Date: 3/8/2002



The rootless, confused, semi-literate, leaderless and insecure INDIANS living in the United Kingdom are making a common cause with the MUSLIMS, who have the same hidden agenda in the secular West what they UNLEASHED with vengeance in secular India in 1947.

Luckily for Great Britain, at least one political party has identified the "fastest growing religion in the West" that is simultaniously WIPING OUT Christianity at the corresponding rate.

Had India been a decent country, she would not perceive her citizens abroad like human "garbage". She would have been interested in their security (FIJI and UGANDA!) and in their well-being (Europe and North America!). In turn, the INDIANS, too, would have known exactly who to associate with, and who to AVOID.

The ones they would have avoided most, would have been the MUSLIMS, who have given a BIG BOOT "UP (secular) INDIA'S" in Lahore and Dhaka.

The diplomats of all decent countries move freely among their own fellow citizens while the Indian diplomats hide from their own people, and the public in general, like thieves and criminals. They are never seen in mandirs and gurdwaras, fearing demotion or reproof from their superiors. In their country the most SUPERIOR are the NON HINDU President and the Congress Party.

The NRI's abroad cannot hope to get any guideline with regard to what platform they should be seen on, or which party they should praise or condemn. The Indians abroad, have to decide such issues on their own like orphans, roaming the streets without an adult to care for them.

In Britain we have a patiotic NATIONALIST party, which is proud of their "British way of life", the like of which the Indians, who love everything ITALIAN and don't mind the provocative ISLAMIC flag over Karachi and Chittagong, have never seen in 1000 years.


It should be stated that among the various "Brown" communities, the INDIANS are the most secular, liberal, better educated and well employed while the MUSLIMS, as a rule, are backward, illiterate, unemployed and engaged in drug pushing, illegal immigration, violence and crime. With their large families, and sometimes with one family here and two families back home over there, they are also quite a drag on economy.

For political and economic reasons, Britian has to be tolerant towrads Islam. Her prime minister has to repeat the line, "Islam is a religion of peace," though reality is different.

One could say that there is NO Hindu or Sikh in Al Qaida, nor among those who destroyed the WTC towers in New York on September 11 last.

One can also say that those who illegally enter Britain, taking dangerous rides on trains through Channel Tunnel are overwhelmingly MUSLIM and so were those who set fire to the detention camp in Britain a few days ago, causing a damage of 42 MILLION in one night.

Muslim drug pushers are also fanning CRIME and ADDICTION, causing great stress to the average "Mr. Briton" whose fathers and grandfathers fought in two World Wars to save this country. Now they, and their daughters, being seduced by the hundred, and those falling prey to drug pushers, see their country "going to dogs."

The results of the new ISLAMIC ONSLAUGHT on the civilised world, are horrendous. Economy is downturn, jobs are vanishing, share prices have dipped, abnormal rise in crime, blow to tourism and even cancellation of night trains through the Channel Tunnel which brought in dozens of illegal immigrants, mostly MUSLIM.

The Indians do not relate to this country just as they don't relate to India, the land of their birth. The British do. The Indians have no stake in this land except earning money. And foolishly they still look at the Muslims NOT through their own eyes but through the eyes of Nehru, Indira and Sonia KHAN. Their eyes were gouged out and heads crushed in West Punjab, North Kashmir and East Bengal. Hence they can neither recall PARTITION nor notice the Muslims around them.

The Indians, who are treated like DIRT at home, do not get any attention from the Indian high commissioners and ambassadors abroad. So the Indian abroad has to do what he/she thinks best for survival. He often does what is very foolish.

One of those foolish things is to CONDEMN the British National Party outright while standing on ISLAMIC platforms in Great Britain. Back home, too, the Hindus and the Sikhs, standing on the same platform, denigrtate their own native religions.

The one and the only one question the Indians in Great Britain had to ask themselves is this: "What if BNP vanishes and Islam is all over?"

But we know the answer. The Hindu and his SIKH friend will promptly say, "The we will go somewhere else. Isn't this what we did in South Kashmir and EAST Bengal when the Muslims climbed over us ALL OVER?"

But what if the BNP has no such intention of obliging the Muslims by following the INDIAN example?

The so-called "National Assembly Against Racism", in reality "Muslims and their friends", are holding a public rally in OLDHAM in North England on March 23 next, to condemn the BNP.

While the Hindus have distanced themselves from joining the organisers, some Sikhs will be quick to jump on the bandwagon. One of them is even likely to deliver a fiery speech against the BNP.

O yes. When there is someone ELSE'S cause to champion, the Sikh will not be left behind, but promptly volunteer like a hero, to offer his life, even when it is quite foolish.

Fore-seeing this, a wide awake Sikh gentleman has posted the following advice specifically to his fellow Sikhs of Oldham, North England:

"I shall strongly advice AGAINST any participation, and speaking from their platform.

BNP is on their HOME ground. We Sikhs are NRI's MINUS dual nationality or State- minus dignity!

The Sikhs in Britain have to settle down first, before opening their mouths on a local scene in GREAT Britain or UNITED Kingdom.

A rabbit needs to sit down quietly, OUT OF SIGHT, when tigers and wolves go hunting.

In India in 1947 there was a similar scene when we got crushed under their feet.

For our simple community it will take another HUNDRED YEARS to get a proper insight into the local politics in Europe.

We know how we handle our gurdwara politics. National politics are a jump too high. We run the risk of breaking the neck on falling backwards.

By 1947, we had lived in India for some FIVE HUNDRED YEARS. How well did we know the POLITICS OF INDIA then?

We didn't have a clue to our approaching fate in the whole of WEST Punjab and NORTH Kashmir.

We are the SAME here what we were THERE.

BNP are NOT against the Sikhs or the Hindus. Listen to the tape produced by them. Contact their local man to ask WHO they are against.

INVITE a BNP spokesman to your gurdwara to explain what they think of the Hindus in general and of the Sikhs in particular. Don't be afraid. INVITE them and LISTEN to them.

If the British are sensible and committed to the preservation of their way of life and survival, then the BNP could even become the RULING party here just as the HATED (separatist, religious, non secular and fundamentalist) MUSLIM LEAGUE became the RULING Party in Pakistan in 1947.

We need to listen to the BNP, too. That's what democracy is all about. England is not a coolie colony of one dynasty where a different view is not tolerated. In this country one makes up one's mind himself/herself, and not as "incited, INSTIGATED or excited" by the "Asian" (Muslim dominated/controlled) media as in PARTITIONED India.

Get INFORMED. Raise your AWARENESS about the issues in this country. Ask yourself, "Why did WE not have the counterpart of BNP in our united Punjab, or AKHAND BHARAT, PRIOR TO Partition?"

Baldev Singh, speaking on behalf of PANDIT NEHRU and his CONGRESS PARTY, lost his LAHORE. (He never spoke on behalf of AKHAND BHARAT or the Sikhs. Did he?) Can we say, "Well done!" to Baldev Singh?

Now the Sikhs speaking on behalf of the MUSLIMS in England will lose a lot more than mere heads.

We Sikhs are a leaderless community suffering from a sense of insecurity (if nor inferiority), hence moving erratically like an earthworm whose head has been cut off.

In awareness, unity, resources and organisation, we are far behind the Muslims in London as well as in Lahore.

BNP is a native NATIONAL Party, now gaining support at the grassroots, like All-India Muslim League was in India.

The Sikhs here are not even a local party. Their MP's in Westminster do not seem to have a tongue.

So, let us concentrate on our own "MUCH REDUCTED EAST PUNJAB" first, and speak up for some kind of pseudo-autonomy for that State, where our biggest challenge is to get "Bhayya" Badal back on his own Punjabi TERRITORY. His degradation is our own, and BNP know this.

The BNP is not served by "Indian coolie press" for its state of awareness. They KNOW what we don't.

They know who's who among the "Asians" here. They know who shows the INITIATIVES and who joins up like CAMP FOLLOWERS.

They also know that we FLED our territory in 1947. THEY DON'T WANT TO DO SO. No, thank you. They DON'T want to suffer that fate on their own homeground. They are taking preventive steps in self defence. Is that a crime? Is that treason?

And they are taking these preventive steps in good time- not when it is too late!

If we want PEACE and STABILITY in this country that we LOST in terrible bloodshed back home in Bharat, then we Sikhs ought to JOIN BNP- man, woman and child, and also encourage the Hindus to do so.

BNP will be laughing with contempt at our "AQAL" if they see a SIKH on that "Asian" (read MUSLIM) platform speaking against them.

We ought to appeal to BNP to IGNORE any ignorant Sikh speaking against them from any public platform in this tolerant and democratic country. Pakistan and TALIBAN are NONE of these things.

BNP expect the Sikhs HERE, to defend the honour of their daughters, and over THERE, to speak to Pakistan for INDEPENDENT (Vatican like) status for NANKANA SAHIB, for putting Lahore and Amritsar in ONE country, and to speak to India for a SIKH high commissioner in London from Bharat at last.

That public meeting in Oldham should be addressed by MUSLIMS only and by the Hindu and SIKH girls who have converted to Islam, since NOT ONE of those on September 11 ATTACK was a Sikh!

That rally in Oldham ought to be addressed by MUSLIMS only since they RULE West Punjab without consulting a SIKH.

The Muslims are a GLOBAL POWER with 44 independent sovereign states. Their power is immense- beyond our imagination.

On one day they captured India's FIVE provinces while the Sikhs haven't got even five villages in FIFTY-FIVE years!

That's what we DON'T see but the BNP and the rest of the world do, and very clearly, too.

Those who become the tool of the others, end up as fools, as WE DID when our Baldev became the tool of Nehru, Gandhi and their "Sikh-killer" Congress.

LIKE THE HINDUS, we forget our history very quickly.



......................8 March 2002

Dear fellow Sikhs,

Please read the advice (above) to the Sikhs of Oldham, North England, very carefully. It says almost all, the words of wisdom to the Sikh Diaspora, and the Sikh Panth.

Charity begins at home. Participating in this 'rally' is a wastage of our time and energy.

The Sikhs are defenders of the rights others. But who has defended our rights?

Our Gurus have said, 'Manas ki jat sab ek pehchan bo. (Brotherhood of humanity'). The Sikhs have internalised it.

However the Sikh community saw something different because our leaders did not qualify it by saying, "there is an exception to the rule- that we are the People of Peace but out there, there is a 'Religion of Peace'.

The Religion of Peace divides mankind into Momins and Kafirs. "Kill the Kafirs, Jews and hate the pig!". There is no compromise. They even bricked up alive the two innocent young children of a Kafir!

This is the other half of the sentence, under the constraints of the circumstances then in India of our Gurus' times, which did not come to light.

The Sikhs have their own identity, dignity and Shan. They are not "ticks" on any animal and do not have to ride any one's bandwagon or share the others' platforms any more.

At a time when the Sikhs are asking the British Government to form a separate Sikh Regiment and prove our loyalty to our land of abode, we can not be seen dead with the trouble makers, the Muslims.

The Sikhs have their own agenda and must have their own platform to air their views. The Sikhs can convene their own rally when required. It's NO big deal!

My humble suggestion to the Sikh Community in the UK, and especially to the Sikh Students, is that, a student lives like the saint and works like a horse.

Concentrate on your studies, take part in sports at national and international level. Be good professionals, doctors, teachers, engineers, sports wo/men, Saint Soldiers and intellectuals, and whatever other jobs you do, do them well. There is dignity of labour and there are rewards in this country.

Invest in powerful computers and Broad Band Internet connections. Be 'with it'.

Donate computers to your Gudwaras here, and back home in Punjab to Educational Institutions and help set them up if you can.

Be nice to each other, and take care of the Sikh families fallen on hard times.

Work hard. Remain loyal to this country. Be committed to high moral principles in life. Do well in life.

..............Make something out of you."