Date: 3/10/2002


There is one yardstick for the HINDUS, "Get out of Lahore and Dhaka," but another for the MUSLIMS, "We will STAY PUT in Isreal till the last martyr falls, killing the Jews."

To what extent will the World of Islam go, to RAM HARD their message?

They will send FLYING MISSILES, packed with human passengers on civilian aeroplanes, to totally obliterate the two WORLD TRADE CENTRE TOWERS in the world's most powerful State on earth, the United States to serve as a WARNING to the lesser states like Israel and India.

The Hindus have been bleeding in EAST Bengal and South Kashmir for DECADES, and they have been wiped out in North Kashmir since October 1947. But we never saw the INDIAN COOLIE media get hot under the collar.

In fact one came to the conclusion that the President himself, the "BHANGI" Christian called KR NARAYANAN, is having his "secret delight", seeing the Jawans (Indian Army soldiers) KILLED and the Hindus thrown out of the Valley. He has become a SUSPECT who ought to have been either chased out of his luxurious "BHAWAN" or tied to the tree, soundly BEATEN UP, and covered in SPIT.

"NIGGER NARAYANAN", the PRESIDENT of India, continued with his banquet with President Bill Clinton two years ago when the news of MASSACRE of 36 innocent, unarmed Sikhs came in from South Kashmir instead of rushing to the spot to reassure the victims' bereaved families.

NO. The President of PARTITIONED India didn't move. He would have moved his "bum" promptly had the victims been a couple of Catholic nuns. O yes. Then he would have HOWLED along with all the Indian media which suffer from TERROR of the Foreigner.

The "Son of a b****" NAYARANAN is never reported to have condemned the bogus Partititon of his sacred motherland nor suggested ways and means of bringing the surrendered parts of India back under his own SECULARISM.

All the Presidents of India have given the impression that INDIAN secularism is something for the NATIVE "dogs and donkeys" (including the Sikhs) while MEN & STALWARTS ought to stay out of this filth in order to fly their own ISLAMIC flags over Dhaka and Lahore.

Now look at what is happening since the RETALIATION in Gujarat after the news of burning of the train carriages came in?

We should immediately visualise BRITAIN and then ask, "Will the BRITISH people not retaliate if the Muslims here set fire to a train travelling between London and Coventry and burnt 58 fare paying passengers to death?"

NO, WE DON'T COMPARE, nor ask.

Ridden by INFERIORITY COMPLEX we concede all kinds of atrocities to the Muslims while any retaliation is like disturbing the hornests' nest of the Indian COOLIE media.

That media has been having a field time in BASHING the Hindus since. They are making the Hindus seem guilty, perpetrators of crimes, who are the modern version of NAZIS.

When will this tirade stop? It will stop when all the Hindus are upon their knees, begging forgiveness, when Government of India offers an official apology to the World of Islam, when the State rebuilds every mosque, shop and house that was destroyed and when either the Hindus donate enough wealth to construct the replica of Grand Mosque of Mecca in AYODHYA, or Mr. LK Advani, the Home Minister, converts to ISLAM in public.

Here is an example of reporting in the Indian media, still relishing the HINDU bashing (March 9, 2002):

Quote: "IF the Gujarat police failed to arrest VHP and Bajrang Dal activists named in FIRs for instigating mob violence against helpless Muslims, it is hardly surprising, considering that the authorities and the Hindu lumpen were inextricably linked." Unquote.


But let us all ask, "What are the Muslims doing in PARTITIONED India?" Not one reporter has explained that to the world yet!

What do they think, we HINDUS are expendable, and LAHORE, KARACHI, SYLHET AND CHITTAGONG surrenderable?

The one advantage that the MUSLIMS on earth have over the rest of us, is this, Their founder called his own "MEIN KAMPF" a Holy Book, DICTATED BY GOD!