Date: 3/6/2002


A few Hindu thinkers seem to be cock sure that there will be World War 3 if India and Pakistan go to war over Kashmir.

We believe, NOT.

In the world arena, these two countries are peanuts. Just see how quickly America twisted Pakistan to tow the line and arrest or banish all the TALIBAN from her soil! So much for Pakistan that has been BLEEDING Hindustan NON STOP since 1947.


Thus, we disagree with the notion that Indo-Pak conflict would lead to a world war. Such an idea is based on a very inflated view- totally detached from reality- of the "decomposing and disintegrating" India, ignoring many facts.

Firstly, India is a country that cannot recover North Kashmir.

Secondly she cannot get rid of the Italian born White Elephant who thinks little of India but most of her own Pope and plunder.

Thirdly is it the same India that returned CAPTURED East Bengal upon her knees, back to Islam within hours in January 1972?

Is it the same India for whom PARTITIION is "history", and unmentionable?

This India showed not only lack of guts but also lack of patriotism (love of TERRITORY) and conviction (in Secularism) in 1947 and 1972. As a result, one third of India is now missing from her map.

The "cease-firing" funks (once glorious Indian Army, now known as "eunuchs in uniform" since that attack on Golden Temple in June 1984) are heavily infiltrated by the enemies of India. Any Chief of Staff going to war against Pakistan risks being assassinated by Al Qaida.

Constitutionally, the Hindu hands are tied behind their backs. One wrong move, the entire Hindu leadership will be in JAIL- just like those British days- just like those days of EMERGENCY under Indira KHAN, that is not "history" yet.

The next test of Hindu "Shakti" in Hindustan is coming over AYODHYA.

Our inability to construct the MOST IMPORTANT TEMPLE in Ayodhya, contrasts with their courage to ban all temples from Saudi Arabia.

India's foreign and internal policies cannot deviate even a millimetre from those of the PLO and the Will of ITALY & ISLAM.

There will be NO World War III if India and Pakistan go to war. Mutually squabbling, quarrelling and fighting India can FALL like NEPAL, and simply disappear in a ball of fire.

India will be snuffed out long before that World War happens.

Before the world takes India seriously, India has to acquire a clear BHAGWA (saffron) identity, shedding the mongrel TRI-COLOUR (flag) devised by the dirty TRIO- Jenab Nehru, "mahatma" Gandhi and Mohammed ali JINN-ah.

India is still in a state of residual shock after the unconditional surrender of five provinces in 1947.

It takes time to recover from history's worst ever DEFEAT and even longer if that event is not to be recalled or spoken of.

India's first minor challenge is to ensure the safe return of all the Hindu refugees back to Srinagar and to give us (the degraded mistrusted non resident Indians), the petty concession of DUAL NATIONALITY.


NORTH Kashmir went 55 years ago. It is LONG FORGOTTEN. SOUTH Kashmir, too, will go in one of the many mysterious ways that befit and behove the VANISHING Land of HINDU "maya" and "tyaag".

Just wait and see when the whole of India can muster the PUNCH to put a committed HINDU in the "Bhangi's Bhawan" of her President!