Date: 3/16/2002





The other day I was in town and saw my acquaintance, MOHAMMED ISLAM UDDIN from Bangladesh, who works in the next building to mine. I am an NRI, living in the United Kingdom.

He was accompanied by his wife and seven children. He is about 35 and his wife seemed some ten years younger.

"You have a fine family," I said, and he beamed, and then introduced them all.

"This is my third wife. One died after giving me two lovely girls and I divorced the other who eloped with my best friend, From my second wife I have two children, but she took them with her. The children from my first wife live with my parents in North England.

This is my wife, in the family way, as you may have noticed. We have one-year old twins in the pram beside their elder sister aged three, then the five year old twins and their eldest sister who is seven."

"Life must be expensive, given a large family," I said.

I saw his glee when he said, "Not at all. In England they don't cost me a thing. In fact with all the child allowances and family benefits, I am better off even without working."

Yes, he was right and others like him in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, France and Germany would be even better off. A far cry from open sewage, hunger, corruption and impoverishment of Bangladesh!"

I was mighty impressed. But something quite different struck me, too, as soon I had said good bye to him.

"Wait a minute," I said to myself. "MOHAMMED ISLAM UDDIN and his wife are both still young and could easily produce seven, even nine, more children before he attains the age of "Islamic conjugal" retirement. So in this particular case, and it may well be an exception, given that many fathers with ISLAMIC zeal for JIHAD are even more PROLIFIC, MR. ISLAM UDDIN has served his Prophet and ALLAH well with 10 children so far."

At the same time I thought of my own small family, two of us and one child. I seemed impotent.

"What is his hidden agenda?" I raked my brain to discover. It wasn't long before it came to me, as if he was speaking to me in a dream, with glee in his eyes, "We are MUSLIMS, and want to do to the UNITED Kingdom what we did to UNITED India."

I saw the chuckle in his face and grin in his eyes. The proof of his statement were before my eyes.

The PARTITION of India and his TEN children, each one a future warrior of Islam, given the fact that Islam is a GLOBAL religion and their goal is to bring the whole world under the "whip and sword of Islam".

I now get nightmares though our Prime Minister has assured his nation by declaring, "Islam is the religion of peace."

But if Islam is the "fastest growing religon" in the Wsst then I am afraid my Prime Minister will have to eat his words or DUST one day like Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Nehru who set out to gain Independence from the British but returned with the head, leg and arm of India CHOPPED OFF.

Add to this the anxiety that I fled Labore when there became too many of them.


I can see MOHAMMED ISLAM UDDIN'S GRIN. He is asking me, "Where will YOU flee next?"


Amazintg, the British people can sleep peacefully at night. Amazintg, too, that my fellow NRI'S, most of whom are ex refugees of the year 1947, will be deaf to any warning about the PARTITION of UNITED Kindgom that is faintly looming over the horizon, drawing nearer with the birth of every child to Mr. ISLAM UDDIN's fertile & prolific wives. There may be more Khans and Tariqs from the "one off flings" like Imran Khan's daughter in American and Sarra Fotheringham's son in Dubai. (The Times, March 14, 2002.)

When I step out of my home, looking at the BRITISH people all round, I ask myself, "Where will their great grandchildren be one day?"

They seem innocent "pigeons and doves" to me, like my own grandparents who lived in Mohalla Anandpura (COLONY OF BLISS!) in RAWALPINDI, now in the ISLAMIC HELL called Pakistan, where the HINDU "Anand" has turned to MUSLIM "ronha, piTna & siyaapa".


RIGHT TO SELF DEFENCE is acknowledged all over the world as one of the BASIC human rights. It pertains to individuals as well as to nations and countries.

In the interest of survival, EVERY NATION AND COUNTRY that has not yet allowed itself to be DEGRADED as an ISLAMIC REPUBLIC, has the right to KNOW the rate of growth of the MOHAMMEDAN inhabitants as compared to the rate of growth in numbers of its non Muslim citizens.

Let NO NON MUSLIM country on earth "VOLUNTEER" for death, or look forward to being PARTITIONED in the manner of HINDU India.


Authorities in PARTITIONED INDIA (BROKEN BHARAT) must publish figures of MUSLIM numbers, and rate of GROWTH, once every quarter like the figures published on fatal road accidents, AIDS deaths, and CANCER deaths, state by state, so that her PEOPLE know whether their Secularism will stay as in America or go as in LAHORE and EAST BENGAL.