Date: 3/10/2002




Seen from the Mohammedan (MUSLIM) perspective, the world is upside down. Since the earth is round they can justify their BELIEF- scientifically, logically and divinely.

So, the world has to be corrected- not through persuasion, argument or love, but through domination- rapid reproduction, multi-marriages, conversion, bullying and destruction.

According to the Laws of Nature, there is Cycle of ‘birth, growth, old age and death’.

......That goes for any RELIGION and IDEOLOGY, too.

It is now the turn of ISLAM, which has OUTLIVED its life-span and passed its zenith.

It was at its Zenith on August 15, 1947, when it captured one third of the vast sub continent without firing a pistol shot. It could do the total ethnic cleansing of the non Muslims, and capture territories that were secular one day being ruled by Britain and chaotic feudalistic ISLAMIC the next day.

It had crushed the guts of the Hindus and bullied the world into keeping SILENT.

........That Himalayan evil was destined to BOUNCE BACK.

There comes at time when a DONKEY starts believing that he is a TIGER. That is the moment of its undoing.

Hitler had the fleeting thought that he was the master of the whole world. It occured at the precise moment when his armies were approaching the gates of STALINGRAD.

Within days the tide of his Destiny began to turn back.

The tide of Islam has started rolling back. That historic moment finally came on September 11, 2001.

..........This is the meaning of “Sub-haan Allah!”

ISLAM was born, then grew and grew and grew, till it became a global power. Then it attacked another global power when it saw the gates of Stalingrad!

...............Precisely then the roll back began.

Islam, like Hitler’s INVINCIBLE armies, is now rolling back to meet its DEATH.

...Hitler FAILED to declare, “God dictated MEIN KAMPF to me.”

.........We can already begin to see the DEATH OF ISLAM.

So, REJOICE, because the "POST-MOHAMMED" world will be the Kingdom of God on Earth.