Date: 3/14/2002


We are delighted to receive the contribution on SARDAR NANAK SINGH, the MARTYR OF MULTAN (SEE PREVIOUS POSTING) who stood for UNITED India, and sacrificed his life for the glory of Motherland while, as we know now, his India had already been BETRAYED by the top Indian leaders (Hindu and Muslim alike) who were most willing to turn their wives and daughters into prostitutes, even sell their mothers. if they could get the chance to RULE and PLUNDER India, even headless, limbless PARTITIONED INDIA, after the departure of the British.



Dear Patriot,

Thank you very much for your invaluable recollection of that day in 1947 when ISLAMIC fires of hatred and separatism broke out in MULTAN, the sacred city of Bhagat Prahlad, and all the Hindus and Sikhs of that city suddenly became vulnerable, exposed and insecure, foreseeing their doom.

The “sullahs” (our treacherous MOHAMMEDAN fellow citizens) were encouraged by the cowardice of Mr. Gandhi and the treachery of Pandit Nehru.

These totally rotten leaders, though qualified BARRISTERS from London, did not-

(a) Demand a referendum over the issue of Partition; NOR

(b) Warn MOHAMMED ALI JINNAH, the traitor, that in case of break-up of India all the Mohammedans would be kicked out of BLEEDING Partitioned India, or exterminated.

It was like the HINDUS serving “pulao, meat and wine” to the MOHAMMEDAN "Bandits & Bastards" while offering them daughters of the family to relish.

That is how Gandhi and Nehru, overlooking the weight and force of entire history, "prostituted" India, the sacred soil of Vedas, Rishis, Gurus and Guru Granth Sahib, that you so movingly describe.

The worst fate of Bharart and her natives (Hindus and Sikhs) was yet to come, when Bandit Nehru took over, and obliterated the words “partition” and “patriotism” from his Constitution, and then immediately started impoverishing, exploiting, corrupting, brainwashing and dividing the nation further.

Since 1947 his India has overlooked the death & degradation of the Hindus (Kashmir, Assam, East Bengal, Uganda, Fiji, etc.) but catered for the FOREIGN minorities.

Today they have the cheek to order the HINDUS. “Don't move in Ayodhya!”, while the whole nation is being THREATENED and WARNED to behave as per the verdict of Supreme Court.

The whole world knows that this BOGUS Supreme Court of India is a fraud on the nation. It is not independent, but a despicable stooge of Sonia KHAN and her allies, including the Muslim FILTH Column.

In such a context, false gods have become the guiding stars of our betrayed and broken nation while the real patriots who rose from amongst the native slaves to challenge, fight and even die for AKHAND BHARAT, were dumped on the rubbish heap of oblivion.

There is no memorial to them anywhere though the statues of Gandhi "litter" the country and remind us, day and night, of our ongoing slavery.

Today, everyone knows who Sonia KHAN (Muslim) and Priyenka Wadra (Catholic) are, but NONE in Hindustan knows who SARDAR NANAK SINGH was, and what he stood for.

Dear Patriot, you have done a great service to the YOUTH of the nation by putting your thoughts, feelings and recollections to pen.

Your unique and rare account is extremely precious for the whole world, particularly for the Hindus and Sikhs in PARTITIONED India, to know the facts, and the TRUTH, on PARTITION.

......Now no one can be ignorant of the tragedy in Multan.

From March 5, 1947 onwards, the balance of political power tilted in favour of the foreigners and the Hindus were given the choice, "You must surrender and flee, or convert and stay."

There were countless other Hindus and Sikhs who fought back valiantly though your account has immortalised one as the prime example of courage, patriotism, Hindu-Sikh unity, and sacrifice.

It is now posted on <www.partitionofindia.com> for all to see.

TRUTH is now OUT. It is this: Bharat Mata did not only have the Kauravas but also the Pandavas, and Lord Krishna overhead, to keep you alive, and in good health, till this time in order to set the record straight. Countless more have gone, among them the whole generation in their 30’s and 40’s in the Year of Partition, who could have done the same by protesting the High Treason of "Indian" MUSLIMS, and, of our own barristers who should all have been put under the GALLOWS.