Date: 3/15/2002



Most Hindus will find one word quite obscene in the title. But amazingly, they will not find anything obscene in the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of India's five provinces to MOHAMMEDANS though that despicable defeat was a million times more vulgar and obscene than visualising MK Gandhi surrendering himself to a MUSALMAAN for anal sex.

On hearing the nees of PARTITION, there was universal consternation and condemnation across India. Hence Pandit Nehru and his mentor Gandhi did not demand Referendum on the issue. They knew the outcome.

An enraged NATHU RAM GODSE approached Gandhi one morning and said, "Why are you silent? The nation expects you to give a call to RESIST?"

What Gandhi said, needs to be known to us all, "There will be civil war and I wish to avoid it AT ALL COSTS."

"NO Mr. Gandhi, you are not avoiding it, YOU ARE POSTPONING IT," replied Nathu Ram.

NOW LOOK AT THIS SUPREME COURT OF INDIA, a minipulated body of "rats" who are supposed to uphold law based on local tradition and international practice.

The local tradition is that LORD RAMA IS THE DIVINE LORD OF HINDUSTAN and the internation practice can be seen by these "rats" by travelling to MECCA where Mohammed was born.

They will see that, being KAFIRS, they will not gain entry into the city, unlike Delhi where every third fellow is a sword bearer of Mohammed.

Then they will see that all the Chief Justices in that land will not allow a single mandir, church or gurdwara.

They will only see mosques all over. That much for the international practice.

So where does Hindustan fit in? IN THE STINKING CESSPIT OF FAST MOVING HISTORY. Hence their verdict, "NO SR RAM TEMPLE IN AYODHYA!"

In other words the Chief Justices of India's SUPREME COURT have said, "We will postpone the day of final slaughter of the Hindus in Hindustan."

If the "dogs" have an e-mail address, please send this message to the "GANDUS", the followers of GANDHI, endorsing a copy to "BHANGI" CHRISTIAN KR NARAYANAN, the Supreme Commander of India, who is sharing a laugh with his BURMESE born spouse and the ITALIAN born bosom friend.

In that climate of tension, insecurity and utter confusion, AS PER THE "WILL OF DYNASTY, ISLAM & STATE," please read the news in The Hindustan Times of March 14, 2002:-


............Supreme Court clarifies its Ayodhya order

..............The Hindustan Times, via News Plus

......................Thursday, March 14, 2002

New Delhi, March 14 (PTI) - The Supreme Court on Thursday clarified that the status quo barring any kind of religious activity ordered by it at the acquired land in Ayodhya also covered the whole of the land vested with the central government.

The clarification was made in a ruling by a three judge bench while modifying Wednesday's order which had disallowed any religious activities of any nature on the acquired land of 67.703 acres.

The court said it was issuing the clarifications because of the ambiguity pointed out in a newspaper report in its Wednesday's order.

The report said the order by the same bench covered only two revenue plots in village Kot Ramchandra while barring any religious activity in the entire 67.703 acres whereas the acquired land in fact encompassed over a 100 revenue plots spread over three villages in the holy town.

The bench comprised Justice B N Kirpal, Justice G B Pattanaik and Justice V N Khare.

The modified order makes it clear that it also covered the land described in the schedule to the acquisition of certain areas at Ayodhya Act, 1993.

"In the meantime, we direct that on this 67.703 acres of land located in revenue plot Nos 159 and 160 in village Kot Ramchandra as well as and including the land described in the schedule to the acquisition of certain areas at Ayodhya Act, 1993 (Act No. 33/1993) which is vested in the central government, no religious activity of any kind by anyone, either symbolic or actual, including bhumi puja or shila puja shall be permitted or allowed to take place," said today's modified order.


What treatment should another SUPREME COURT, the one representing the PEOPLE OF INDIA mete out to this stooge of a dog's body appointed under the Constitution of "COOLIES" that cannot question the presence of MUSLIMS in BROKEN BHARAT after (AFTER!) Partition?

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