Date: 3/14/2002




.............Indian Express, Jan 8, 2001, p.1

...........Mafia financing 60 pc Bollywood Movies

The nexus between the underworld and Bollywood is slowly crystallising with an "astonishing evidence", indicating that about 60 per cent of the films are financed by mafia dons, the official said on condition of anonymity. As many as 20 films released recently are suspected to have been financed by the underworld don, Chhota Shakeel, who allegedly forced many stars into signing movies and rescheduling their shooting dates, he told PTI here.

Since the arrest of Mr. Nizim Rizvi, producer of the unreleased film "Chori Chori Chupke Chupke", allegedly financed by Chhota Shakeel of the notorious Dawood Ibrahim gang, Crime Branch sleuths had got a lead and were now zeroing in on more "go- betweens" in the film industry, he said.

"A few more arrests within a couple of days are expected." Ms. Mukherjee and Ms. Zinta, who starred in Mr. Rizvi's film, would be interviewed to know whether they were aware of the producer's alleged mafia connections. Mr. Rizvi, who was arrested on December 13 under various sections of the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA), has been charged with entering into a criminal conspiracy with Chhota Shakeel to eliminate eminent film personalities, including producer, Mr. Rakesh Roshan, who was attacked last year in an alleged extortion bid. The Mumbai Crime Branch, led by the Joint Commissioner of Police, Mr. D Sivanand, has effected two arrests in the case so far, and interrogated Mr. Salman Khan, who also acted in Mr. Rizvi's film.

The Rizvi case assumes significance for the reason that police have claimed to have clinched `concrete evidence' for the first time about Bollywood's nexus with the underworld which was suspected for long. The Rizvi statement has thrown a flood of light on the modus operandi of mafia which has been forcing directors, producers and actors into coercion, with the police claiming to be in the possession of a transcipt of a telephonic conversation between the arrested producer and the Karachi-based underworld don, the official said ... Mr. Rizvi, once a clap man who was paid Rs. 1,000 a month rose to become assistant producer, making some `B' and `C' grade films and later shot into limelight with the Rs. 12.7 crores budget Chori Chori Chupke Chupke which featured Mr. Salman Khan, Ms. Rani Mukherjee and Ms Preity Zinta.

Police believe the money came from Chhota Shakeel and they claim to have sufficient evidence to prove that Mr. Rizvi had acted as a front man for the underworld don. But the film's financier, Mr. Bharat Shah, maintained that he had financed through recorded payments. Mr. Rizvi also allegedly threatened actor-producer Mr. Ajay Devgan's secretary to reschedule the opening of Raju Chacha, which clashed with his film's release. It is alleged that Mr. Rizvi had used Shakeel to pressure stars to act in his films and forced many distributors to reschedule their films to get maximum profit for himself. Film producer, Mr. Harish Sugandh, brother of producer, Mr. Jhamu Sugandh, has been summoned to city police headquarters and is likely to be quizzed tomorrow in connection with financing of his recent film, police sources said here today.

Earlier, police recovered some documents and diaries from the producers' office here, the sources added. - PTI



The Hindi film industry is a veritable sewer and safe haven for criminals, gangsters and mass murderers. As the Indian Express correctly states, the overwhelming majority of Hindi films produced are funded by various mafias, hired killers, underground terrorist organizations and hardcore criminal gangsters. Little wonder then, that the prime objective of these films is to glorify the outlaw, the bandit and the murderer, to idolize the law of the gun and to legitimize the life of the killer. Hence, as upholders of peace and democracy,Remember, when you buy a ten-rupee ticket, most of these rupees end up in the coffers of a killer who financed the film. Make no mistake - you are paying money to a professional gang of murderers. Worse still, when you view Hindi films you are funding them of your own free will; nobody is forcing you to watch this filth.

Persons not belonging to the Hindiwallah community should boycott Hindi films as the money earned by the Hindiwallah film industry mostly ends up financing various mafias and criminal gangsters whose sole aim is to annihilate non-Hindi civilizations from the face of the Earth. Just see what has happened to Bombay. It was once a peaceful Marathi town which had been subtantially built up by the British. After waves of immigration by Hindiwallas from the overpopulated and mainly illiterate cow-belt, it was soon transformed into a safe haven for savage killers and gangsters galore.

The indigenous Marathi population was reduced to a minority as the baby-booming Hindiwallas out-bred the Marathis, eventually transforming Bombay into the crime capital of India.


Indian films were supposed to bring out the NATIVE Hindu culture and ethos with vigour and conviction. Instead, they openly insult Hindu values, destroy Hindu pride, show the hard working honourable Sikhs as bandits, but adore Turkey and Arabia, while serving the cause of ISLAMIC FILTH COLUMN in Bharat.