Date: 3/10/2002


.................... HINDU RAGE

.................. By S.P. Attri (U.S.A.)

1. The Hindu is angry and not without cause either. After getting sick of Islam's Barbarism for centuries, he is now deciding that it is too much for him to take the Hell-Hole of Islam. As a sequel to the encounter at Godhra, he is now doing some soul-search and situation-assessment. Hindu is finally realizing that trying to co-operate with Moslems, or to deal with them through Pussy-Footing, is going to get him nothing but a knife in the neck. Hinduism long suppressed and marginalized, is now raising its head, finally waking up from his deep-slumber, and becoming active and spirited.

He wants to leave behind the dark age of barbarism that prevailed under the Moslem-Rulers of India, for over a thousand years. It is history's revenge for a land that was subjugated by Barbarian-Moslems for over a thousand years. Changes of historic proportions, in the thinking of the Hindu, still lie ahead.

Godhra is merely a sample, of what is yet to come. It is an opening round of the Hindu Actions against the Barbarian Sulla, in our Bharat Varsha. After witnessing the torching of Hindus aboard the Sabramati Express, it is becoming distict to the Hindu, that he cannot stay super-cooled and expect to survive. There is no sea of tranquility for the Hindu, the Hindu has no alternative, but to move against the Sulla, this is becoming his mission of survival (Hindu Survival).

The thought-processes of more and more Hindus are changing. More, and more Hindus are now conceiving, that Hindu is Not a Dirty-Word, that you don't have to feel ashamed if you are a Hindu, and that it is perfectly O.K to be a Hindu. The veracity of this Hindu-Realization shall become known to both Hindus and Non-Hindus as we go along. This is because the Hindu is beginning to demonstrate, that he is "Not" going to take any more SH** from the Sulla, or from anybody else, that no body can dictate to him, that he alone is the master of his own destiny, and that he alone can transform his fortunes.

2. The Hindu cannot stay complacent, he has to prepare to confront the menace of Sullas, who are the worst creatures of this planet. There is plenty of challenging territory for the Hindu.

A terrifying crime was committed by the Sullas against the Hindus, by torching 58 Hindus at Godhra, which is the birth-place of the most obnoxious and the most fanatical Sulla-Ruler Aurangzeb. The Sullas annihilated the Hindus, with use of petrol and acid bombs.

But the Phoney-Liberals are blaming the Hindus (who are the victims) for this event. This is akin to blaming the raped-woman, for the crime of rape, for the crime of wearing a revealing-dress, which caused the rapist to lose his control. They pin the blame for the torching of Hindus on the Hindus and not on the Moslems. How ridiculous can these Phoneys get?

3. The truth is that Hinduism is a Non-Exclusivist, Dharmic, Tolerant, and Liberal Religion. It has been so for thousands of years. But this characteristic of toleration and hospitality of the Hindu Mind, is no longer adequate for the survival of Hinduism. The Hindu is finding that in order to survive, Hinduism has to become like Islam and Christianity, and take on the face of Exclusivity, Intolerance, Dogmatism, and Willingness to use force and violence, just to survive.

Through the terror, torture, slavery, and brutal-barbarism inflicted on the Hindu, by the Moslem-Rulers of India for over a thousand years, the Hindu had lost his identity. This Islamic Torture and Slavery, has created deep wounds in the Hindu-Psyche. Train-Torching at Godhra is opening up the wounds of the Hindu again. Ignoring these wounds will not pass muster with the Hindu now. The Hindu knows that he has done enough of " Showing The Other Cheek," and that it time now to " Show His Sword." The strong reaction of the Hindu, to the Train-Torching at Godhra, is a consequence of the Pent-Up Rage, that the Hindu has been carrying in his mind for centuries, against the Barbarism of Islam, in his land of Bharat Varsha.

The damage to the Hindu has been colossal. Moslems (as well as Christians) have torn hundreds of millions of our Hindus from the breast of Mother-Hindu and Bharat-Mata. They brought them into their fiend camp of Islam (and Christianity) by force and fraud. This makes the Hindu angry.

4. The Hindu is also observing that Israelis retaliate in the ratio of from 10 to 1, to 20 to 1 ( that is, ten to twenty Sullas killed for each Jew murdered by the Sullas). Americans retaliate in the ratio of from100 to 1, to 1000 to 1, sometimes the Americans parcel out punishment in even higher dosages. These are Impressive Ratios. Of course, we Hindus have the same kinds of rights that the Israelis and the Americans have. The Hindu senses options and alternatives that are available to him, it is not toilsome for the Hindu to draw fitting conclusions, from these options and from the scene of the world.

Hindus have enormous brain power, the technical capabilites and the scientific talents of the Hindu are awesome. There is no need for the Hindu to apologize to anybody in the world. The Hindu can make things happen if the Hindus get united, and resolve to take care of things, in the best interest of Hinduism. Above it all, the Hindu does not have to take the Non-Sense of Sulla lying down. The Hindu has more than enough resources of the mind, money, and technology, to restore his self-esteem, and to defend his Hinduism. It is not at all difficult for the Hindu to put the Sulla away, for good and for once and all.

5. Another item of ground reality is this, that the Hindu cannot count upon the Indian Government, to protect him from the barbarism of the Sulla. There is no defense for the Hindu, other than the one that he himself can muster. The Indian Government has to keep a Diplomatic Face, it cannot really take action against the Sulla, even though it will try to control Sullas, by pleading with them, and even arresting a few of them. Needless to say, these restricted actions are adequate to defend neither the Hindu nor his Hinduism.

However, there is no such restriction, limitation, or pressure on the Private-Hindu, who can react and take revenge on the Sullas, at the time and place of his choosing. The Private-Hindu can exact retribution from the Sulla in full measure, and punish him severely for the barbaric outrage, that the Sulla has been inflicting on the Hindu for centuries.

6. The reason why Moslems continue to practise their barbarism is, because they have not learned the lesson of life. No body has taught them the lesson of life. No body has stood up to them with brute force. Because Brute Force is the only language that the Sulla understands, it is the job of the Hindu to impart this essential education to him, to let him know, that he cannot impose his will and violence on the Hindu, without inviting retaliation. Hindu Action in Gujerat is not an Action, it is a Reaction to the Action (Jehadic Action) started by the Sullas. When Sullas conduct Barbarism, the Hindus have to have a remedy, and the remedy is Retaliation. It is just that simple.

Therefore, to deal with the Sulla-Barbarism, the procedure should be to Annihilate the Sulla. Take no prisoners, cut the Sullas out of India. Don't give any aid or comfort to the Sulla.

7. Will there be another chance for the Hindu, to retaliate against the Sulla? Without a doubt there will be. Why? Because the Sulla is an Ideologically-Hardened Criminal, he is a Jehadi and a Barbarian, he cannot be reformed. He also is a Tester, he loves to test the Hindu, he wants to find out how far he can push the Hindu. Life of Peace and Quiet, simply does not fit into the Jehadic life-style of the Sulla, he has to continue his Hell-Raising. You can be sure, that even at this point in time, the Sulla is planning his next move, to murder the Kafir-Hindus, as well as to carry out a few bomb-blasts somewhere in India.

His Quran and his Islam cannot permit him, to cease and desist from going against the Hindu again and again, this procedure is part and parcel of his Islamic (Quranic) Jehad against the Kafirs of the World. His Islam teaches him to kill and get killed. There should be no doubt in any body's mind, that the Sulla will give us Hindus plenty of chances, to retaliate against him, to maul and liquidate his Sulla-Tribe. But the repeated bouts of terrorism that the Sulla conducts against the Hindu, will only help to unify the Hindus, make them even more determined to crush the Sullas. This will help the Hindu Cause, not only in the short run, but also in the long run, psychologically as well as politically.

8. Therefore, let no Hindu worry about availability of more chances, to move against the Sulla and hit him hard. He can rest assured that he will get more chances than he needs. The problem of Islam is not a temporary problem, it is an on-going problem. The important thing for the Hindu to remember is this, that he has not only to knock the Sulla out, not only to overwhelm him, but to completely eliminate the Sulla. If the Hindu does not eliminate the Sulla, he is not going to have one night's sleep of peace. The choice for us Hindus is very simple:

Either we get them (the Sullas), or they (the Sullas) will get us. That is, either we kill the Sullas, or the Sullas will kill us Hindus for sure. The choice is just that un-sohpisticated.

There is a well-established pattern of Moslem Behavior, and this pattern is Not going to go away. What this pattern of Moslem-Behavior demonstrates is this, that the Moslems have to continue with their Jehad, they cannot afford to abandon it. If they abandon the conduct of their Jehad, then there is no justification for the existence of their Islam, then Islam will simply close its shop, and disappear from the world. Moslems wouldn't want to cut their own throat. Hence, as a practical measure of survival, they have to continue their Jehad. Those Hindus who do not understand this doctrine of Islam, and continue to be fooled by the sanitized versions of Islam, offered by the apologists of Islam, are stark-suckers.

9. This conclusion can be drawn from the fact, that the Moslems are not at all Sorry nor Ashamed of their Jehadic-Barbarism, they are Proud of it, they are Proud of how many Kafirs they liquidated, how many temples and idols they smashed, destroyed, and demolished, in the service of their Allah, and how much Kufr they eliminated from this world. Moslems regard Kafir-Hindus as "Expendables," Moslems have no other use for the Kafirs. Hindus, therefore, have no choice but to annihilate the Fiend-Camp of Islam, in order to assure their own survival.

Hindus should disregard completely the scare-mongering of the Phoney-Liberal Media and Politicians. These Phoneys are exaggerating, even fabricating and inventing the facts of the news. Their exaggerations and demagoguery is so bad, it is not even worth a comment. Only the Sullas are benefitting from these fabricated, exaggerated, pseudo-news. We Hindus cannot accept this kind of pseudo-rendering of the news. These pseudos are labelling the Hindus as Nazis and Fascists, who are harboring hegemonistic ambitions. These Phoneys are Uncouth-Monkeys, they have twisted minds, they lay all sorts of blames against the Hindu.

There is no evidence to connect the Hindus with any of this nasty stuff.. This is Phoney-Liberalism gone insane, and taken to illogical extremes. If these Phoneys do not get their act together, they will lose the confidence of the Hindus, and things will get far worse for them. The Hindus are getting wise to their biased reporting. It is absolutely abhoring to see the Phoneys calling the Victims (the Hindus) as the Villains, and raising Un-Called For and Un-Necesary scare and hype against the Hindu.

10. It is absolutely vital for Hindus to get out of their comfort-zone, out of their cocoon of " We Hindus must act like decent, civilized human beings, we cannot kill innocent Sullas." These are excuses for In-Action. With this attitude of passivity of the mind, we will certainly lose against the Sullas. Because the Sullas do not spare the innocent Hindus, we Hindus cannot afford to spare the Sullas, on grounds of innocence either, there is no decent or innocent Sulla any way. We have to get over our false sentimentalities. Let us not become suckers.

We Hindus have to learn the lessons of our history. Hindu kings lost their battles with the Invading Moslem Armies, not because the Hindu Armies were weak or lacked bravery. They lost because they were fighting the Dharma-Yudha. The Dharma-Yudha was valid in the days of Ramayana and Mahabharat. It had become totally-obsolete by the time, the Invading Armies of the Sullas appeared on the plains of our Bharat Varsha. The Sullas were conducting Total-Wars against the Kafir-Hindu, they put no limit on their brutality or barbarism, when dealing with their enemies.

11. Modern wars are all Total-Wars, the rules of Dharma are broken by every participant in modern wars. This may sound disgusting to some, but it is a fact of life, and its understanding is vital for the survival of Hinduism. I hope we Hindus are not foolish enough to go on conducting Dharmic War, in a era in which it does not belong. We have to eliminate the darkest chapters of the history of Islam's Barbarism on the Hindu for 1200 years, we cannot accomplish this task, with use of Dharam-Yudha. Dharam-Yudha only confuses the Hindu and makes him vulnerable to the Barbaric-Sulla, who is obsessed with the idea of elimination of Kafir-Hindu.

Hindus have to become Dread-Naughts (Fear Nothing, Fear No Body) and get over their False-Sentimentalities regarding Dharma-Yudh. There is lot of trickery, deception, dis-information, camouflage, and under-hand methods employed in modern wars. The Hindu has to employ all tricks of modern warfare against the Sulla. Otherwise, he is handicapping himself, and is setting himself up for failure, against the challenge of the Sulla. What we Hindus have to do, is to train our gun-turrets at the Sullas, hit them hard with as much fierceness as we can muster, it has to be nothing less than an attack for the annihilation of the Sulla.

12. Reports are coming in that, the ghastly murder and torching of Hindu Karsewaks aboard Sabramati Express, was done by the supporters of Dawood Ibrahim, who is also a Mafia-Leader, who has powerful connections with Pakistan's ISI, he also lives in Karachi. India has demanded the extradition of Dawood Ibrahim. So far Pakistan has refused to comply with India's Demands. Why should Pakistan comply when it does not have to?

The Sulla is not a decent human being, Sulla is a barbarian, and he is a problem. Hindus cannot extricate themselves from this problem, without annihilating the Sullas completely, otherwise the alternatives for the Hindus are dire indeed. Hindus cannot be Sleepy-Joes, and expect to survive the relentless Jehadic-Assaults of the Sullas. Every Sulla is treacherous, he swears piety, but carries out his Foul-Jehad, in the manner of:


(The Sulla utters Allah from his mouth, but carries a dagger, and is ready to plunge it inside the body of the Non-Moslem Kafir-Hindu)

13. A Moslem equals a Terrorist, we have 140 million terrorists in our Bharat Varsha. Now is the moment of truth for the Hindu, now is the moment for his drammatic and decisive action against the Sullas. The Phoney-Liberal Hindus are not worried about the danger from140 million terrorists in their midst. These Phoneys are Hindus by birth, but they care two hoots about either the welfare of the Hindu or about his Hinduism. But the Non-Phoney Hindus are prepared to Eliminate the Terrorists, from their midst inside the Bharat Varsha.

No matter how hard the Hindu tries to control his rage and anger, he cannot banish from his mind, the brutal-torching of his 58 Hindu Brothers, Sisters, Mothers, and Children, by the Barbarian Sullas. There is no way on God's Earth, for the memory of these torched Hindu-Karsewaks, to go away from the mind of the Hindu. These Karsewaks were barbarically torched by the Sullas, and the Hindus are not about to forget them.

Those who think that the Hindu will lose the memory of these 58 Hindus, over a period of time, are all-wet, they simply don't know what the hell they are talking about. The Hindu Anger is neither going to blow out, nor is it going to subside. If anything, the Godhra Episode is going to augment the anger of the Hindu, it will also do wonders for the awakening of the Hindu. At this point in time, the Hindu either has decided or is in the process of deciding, that he is not willing to take any more SH** from the Jehadi-Sulla.

14. No body should forget a Sun-Light fact, which is that : The Hindu is slow to anger, he is generally very patient, but Hindu's Patience is Not Infinite. When the Hindu does get angry, he really gets angry, there is lot of fir flying, and that is the absolute truth. Many have difficulty understanding this characteristic of the Hindu Mind. But those who misunderstand the patience of the Hindu Mind, have a hell of bomb-shell on their hands. They are unable to size up, the magnitude of the rage and anger that the Hindu feels, at the outrage of his Hinduism, the hell-raising, havoc, wreckage, demolition, and devastation of his Hindu Civilization, that followed after the arrival of the Barbarian Sulla, on the sacred soil of his Bharat Varsha, some 1200 years ago.

There is a saying that:


(Tough Rascals cannot be transformed with gentle persuasions) When you are living next to a barbaric tribe like the Sulla-Tribe, you cannot solve your problems through dialogue and negotiations. Moslem by training and definition is a Terrorist, we have 140 million terrorists in our Bharat Varsha. Time for conversations with these terrorists, is now long past, it is now time to kick their A**. Time for Pussy-Footing is long past, it is time now for some decisive and drammatic action.

15. When dealing with Sullas:


What this means is that if a Sulla throws one bomb at you, you throw five, ten, twenty, or even one hundreds bombs at him. Because "Imitation is the best kind of Flattery," the Sulla cannot really complain about the Hindu imitating his own technique. The Hindu is only trying to flatter the Sulla via Imitation. The Sulla should appreciate the flattery.

16. Regarding the Godhra Episode, writes a Great Hindu, Shri Sharma Jee:

But I am not happy that some Hindu youths are at home locked behind a secure door while they should be out on the streets taking action and teaching these murderers a lesson that they will never forget. I ask these Hindus to come out from hiding and go help our brave Hindu boys who are risking their lives to protect the very essence of our Hindu society and culture. You must avenge our Hindus that died in the murderous act or get ready to become Muslims yourselves.

I completely concur with Shri Sharma Jee:

The proper place for these Hindu-Boys is Not behind locked doors, but out on the streets, along with other Hindu-Boys, who are doing their thing to defend Hinduism, and taking actions against the enemies of Hinduism. If these Non-Participants peer into their souls, they will notice a picture of abandonment of their fellow-Hindus, a picture of the dereliction of their duty of Hinduism Defense. It is a picture of shame and it shall stay with them, for the rest of their life. How are they going to live with themselves?

These Non-Participant Hindus ought to be out of their doors and get counted in the defense of Hinduism. Hinduism Defense is the job of every single Hindu, not the job of just a few Hindus. It is the job of the rest of us Hindus, not to give up on these Non-Participants, but to bring them aboard the Hindu-Train. There is a saying:


What this means is that " Success Has Its Own Momentum."

17. This is how the Momentum Of Human Nature works:

When we Hindus start winning, lots of people who are presently sitting on the fence, or staying indoors to avoid participation, would move into our Hindu Camp, they wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of the fence, and look foolish. Many of the so-called Phoney-Liberals also, who prefer to stay on the fence, will switch sides to the Hinduism Cause. They wouldn't want to become Irrelevent or Look Foolish. Many of these Phoneys are rank-opportunists, they know darn well which side of the fence their bread is buttered, they know how to chose sides. The important thing for us Hindus, is to keep the Hindutva Movement going, keep the pot boiling, don't let the ball drop. Don't let the Hindu Spirit and the Hindu Anger cool down or drop into low gear.

18. The approaches of talks, conferences, and negotiations with the Moslems are Non-Starters. These talks are fruitless, they are talks to no end. They weaken the Hindu Mind, and limit his military response, but they do not ameliorate the adverse consequences to Hinduism, of the Permanent Jehad of the Moslems against the Hindu. In fact, they turn any chance of Hinduism Survival, on its head. Without the use of military power, Hinduism is denying itself not only an appropriate deterrent, but the means to fend for itself from the vissitudes of Islamic (as well as Christian) barbarism, dashing practically all hopes of Hinduism Survival.

19. Islam is the epi-center of terrorism, its Barbaric-Jehad against the Kafirs Of The World, in every part of the world, is the reason for its existence. You can be absolutely certain that Islam will continue in the vein, that it has been for the last 1400 years. Islam's theater of war is the whole world, and saving of Kafir lives, is the last thing on the mind of any Moslem. No Hindu should think of tackling Islamic (as well as Christian) challenges as a Secondary business or as a Secondary component of his life. The Hindu must carry the war to the enemy, to the source of Islam's Barbarism, and hit the Sullas at their home-turf.

It is time to take revenge on the Sulla, put him away, and call an end to the fiend-camp of Islam in India. Let Godhra-Retaliation be only the First Phase Of Sulla-Removal from India.


(The learned writer, a wide awake thinking Hindu, with the courage of speaking out, is giving a rousing call to the confused and timid Hindus back home, sharing SOVEREIGNTY with Muslims and Italians, to STAND UP and BE COUNTRED on earth, at least on their OWN territory, the land of Gita, Vedas and Granth, which is UNDER ATTACK and crumbling under our very feet.

After reducing India territorially by ONE THIRD, the filthy, fundamentalist, separatist and lethal FOREIGN ideologies are spreading in HINDUSTAN, supported by Muslim "infested" media & movies, and the RULING establishment in BHARAT.

The Hindus ought to regard HINDUSTAN, especially since PARTITION, as their exclusive homeland, and just as a house owner watches over who is coming in, going out or STAYING PUT, they ought to be extremely wary. India's doors are open on all sides and wide open to friend and foe alike, recipe for countless defeats and ETERNAL SLAVERY.

There is NO secularism worth the mention if you are wiped out.

Watch out for the treacherous NON HINDU ruling top, something unique in Hindustan! No other country is so degraded as our Bharat in accepting and tolerating the ENEMIES on top.

Don't trust the "BITCHES & BASTARDS" like Sonia KHAN and KR NARAYANAN who are NOT Hindus, and wish all the Hindus slow DEATH!

Make sure Hindustan is run and ruled by the HINDUS unless all the Hindus are unfit, incompetent and EUNUCHS.

Isn't that the case in EVERY Islamic republic where the Hindu has NO voice at all? Take the very land where Mohammed (Peace be upon his VICTIMS!) was born. Can you see any old temple there that was built before the birth of Mohammed or since the death or "AKHAND BHARAT"?