Gita, Granth, gurdwaras, mandirs, even churches? That land is SAUDI ARABIA to which THOUSANDS OF INDIAN MUSLIMS go, every year, their HAJ TRIPS heavily subsidized, from whcih they come back with renewed resolve to finish off the remaining Hindus, from which they return as proud cocks to put IDEOLOGICAL semen in the "Hindu hens" of Hindustan.

There is something WIERD, very WIERD, about the Hindu collapse in Hindustan.

The Hindu is behaving like apes, langurs and donkeys. He is living and moving as per the Will of his ENEMIES- not in accordance with his own.

What would the "Hindu Will" in Hindustan be dictating to us right now?

Accept the bogus frontiers imposed on us in 1947?

The Muslim "FILTH COLUMN" AFTER Partition?

Accept the RUINS in Ayodhya?

Accept Article 370 of Constitution that favours South Kashmir?

Accept foreign occupation of North Kashmir?

Accept Urdu as second language in any school in Hindustan instead of Tamil, Marathi, Pnajabi or Hindi?

Accept the adoration of Italian, and the neglect of Sanskrit?

What is Hindu Will? How does it compare with the MUSLIM WILL in Arabia, Pakistan and IRAN?

The Hindu has to realize all this and start the WAR OF HIS INDEPENDENCE once again. His India was hijacked before the very first moment of his freedom and glory.

The British were not going to return KOH-I-NOOR to Hindustan, nor freedom to the Hindus on August 15, 1947, however much the brainwashed and intimidated HINDUS may sing and dance to the glory of Nehru on the Day of PARTITION.

The names of those roads in India's capital city have to be changed like the "WITCH'S" name stuck to New Delhi International Airport. Instead of Indira KHAN it ought to be MAHARANI JHANSI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT or even GURU TEGH BAHADUR INTERNATIONA AIRPORT. Then the Hindu, and his HIndustan, will look decent to the rest of the world.

If, in doing so, we SET FIRE TO THE "MUSLIM BUMS" IN BHARAT, so be it.

They ought not to be there in the first place. Their homeland is Pakistan and BOGUSdesh. That is where they belong and that is where they must be PUSHED or EXPELLED so that India seems a decent country to the rest of the world.

The TREACHEROUS MUSLIMS in PARTITIONED INDIA, bidding their time to exterminate the surviving Hindus, will be regarded "native Indians" like the rest of us when they set fire to the ISLAMIC Constitutins of Pakistan and BOGUSdesh, and put Secularism above Koran, or keep their Koran in their bedrooms.

Let us change that "TEES JANUARY MARG" (30th January Road) to "PANCH MARCH MARG" (5TH. OF MARCH ROAD) to honour the MARTYR who stood up for "AKHAND BHARAT" and was assassinated by Muslims in MULTAN (City of Bhagat Prahlad) on March 5, 1947 to silence all opposition to the creation of Pakistan.


NO AKBAR ROAD. Akbar destroyed countless Hindu temples and massacred countless Hindu pandits and priests. He became slightly agreeable only after the Rajpur rulers started providing him with Hindu virgins to satisfy his appetite of Mohammedan lust and fantasies.

NO BABUR ROAD. Babur, the Barbarian, invaded the peaceful land of our ancestors and destroyed all the temples he could lay his hands on, including the Grand Temple of Lord Sri Ram. He obliterated all signs and traces of the original temple. Today not even an old sketch or picture of it is left to be seen.

NO SHAHJEHAN ROAD. This callous Mohammedan was very fond of women and the last one he adored was called Mumtaz. After her death he requisitioned the grand temple of Tejo Mahala and Raja Man Singh, to construct the mausoleum of his favourite wife.

NO AURANGZEB ROAD. Aurangzeb was the worst tyrant of the lot. His rule was the 'SENTENCE OF DEATH' for Hindus. His soldiers roamed the countryside proclaiming, SWORDS DRAWN, "Islam or death!", "Islam or DEATH!", "ISLAM OR DEATH!"

Small boys like ten year old Hakikat Rai and even smaller children like the two sons of Guru Gobind Singh ji were killed in the most beastly manner. How he treated captive Hindus struggling for freedom of worship, is seen by the manner of murder of BANDA BAIRAGI.

His two year old son was disembowelled in front of his eyes and his heart taken out to be thrust into his mouth. That was HINDU DIGNITY on our own soil! Yet that Mohammedan "bastard's" name is seen on a prominent road in New Delhi, proclaiming to the whole world, "Hindu is still a slave in Hindustan."

That road urgently needs to be called GURU GOBIND SINGH MARG, even if we have to set fire to the bums of "BHANGI" CHRISTIAN KR NARAYANAN and his accomplice in crimes, White Elephant Sonia KHAN who is equally determined to keep the name "Aurangzeb Marg".


Names of these HINDU KILLER tyrants given to roads in free (PARTITIONED) India tell the world, "Hindustan is still under the BOOT of some Mohammedan Emperor, or the uncrowned queen of India is still the ENEMY of Hindus."

These names tell the world that the Hindu history does not have any suitable or worthy names to match these "inglorious" Muslim names.

They also tell the world that the Hindus, who are required to accept these names in free India, are still SLAVES, or a VERY INTIMIDATED COWARDLY (and IGNORANT) LOT.