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Date: 3/7/2002


Please accept my hearty thanks for writing "1947, the Year of Partition".

Lots of new things I come to know about my former country India. I can compare the present India with the past.

......................Raj Chakravarty



Some of us do take INDIA seriously and AKHAND BHARAT even more seriously.

It is especially so since we see something horrendous, preposterous and amazing going on in the Land of our Spirituality and roots.

It is the total de-linking of the PEOPLE of India from their own TERRITORY, OWN SOIL, OWN MOTHERLAND.

No other people, no other nation on earth, is such a despicable "expert" in BETRAYING own country as the INDIANS are, especially the HINDUS who are native to the soil and have no excuse whatsoever to sit silently while the FOREIGNERS dominate their land, can conspire to cut and chop India, go about CONVERTING the natives with impunity, put the ALIENS and FOREIGNERS in top political chairs who plan their total ANNIHILATION.

FIFTY-FIVE YEARS since PARTITION is too long a period of time not to notice a certain pattern developed, practised and enforced by the devious, dirty and bogus RULERS OF INDIA.

We should not forget that these RULERS of India are not from abroad (except the President's wife who is from Myanmar, and SONIA KHAN who is from Italy) but NATIVE born people, who should have ensured dignity and decency for their OWN people at last, instead of plundering, exploiting and crushing them outright.


Dear correspondent, India belongs to her sons and daughters like YOU. So take over and take care.