Date: 3/14/2002



A country's Supreme Court is the highest judicial body which is suppoed to be impartial, above board, and, above all, free of political fears and terrors.

India's Supreme Court is NOTHING OF THE KIND. It is the world's most MANIPULATED dishonest body of fake legal experts and bogus advocates who will sell their conscience for five rupees.

The first time that India's Supreme Court fell in public esteem was when they sentenced two PATRIOTS, Nathu Ram and Nana Apte to DEATH BY HANGING. What they had done was supposed to have been accomplished by EVERY India alive then.

Still the job was HALF DONE. The real criminal escaped. That was BANDIT JAWAHARLAL NEHRU who established his very autocratic rule while ENSLAVING INDIA once again. He signed that ACT OF PARTITION OF INDIA in 1947 that surrendered five provinces to the uncouth, savage and illiterate MOHAMMEDAN rascals to wipe out every trace of SECULARISM from Western and Eastern India. Then the PANDIT had the cheek and audacity to IMPOSE his Secularism on his own betrayed subjects, the Hindus.

The TRUTH at that time was, "If Secularism is zero in Lahore, then it is DOG'S MUCK in New Delhi, Amritsar, Mumbai and Chennai.That is why NEHRU deserved to be executed by a FIRING SQUAD on the day he talked of his own "glow of freedom". Instead the Supreme Counrt acted as the despicable stooges of Nehru and fell in public eye.

Thereafter the Supreme Court was to give a verdict on PARTITION itself that was ILLEGAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, UNDEMOCRATIC AND IN VIOLATION OF SECULARISM. It was also meant to ensure the full transfer of populations, that is, Hindus and Sikhs to India and MOHAMMEDANS TO PAKISTAN.

It was THIS Supreme Court of "DOGS & BITCHES" that saw the total ETHNIC CLEANSING of the Hindus in Pakistan, yet did not issue any verdict or instruction for the Muslims to vanish from Bharat.

This rotten Supreme Court had to NOTICE Partition and then regarded India as HINDU RASHTRA. But it could not do so if in fact it itself is INFESTED with the CONGRESS vermin that owe their FIRST LOYALTY to the Nehrus, Gandhis and "Gandus". This makes a MOCKERY of the ancient country called Bharatvarsha. This insults our Rishis and Avatars, and above all, LORD SRI RAM.

In reality the nation ought to catch each and every judge of this Supreme Court, make him or her SIT ON A DONKEY, and then drive them off to MECCA to see the status of the NATIVE Lord there.




Today’s decision of preventing Hindu’s from symbolic worship of their revered Lord Rama at his birthplace Ayodhya is deplorable, pathetic, wretched and dire.

The decision is not only undemocratic but unlawful and unconstitutional, too. It smells of rotten rat of political secularism.

It is a great shame on the three justices B N Kirpal, G B Pattanaik and V N Khare, who are Hindus, Hindu traitors have struck again.

Today’s decision of Supreme Court of Bharat (India) is not at all the decision of Law and Truth, but a decision of political will with the ideology sprung up from the time of MK Ghandhi.

First, Ghandhi nailed the coffin of Hindu Rashtra by allowing Muslims to stay back in Bharat even though the Muslims had bitterly fought for their separate Islamic state called Pakistan and to achieve it, the Muslims killed millions of Hindus which includes Jains, Boudh, Sikhs and Parsis.

The same Muslims who remained in India at the mercy of Hindus are now against the ideal of a great king of Bharat, Shri Ram.

In their eyes, Babar the Barbaric Invader, who killed the forefathers of Hindu Convert Muslims (whose veins are still pumping Hindu blood as they were not made Muslim by the draining of blood to make them halal) and forcefully converted them to Islam, is more venerable than Lord Shri Rama.

The Muslims of the world are definitely in jubilation as the idiotic judges of supreme court, under the influence of political will, banned Hindus from symbolic worship of Hindu god Shri Rama at his birth place.

These judges should have sacrificed themselves like the two sons of Guru Gobind Singhji, rather than giving into political pressures and announcing such anti-Hindu decision.

These three judges have tried to evaluate the character of our great Lord Shri Rama with the barbaric character of Babar. By giving such order the judges have put our great lord Shri Rama in the same category as a barbaric foreign invader, Babar, who destroyed thousands of Hindu temples, killed millions of innocent Hindu children, adults, and raped thousands of women and built mosque on the same site of temples to prove Islamic superiority.

They couldn’t differentiate between the barbaric ideology of Islam and the peaceful, accommodative ideology of their own religion, Hindu Dharma.

These so called learned Hindu judges could not judge between right and wrong, good and bad, how could their foolish judgment be respected by Hindus.

This decision of supreme court is the greatest disgrace in the history of Bharat where the judges bowed to the political will, then to uphold the law, which believes in truth and evidence.

The judges and the supreme court of India, have insulted Shri Rama, the hero if Ramayan, whom Hindus have revered, prayed to, and worshipped since times immemorial.

There is no law, above the law of God. There is no law above the law of Land. There is no law, above the religious faith and feelings of millions of Hindus.

The Indian supreme court has played with the feelings and faith of Hindus, this is a great insult to Shri Rama and millions of Hindus. Every Hindu must boycott the decision and get ready to destroy the enemies of Hindu, Arya or Vedic Dharma.

The time has come to get ready for Maha Kranti – Dharma Yuddha –

Oh Hindu Be Arjun, Take up weapons and get ready to destroy whoever among your own friends and family are against your Dharma.

Destroy them with all those enemies of our Dharma, who call us Kafir. The pride, valor, the bravery, Dharma, Parampara and Sanskruti of Aryan (Hindu) race are at stake.

Arise, Awake and stop not till the Ram Janmabhumi and all our religious traces are liberated from Islamic occupation and those temples have been re-built and brought to their original places as well as Hindu Rashtra is established.

MAHA HINDU KRANTI IS OUR MAHA MANTRA & Dharma Yuddha is our solution to all problems.


........................JAI SHRI RAM