Date: 3/13/2002


To the BNP:

"Consult not the Sikhs on how to defend this realm. Ask them how they defended THEIR OWN, that is, LAHORE and NANKANA SAHIB."

Ask not the HINDUS such questions. See their plight in NORTH Kashmir, EAST Bengal and West Punjab- even in Uganda and FIJI.

First and foremost, encourage them to repudiate unilateral BREAK UP OF INDIA on Mohammedan terms that could NOT be decent or secular.

Then encourage them the go for the top posts in Hindustan that are in the hands of heir sworn ENEMIES, e.g. President, his Burmese born spouse, the ITALIAN-BORN Congress "Rashtramata", and even the DEFENCE Minister.

No other people have such a low self-esteem of themselves as the Hindus in BROKEN BHARAT (Hindustan)!

LEAVE THEM OUT OF YOUR RECKONING. Simply be amused at their antics when they call you "NAZIS", as the mouthpieces of Islam in the United Kingdom.


While political parties concentrate on mundane daily concerns like hospital beds, pensions and street lighting, we do ignore vital long range issues that could rob us of our sleep at night.

One such issue is the invisible rise in "ISLAMIC waters" that are gradually covering this LAND. One could say, "Britain is drowning."

That is the real scenario that strikes me whenever I read, "Islam is the fastest growing religion in the West."

It is amazing that every speaker and writer then moves on with the rest of the mundane.

Not one shouts then, "O my God! Do you know what that will mean in ten, twenty or fifty years?"

We would all shout this, if we (1) cared to know; or if we (2) had a stake in this land, even in democracy and the Crown.

In this connection, here is a thought for the Party. Sharing it with the British people would be good.



How can we lose the war if we win all the battles?

The reason is much higher REPRODUCTIVE rate of the Mohammedans.

While the Christians focus on economic progress in a country, the Muslims focus on FEMALES and SEX.

While the Hindu is studying for his PhD, the Muslim is busy seducing his sister.

While the Sikh sticks to his wife for whole life, the Mohammedan has changed three in the meantime, and is dreaming of the fourth.

While the Christian increase in numbers is a mere 1.5, the Sikhs are static at 1.7 per cent and the Hindus register a decline, the MUSLIMS have registered a walloping 5 per cent increase in a mere one generation. (Figures are my conservative estimate.)

Those who wish to challenge this statement ought to find the answer to the questions:-

"What has been the rate of proportionate INCREASE in the Muslim population in PARTITIONED India, in relation to the HINDU numbers since 1947?"

"How many Muslims were living in the United Kingdom in 1947 and what was their number in 2001 (last census)?"

Only armed with such FACTS can one discuss the issue further. In the meantime we are all living on BORROWED TIME.

We may be winning battles here and there. The Mohammedans have their eyes set on the final outcome of WAR.


If it is politically incorrect to say so (as above). So be it. Let the British PUBLIC judge it, not the politicians of the day who have no stake in Christianity and Crown.


We watched that film why the British Women became Muslim. We got the impression of the "Drain of Beauty and Brain" from the United Kingdom, too, as from India.

As a result of this ONE SIDED movement of females, the Hindus have become "serfs & slaves" all over the world, and an easy walkover in India itself. The Christians here can draw their own conclusions from this "brain drain" and "beauty drain".

The next time a "proud COCK" Imran Khan announces, "My Jemima has embraced Islam," counter quickly by asking, "Why didn't he embrace the religion of Jemima's MOTHER to show that he is a gentleman?"

Not one Sikh Sardar anywhere on earth suggested this to "proud COCK" actor KHAN, who seduced and married a SIKH female.

Such INDIAN "scum of mankind", who cannot commemorate their own HOLOCAUST of 1947, nor defend their daughters from the Muslim predators, then turns around in Great Britain, and call the BNP "NAZIS"!